Premier: “A Year Of Big Accomplishments”

October 13, 2013

Premier Craig Cannonier has issued a statement regarding the first Parliamentary Year for the OBA Government.

Premier Cannonier said, “Just last week, the Senate rose to complete an extra session of Parliament the Government needed to complete our first-year legislative agenda that was set down in January’s Throne Speech.

“It was only a “ten-month year”, but one that saw Big Accomplishments and Big Strides toward making Bermuda work better for Bermudians.

“It was clear to us before entering office, and even more after looking “under the hood” at the state of government finances, that we had to put in place conditions to grow jobs and opportunity that had been lost in previous years. Bermuda had more than 4,000 people out of work and many more earning less than before.

“As Premier, I am very aware of their anxieties, their stress and their doubts. Every day I talk with people who’ve lost their jobs; the young and not-so-young, mothers – family bread winners – who’ve had their hours cut back; men who don’t want to be dependent on government support, who want to provide for their families; Bermudians who fear their grip on their piece of The Rock is slipping.

“I am moved and motivated by what I see: people keeping it together, holding on for a better day. I do not want to let them down.

“There is nothing more important than restoring their access to jobs and opportunity. Take care of them and we take care of a lot.

“From the start, our work has been focused primarily on rebuilding Bermuda’s economic foundation. The Island we were elected to govern was in a financial and reputational tailspin; something I believe all Bermudians understood in their gut, if not their pocketbook.

“Our look “under the hood” took us to a new level of concern. Within weeks of coming into office, we had to seek emergency loans on Wall Street because the government was running out of money, literally days away from not being able to pay its bills, including the salaries of civil servants. Incredible but true.

“Beyond the chilling numbers, Bermuda’s reputation as a place to do business had taken a beating. International business, the mainstay of our economy, had been shifting people and jobs overseas or shutting up shop all together. There are all sorts of reasons for this – competition, red tape, alienating attitudes and policies – but the end result was the loss of Bermudian business and jobs.

“More than 7,000 people have left Bermuda, taking with them jobs and the business those jobs generated. The most conservative estimates – each person spending on average $1,000 a week – put this loss to the economy at $150 million a year. That’s money no longer circulating through our shops and businesses and into the pocketbooks of every Bermudian.

“We needed to move quickly to generate confidence and job-creating conditions.

“We ended term limits which had become a barrier to jobs for Bermudians. We passed payroll tax exemption for employers who hired out-of-work Bermudians. We lowered taxes on real estate purchases to trigger new business for service providers such as plumbers, electricians and painters.

“We set up a Cabinet-level Economic Development Committee to bring forward developments such as the Hamilton Princess project faster.

“We signed off on micro-loans to small business and pushed our cruise ship partners to hire Bermudians. We set the stage for a Tourism Authority to re-boot tourism, the industry that offers the greatest hope for new jobs.

“We took steps to stabilize our debt situation, with plans that won the support of Wall Street. We met with potential investors on both sides of the Atlantic carrying the message that Bermuda is open for business; that we are ready to work with them to make things happen for our people.

“It’s early days, but we have been encouraged by the biggest upticks in new jobs and company formations in recent years. Indications are that Bermuda is finally starting to move in the right direction.

“As Premier, this good news is tinged with concern that continuing improvements may not happen as fast as they need to happen. People out of work are still looking for work. We’ve got more to do to create the jobs they need.

“Beyond our work to rebuild the economy, we used our first Parliament to stand up for a more inclusive, accountable and fair Bermuda.

“We outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and age. We passed municipal reforms to make sure taxpayers had a place at the table where decisions are taken.

“We provided Police with more manpower. Their work has resulted in the lowest crime figures since 2000, with polls showing Bermudians are feeling safer.

“And after ten months, I would say that Bermuda is starting to turn the corner, starting to move in the right direction. We’re not out of the woods yet, not by a long shot. But we know the challenge and we know the problems.

“You can count on us to continue steering our beautiful Island toward recovery and renewal, leaving no one behind. It’s all about building a Bermuda that works better for you.”

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  1. Time Shall Tell says:

    I really want to know who his supplier is because that is some good stuff he on I tell you what… There where over 4,000 people out of work before the election, & here it is he’s calling off those exact same figures now & claiming “A Year Of Big Accomplishments”. This from a government who sang one song whole election, “vote for us, vote for 2000 jobs”… Well??….. How could there be over 4,000 out of work before the election & almost the exact same figures after all this time??

