Doppler Weather System Being Repaired

August 23, 2013

The Doppler Weather System is currently off line for diagnostic checks and system reporting repairs, and the Bermuda Weather Service is currently using an alternate system for the provision of weather forecasting requirements.

A Government spokesperson said, “The public are advised that until the Doppler Weather System is returned to service, the imagery from the system will not be available. Alternative products have been developed and are available on cable channels and”

“Additionally, efforts are underway with the system manufacturer to ensure the spare parts are delivered and necessary repairs completed as soon as possible to bring the system back on line.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Come on SERCO BAS fix it, your forecasts are even worse without it,

  2. DragginAnchor says:

    This is becoming a bit ridiculous. The radar has now been out of commission for almost two months. Of course, with the incisive journalistic investigations done here we have no clue why the system is down for repair for this long period of time.

    The boating public sure appreciates being totally unable to see conditions in the area when they’re trying to plan a day on the water.

    And of course this happens in the middle of hurricane season. So far we’ve been lucky and the summer storms have been quiet. Emphasis on ‘so far’.

    We are 700 miles from the US. There are so many Doppler radar systems operating in the US that they trip over each other. And we can’t fix one installation?

    Nice going BAS-SERCO. Kudos BWS. What exactly are you guys doing all day?

    • Logic76 says: More accurate forecasts than anything on island…

  3. Wha? says: