Police To Host Town Hall Meeting This Thursday

September 18, 2013

The Bermuda Police Service will host a Commissioner’s Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, September 19th at Victor Scott Primary School starting at 6pm.

This event will give the public an opportunity to hear the current strategies that the police are using to tackle crime as well as ask any questions about policing in our community.

On the panel will be the Commissioner of Police Mr. Michael DeSilva, the Deputy Commissioner Mr. Mike Jackman along with the two Assistant Commissioners, Mr. Paul Wright and Mr. Antoine Daniels.

A spokesperson said, “We encourage members of the public to come out and participate. If you would like to submit questions for the panel via e-mail, please send them to pmr@bps.bm by 5pm Wednesday, September 18th. Your voice matters and your perspective is important.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    The meeting was a dismal failure with a very poor turn out ,I think Bermudians are passed the lip service and have given up on any hope of the current leadership getting results, I suppose the current commissioner should be thanked for coming out from under his desk and taking his eyes of his retirement calendar for an hour but were passed the excuses and promises, while he gets all orgasmic when taking about the new license plate cameras that tell his people who’s driving where I think that this will be a dismal failure also and mainly for a few reasons
    Firstly the same system of vehicle recognition has been in place for many many years (RFID) or the blue sticker in all vehicle windows and this has had a ZERO impact or crime or detection, so are we now being told it never worked. Or does he not know about that system.
    Second being that if the police are as good at looking after this system as they have done with the much promoted CCTV system that also never worked then the new one wont be in service very long
    Lastly does the commissioner really believe that someone who gets a gun, goes somewhere with the intent on committing murder or doing serious harm to someone takes their own vehicle?? and you wonder why we are in the state we are!