    • Douglas says:

      The statement reads “Bermuda had more than 4,000 people out of work and….”, that is past tense. He was not saying the same figure is still current.

      But even after saying the above, I still would like to see where those 2000 jobs are, or even the plan to get us close to that number. There has been no plan! And I wonder what the number of unemployed is currently.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Corrected I stand..

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          However I would like to see the new figures since I now know of more people who where working before the election who are presently unemployed.

          • Pick me says:

            PICK ME!
            And 12 of my friends
            I guess that makes 4012.
            Who is the devil you trust….

            • haha says:

              Lol imagine if everyone believed all the promises from both sides. You lot are dopey. OBA IS the better party, but there both still politicians (even if there are some great politicians).

            • jt says:

              It is unfair to expect the OBA to be as skillful at creating jobs as the PLP was at destroying them.

              • Antione Dodson says:

                So what of the 5000 jobs the PLP Created in their first 10 years?

                • Suzie Quattro says:

                  And the 8,000 the PLP destroyed in the last 5 years?

                • jt says:

                  @Antione Dodson: 10 years you say….well then, I guess we (you) need to be patient don’t we? That gives the OBA over 9 years to go. (BTW – does your 5,000 include the expanded Civil Service? – that would account for about 50%)

                • fasho says:

                  LOL Creating jobs is easy. Creating sustainable jobs that serve a purpose beyond “we are Bermudian so let’s pay ourselves” is more involved.

  2. js says:

    I have to handle it to the OBA’s transparency

    4,000 out of work
    7,000 having left the island

    a total of 13,000 income generating people are no longer a contributing factor to the economy of a country whose entire resident population was only 65,000

    with this level of transparency it will be interesting to see the stats for the next official census

  3. Robert says:

    A conservative government is an organised hypocrisy.

    • Hmmm says:

      Regardless of what either party does when in power, you hate the OBA, but love the PLP. Thanks for confirming that ..yet again.

    • Al says:

      The OBA is more liberal than the PLP (see: gay rights).

      Social liberals, economic conservatives.

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      You’re talking about the PLP, right?

  4. Robert says:

    Wow, i wonder who wrote that for him ?!!!!!

  5. Stop Complaining for 1 Sec says:

    @ js

    who does your math
    4 + 7 equals 11 last time i checked

    • Truth (Original) says:

      LOL !!

    • S Smith says:

      Maybe, but him saying 7000 people leaving with the 1000 per week with them is 7 million per week or 364 million a year. Who the eff is doing his math.

      Our premier can’t multiply, can’t talk, won’t answer questions, and we’re supposed to beleive him that things are getting better?

    • Victor says:

      Not in the PLP, where 2 + 2 = 5, because you can always borrow 2 more for the missing 1 and nobody will notice that 1 has gone missing.

      • Legal Eagle says:

        Victor-Love your earlier Post re the PLP’s ’2+2 version’ of mathematics while in Office! Short and to the (unfortunately) truthful point-including the subtle one!! Well said–best Post of the day!!

    • js says:

      whether my calculation of the maths is off is of little consequence to the fact that Bermuda’s economy has obviously failed and unlike persons like me who have already departed those like you who remain can debate the accuracy of the numbers whilst Rome burns around you

  6. ediskrap says:

    He makes a good speech.. full of lies and deception but a good speech. Who ever wrote that sat down for a long time to think about the good they done because trust me its not much. Well hats off to the new premier may you serve us to the best of your underminded intellegence extremly well i couldnt think of anyone better to do the job other then harry j anslinger starter of the cannibis war and illegal nay sayer. ….him self couldnt have done a better job id say. This fellow craig cannonaire my friends is the wave of the future like radiation from a nucleur bomb over the hill of japan just explosive with ideas…

  7. Tony Stark says:

    Buckle your safety belt Bermuda with this man as the leader for the next 2 years.

  8. S Smith says:

    What a crock of crap.

    7000 people left the island? Does he just make up numbers?

    Then he says 4000 out of work, again, where the hell is he getting these numbers from.

    Then he says biggest growth in jobs…. yet companies are still laying people off.

    I wonder if he believes the crap that is put out in his name. Really sad that he is the leader of our country.

    • fasho says:

      There is nothing of substance in your comments. All conjecture with a factual tone, in attempt to fool other small minded people into thinking like you.

