Video: Burnt House Island Games Promo

July 9, 2013

Burnt House Productions — best known for their ‘Falling Off The Rock” video series — has produced a promo video for the upcoming Island Games, which kick off this coming Saturday [July 13], with over 1,000 athletes from some 20 different islands set to compete in Bermuda in a variety of sports including badminton, beach volleyball, cycling, football, golf, gymnastics, sailing, squash, swimming, tennis, triathlon and more.

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  1. Bermerican says:

    When is TDOT going to start employing locals like these guys to make superb advertisements? Most of them are a heck of a lot better than ones commissioned overseas and receive thousands of more views/exposure online.


    Good luck to all the Athletes representing Bermuda :)

  2. micro says:

    Government and local companies don’t believe we have the capacity to do these things. A lot of commercials and promo videos for local business are produced by foreign companies or ex-pats living here. While there are many that deliver mediocre crap, we do actually have some very talented people, Bermudians, that can produce great videos and always strive to deliver quality content; even it that means working at a lost.

    Its often a cost issue; quality productions take time, proper equipment and talented individuals. Most companies refuse to pay the cost or feel locals can’t deliver quality content for the budget the quote for just because they’re Bermudian. Often times local producers run below what their work is worth and hold back on what they can actually do as no-one is willing to pay the actual value of the product. There’s a lot of reasons but that is one of the primary ones.

    *If you’ve been to see a movie recently, that promo during the previews was done by the same people.

  3. WOW says:

    Great Job Burnt House, that hill’s got some talent!