[Located] Missing 16-Yr-Old Latori Anderson

September 13, 2013

Latori Anderson[Updated] The police are appealing for the public’s assistance in locating 16 year old Latori Anderson who was last seen in the Hamilton area on Thursday [Sept 12].

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is appealing for the public’s assistance in locating 16 year old Latori Anderson.

“The teenager is described as light brown complexioned, approximately 5’3” tall weighing around 115 pounds.

“She was most recently seen in the Reid Street, City of Hamilton area on Thursday, September 12th wearing a dark blue T-shirt with light blue leggings.

“Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of 16 year old Latori Anderson is encouraged to contact the Vulnerable Persons Unit on 247-1678 or the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity.”

[Update Sept 15]: A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service would like to thank the public for their assistance in locating 16 year old Latori Anderson. She has subsequently returned home safely.”

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    Miss Latori,
    There is a good chance that you will be reading the blogs and my appeal to you is to get in touch with someone to let them know you are ok.

    Then, please contact a responsible adult to provide whatever assistance you may need. As long as they are responsible, it could be a family member, police officer, a church or even a previous teacher.

    My emphasis is to make sure you contact a responsible adult as soon as possible.

  2. Lay down! says:

    Go HOME little girl!

    • mixitup says:

      What if “going home” meant home to an abusive person? How about “Get some help young lady”

  3. Kim Smith says:

    @Vote for Me – I am so pleased you reached out to this young lady and didn’t shame her or scold her.

  4. Nok says:

    I agree KIm.

  5. MiMi says:

    I hope this young lady is ok, but stories like these are very frustrating because how do you know if they are really missing or just ran away from home some of these little girls think they are grown and decide not go home and worry their families.

    AND… if she is ok and reading these comments my message to you is this isn’t cute, it’s not funny and the next time you decide to do this think about the children who want homes who don’t have anywhere to go.

    HOWEVER…if something is wrong I pray that you will be ok and your parents/family find you soon

  6. musicgirl says:

    If someone out there who can help Latori get home, please help her! As a parent I know what that feels like. I hope that she is ok.

  7. fedup Nana says:

    can not judge… we do know…Latori i wish only the best for you.