  9. CBA says:

    I seriously don’t understand what people expected! Do you think the economy was magically going to change less than a year after an election? Like seriously! The reason I support the OBA is because they know how to get on with things without the drama! Think about how much drama there was everyday from a bad decision made by the PLP. How much overspending did they do? How many government projects were overun in the millions of dollars! We can surely use those millions now! OBA really is the better option of the two.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      What was the source of the drama? Like so many, you’ve been fooled into thinking that the OBA is competent because your media hounds now give them a free ride. This is proof that the media in all its component parts is treating the OBA differently to the PLP. For example, not one media outlet has reported on the Premier’s diatribe in the House of Assembly last month when he criticized the PLP for saving the Bank of Butterfield and screamed at the top of his preaching lungs that they should have let the Bank fail and taken the money and started their own bank. So after hearing that irresponsible statement which is completely at variance with his Government’s financial policy, and in the knowledge that it has NOT been reported by anyone, do you still think there’s no “drama”? Or could it be that the drama just isn’t reported anymore? The media has drastically changed this country’s diet and you and others are ignorant of the facts. You choose.

  10. frank says:

    question for the premier
    why when Bermudians are out of work are two small resturants still allowed to keep Philippines employed as waiters
    and lets not forget about buzz who are now located in all 3 gas stations that you run
    maybe you can get some one to come up with a reply

  11. Lebron says:

    It isn’t there yet, but 10 months in, its a vast improvement on the PLP. Even their blindest supporter must see that.

    • ginger says:

      Oh they see it, but will never admit it.

    • Somebody's Momma says:

      Vast improvement for foreigners.

      • Victor says:

        Yep, just keep on begrudging the other guy’s success and you and the country will really go places – same old PLP, learn nothing and forget nothing.

      • fasho says:

        What is good for foreigners is ultimately good for you, you ignorant, entitled fool.

  12. X man says:

    Note that the Premier Stated that we have 4000 people out of work and those who found work
    are earning a lot less.

    This is a situation were Govt.,Should cut Custom Duty on Food Products by 70% and systematically force grocers to cut down on these outrages prices to ease up the frustration,stress and financial burdens
    of so many Bermudians. ………. then we truly will have a Govt. thats looking out for our interest.

    • jt says:


    • Toodle-oo says:

      Oh yeah , that ‘cut’ to groceries will make a huge difference . All the while a massive and disproportionate percentage of working class people’s wages go on grossly overinflated housing costs alone. Groceries (and everything else) only seem more expensive because there’s almost nothing left over to pay for them with .

      • Legal Eagle says:

        At last-one of the few Posts reflecting accurate perspective rather than predisposed attitude! Well said Toodle-00!!

  13. navin johnson says:

    at least we are hearing the truth rather than the lies of the past 14 years….

    • Impressive says:

      if you truly believe that these guys are giving you 100percent truth, than all power to you,

      God bless you

  14. Chris Famous says:

    Where does this guy get his figures from? Fahy says 5,000 persons left 2 days later CC says 7,000.

    Are they even in the same room when the are writing speeches?

    • watching says:

      they say whatever is the most alarmist.

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      Can you let us know how many jobs were destroyed under the PLP? Just so we have a base number.

      • Somebody's Momma says:

        Everyone is tired of the blame the PLP rhetoric.

        • Suzie Quattro says:

          So Chris Famouss can say “Are they even in the same room when the are writing speeches?”, and you criticize me for “rhetoric”?

          So you’re ok with the childish “are they even in the same room” comment, but you’re not ok with knowing how many jobs were lost under the PLP, because that’s “rhetoric”.

          • Hmmmmm says:

            Do you think it matters to an unemployed person whether their job was lost under the PLP or the OBA? This is where you people sicken me. Do not relate petty politics to the suffering of the people. It is no comfort to the hungry man today that the garden looks set for a wonderful December harvest. People need relief and this blame game, complete with your inaccuracies helps no-one.

            • Come Correct says:

              So I guess you have a job since you feel no way about complaining everyone the oba makes a move. If that harvest in December provides no relief then why wasn’t the plp and their handouts re-elected? Oh that’s right because we need a stable FUTURE. See the problem with most of society is that we expect everything in an instant. You do realize that there are things we can all do to improve our situations rather than sitting on our a** expecting the government to fix all our problems? You know, the entire plp 14 year reign wasn’t all bad, their members weren’t/are all bad, but every last one of them sat back and did nothing while one man brought an island to its knees, one man. How much better off are you now after supporting him? One thing he forgot, is that we are Bermudians, and once again we will stand back on our own two feet.

