Dead Baby Whale Washes Ashore In East End

July 25, 2013

A dead baby whale, either a Pygmy or Dwarf Sperm Whale, washed ashore on Sunday [July 21] in the east end.

Patrick Talbot from the Department of Conservation said, “It was 4’ long, male and possibly a neonate (newborn) as it had no teeth yet. The animal was fairly fresh and in good condition.


“A necropsy was performed; however, no obvious cause of death could be determined. These whales are not uncommon to Bermuda and occur singly or in small groups in the wild. Adults grow 7’-9’ (Dwarf) and 9’-11’ (Pygmy) and they feed mostly on squid.”

Bermuda has a fair amount of whales passing through our waters with whale watching tours a popular activity for visitors. This is not the first time a whale has been found dead in the east end recently, as last year a 17-foot whale died after beaching itself in the east end.

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  1. JC Smith says:

    That photo actually resembles a pilot whale. Does it go with the article?

  2. BermudaGirl says:

    Poor baby. We should find out the reason.