              • Hmmmmm says:

                “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”. Ask your beloved OBA which one original idea they’ve implemented since coming to power? With the exception of the elimination of term limits, which the “one man” to whom you refer, also supported, they have done nothing but continue his programmes. I can’t wait for Mr. “evidence” to respond to this….cause I’m ready.

                • Come Correct says:

                  So no actual response to my comment. Why didn’t this implement them himself? Oba has PUSHED things through the legislative process, What stopped him? Probably either because it would have benefited the island or he was too busy partying with his son and Heff on the BDOT dime. You say he supported this all while his bredrin Bunch bashed IB. I can keep going if you like.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  “Two words and a comma” is one.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Funny how you ask for one example, then give one. So…

                  There’s one. And the HRA amendment is two.

                  How about getting rid of the ridiculous land tax thing? Was that another of the “one man”‘s programmes?

                • jt says:

                  Which of them did the PLP implement? Oh yeah – none.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  No response? I thought you were ready.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Still nothing. You’re proving yourself to be a joke.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Everyone was tired of the blame the UBP rhetoric, too.

          and yet, both were valid.

          People are even MORE tired of the ‘it’s not our fault’ rhetoric.

        • Double Standards says:

          Even more people are tired of the PLP did nothing wrong and has no blame rhetoric…

  15. watching says:

    this guy is hilarious.

  16. Bda Speaks says:

    1. “We ended term limits which had become a barrier to jobs for Bermudians. We passed payroll tax exemption for employers who hired out-of-work Bermudians. We lowered taxes on real estate purchases to trigger new business for service providers such as plumbers, electricians and painters.”

    Note: Mentions Bermudians in each of the above but doesn’t say lower taxes on real estate purchases apply ONLY to non-Bermudian making purchases

    2. “We set up a Cabinet-level Economic Development Committee to bring forward developments such as the Hamilton Princess project faster.”

    Note: This deal was already inked before the election!

    3. “We outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and age. We passed municipal reforms to make sure taxpayers had a place at the table where decisions are taken.”

    Note: It is still legal to discriminate based on age when it comes to employment. New HRA doesn’t include protection for trans-sexuals. Municipality reforms done with little consultation with the nearly 2,800 eligible voters. Oh wait they had 2 very poorly advertised meetings.

    4. “We provided Police with more manpower. Their work has resulted in the lowest crime figures since 2000, with polls showing Bermudians are feeling safer.”

    Latest Crimes stats were delivered end of June 2013 based on only 3 months of OBA budget. Crime stats have been trending down for the last few years but violent crime was actually up this last round of stats.

    The OBA may have done some good things but let’s not sugar coat it and sing kum-by-ya just yet. Craig also didn’t mention that more work permit for plumbers, carpenters and electricians were approved this year that last either.

    • Finally says:

      Good to see that not everyone is fooled by his BS.

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      “Crime stats have been trending down for the last few years”

      No they haven’t. Violent crime has remained an increasing problem. And the “trending down” that you’re talking about actually was about 2 quarters in the second half of 2012 when overall crime (i.e. including traffic offences and other relatively petty crime) went down.

      • Finally says:

        Nope… treding down since 2010… Get your facts right!

        • Suzie Quattro says:

          So you agree there has been a continuation of a positive trend during 1H13?

          • John Bruce says:

            “And the “trending down” that you’re talking about actually was about 2 quarters in the second half of 2012…”

            @Suzie Quattro: So you agree that crime was decreasing prior to the 2012 election?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Did you miss the part where the non-Bermudian you mention is… um… married to a Bermudian?

      You guys always seem to leave that part out…

      • John Bruce says:

        @Mike Hind: Are we (meaning you) putting words in our Premier’s mouth? Or did I miss that part in his speech? If so can you tell me the paragraph and line where I can find non-Bermudians married to Bermudians.

        I believe in most cases (not all) where a non-Bermudian left they were even married to a non-Bermudian or not married at all.

        But in this speech I did not see a reference to either.

        • Mike Hind says:

          I was referring to the post I replied to, where they said “Mentions Bermudians in each of the above but doesn’t say lower taxes on real estate purchases apply ONLY to non-Bermudian making purchases”, not the speech.

          The lower taxes, and I stand to be corrected here, refer to non-Bermudian spouses of Bermudians.

          If I’m incorrect in that assumption, then I apologize.
          I based the assumption on the almost constant use of this as a means to paint the OBA as “non-Bermudian”.

  17. Navin R. Johnson says:

    Ms. Cox will be coming out of hiding to refute all of the information……

    • jt says:

      If she does, and supplies anything of substance, it would be the first time. Certainly didn’t happen when she was Premier and/or Finance Minister. Same for E. Brown.

      • Victor says:

        Hope she wears the camouflage jacket like she did in the election – pretending to be at war with dreadful opposition forces like Cannonier, Richards, Dunkley and of course Smith showed her for the small minded petty ******* she and her entourage truly are – seriously, look back through the photos.

  18. Hmmmmm says:

    So, having said absolutely nothing of substance in the House during the month of September, the Premier now issues a statement and does a round of interviews laced with Grearson-drivel talking points complete with fuzzy math. Premier, people really want to believe that you’re in tune with the running of things but these late, out of nowhere media blitzes just cause people to say “huh?”. And rightly so. The main culprit for Bermuda’s recent reputational beating is the OBA and its forerunner the UBP. No-one did more to harm Bermuda’s reputation internationally than the OBA and its media. I often had to remind myself that in Opposition the OBA had 9 seats. The media did a great job of making those 9 sound like 900 and played an important part in their 2012 victory. The same polite understanding in the campaign is playing itself out now in Government. No-one will ask the Premier difficult but fair questions. Here’s a sampling:

    1. Having started your tenure with a speech on racism and the need to bring equality of the races in Bermuda, what have you done since becoming Premier to deal with this issue?

    2. Your Minister of Tourism has said that he hopes the Leader of the Opposition will join with you in saying publicly that there’s no need for a referendum on gaming. Since you support a referendum, how have you resolved this conflict withing your Cabinet on the issue?

    3. Does the Westminster system really permit a backbench MP to vote his own way without consequences and with such a slim majority how could you just laugh off MP Bascome’s dangerous tactic of not voting on the municipalities bill?

    4. The OBA campaigned on there being not cuts to the public service and throughout its first 10 months repeated that promise. Isn’t it a flip flop for you to now say that you can’t rule out cuts to the public service as you said on Friday?

    5. The OBA campaigned on doing things differently to the PLP. But, since the election, the tourism minister has travelled extensively with little to show for it, you yourself have travelled as much as or more than your predecessors over a similar period; Several of your Ministers now drive GP cars; the Cabinet Office is bursting at the seams with civil servants and political staff and your legislative agenda has been mainly comprised of things that were started under the PLP. Just what is different in the way you operate?

    Real journalists would ask this and more. They never will though. The silent conspiracy will continue.

  19. Money grabber says:

    The PLP spent all the money,and created a broke Bermuda.
    They got theirs,at the expense of us and our children.




      • Double Standards says:

        So now we are now defending multi-million overruns as being part of PLP’s economic stimulus package?

        Hahahaha…it gets better and better with you zealots…

        And typing in caps doesn’t make your ‘point’ any more true…

      • Come Correct says:

        The guy that said he would bring the island to its knees? lol That’s where it all went down hill, so who’s gullible? The people that ate up every word that came off his silver tongue. You do realize things take time to build up and fall part right? We’re still seeing the fallout of the last two premiers. I would never expect you to see that though.

      • jt says:

        Nothing scary about that. Like garlic to a vampire.

      • jt says:

        I’m going to pretend 1/2 bright was being sarcastic. It scares me less to think of it that way.

    • Robert says:

      Sounds like the same problems we had with the RACE party UBP. Now their children have flipped it and called it oba.

      • Mike Hind says:

        PLP and OBA? They’re both the RACE party. Don’t pretend they’re not.

        (Also… which problems sound like the problems we had with the UBP?
        The post says: “The PLP spent all the money,and created a broke Bermuda.
        They got theirs,at the expense of us and our children.”

        Now, the UBP were guilty of a LOT of things, but spending all the money and creating a broke Bermuda isn’t one of them.

        It sounds like you’re just throwing mud and hoping it sticks.

        You’d be better off pointing out things they actually DID.

        • ABM says:

          I know your not defending the UBP!!

          • Mike Hind says:

            And you know that, I assume, because I said “the UBP were guilty of a lot of things…”, right?

      • jt says:

        Race party…..hmmmm… let me see…..

  20. watching says:

    Premier Cannonier makes lots of assertions in written statements and scripted closed interviews, yet very rarely puts himself in front of the people or the media to respond to questions on these assertions. Say what you will about the PLP, but their leaders never hesitated to respond to media questions, and never did someone walk out of a press conference as he did prior to the election. I want this Premier to come on the Gary Moreno show and respond to audience questions and to questions from Mr Moreno. This media game has got to stop. It is a farce.

    • Double Standards says:

      Like the PLP’s “plantation question” time?

      • John Bruce says:

        @Double Standards: It’s funny how OBA supporters claim that the OBA is a different and better party than the PLP but every time their actions are questioned they and their supports all refer to the PLP doing the same thing. I see no difference! Unite Bermuda…Blind to Political Parties!

    • Come Correct says:

      Might because because he’s busy getting things done instead of wasting time being constantly on the defense.

    • Mike Hind says:

      No, this dishonest smear campaign that you’re trying to push has got to stop.

      “PLP… leaders never hesitated to respond to media questions”?
      Are you serious?

      “I’m not going to answer that because it’s a plantation question.” springs to mind.

      An ounce of honesty. Come on.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        “dishonest smear campaign” ? Really. Is that something introduced to Bermuda politics since December 17th ? The UBP’s and then the OBA’s time in opposition redefined politics in this country. Saying libellous, defamatory things without a hint of proof was their tried and tested method and to their credit it worked. So is it a “dishonest smear campaign” to suggest that the Premier is dead wrong to suggest that we got loans “from Wall Street”? Cause I think I heard the Minister of Finance list several cities that he went to on the bond tour earlier this year and New York was only one of them. Sorry to be so rude as to deman accuracy and truth from my Premier.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Nope. But a good try! This was something introduced to Bermuda politics a LONG time before Dec. 17th. Never said it wasn’t.

          As for libellous, defamatory things without a hint of proof?
          Both sides are guilty. Don’t try to make it one sided, because I have HEAPS of evidence to prove you wrong.

          I never mentioned the loans from Wall Street. Good try at moving the goalposts.

          As for “truth from your Premier”? Were you one of the people protesting Dr. Brown after he lied to the House and to the people of Bermuda? If “truth from your Premier” is so important to you, I have to ask.

          Nothing in this post addresses ANYTHING I said.
          Do better.

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          @hmmmmmmm, you must understand Mike Hind by now. That’s his view on things. If you ask him, he will tell you that he sees all things political in a non-bias manner. He is neither OBA UBP or PLP……cough……cough…..just a non partial contributer. Oh btw, Jeff Sousa is the real Premier, and Shoan art from Zimbabwe is actually not real, it’s just plastic made in Taiwan……believe me, all that I’ve said above is the Truth! Yup! But I don’t have the evidence to back it up!

          • Come Correct says:

            Funny because Mike and I seem to share a similar opinion, though we have had our differences, yet not even a week ago I was picking at our premier. Got an explanation for that? I voted oba because I seriously could never bring myself to vote for the plp after their last 5 years. I love my island too much. Yet I would still hold the oba accountable for anything questionable. The only team I support to death is Manchester United, to pick political sides just seems self defeating to me. Anyway I’ll let the cheerleaders continue.

          • Mike Hind says:

            More ad hominems. When you can’t attack what they say, attack them.

            Well done.

            Keep the nonsense up. It’s doing wonders for your credibility

          • Mike Hind says:

            I’m still amazed that you have such a problem with the concept of backing up your claims. It’s amazing to me that you seem to think that it’s a bad thing!

          • Mike Hind says:

            Annd… Silence. As always, when your lies are debunked.
            Do better.

    • jt says:

      The PLP rarely provided any type of meaningful response to questions, if they even tried. Simply letting noise come out of your mouth isn’t answering questions. Paula Cox is the master of mumbo jumbo jibberish talk which fooled many into thinking she new what she was doing, but was recognized for what it was (was not) by anyone with a 3 digit IQ.

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    It’ makes me laugh the way you OBA folks try to defend the indefensible. @Watching, we all know you are correct. The current PLP, like the past, never run from the media or unscripted questions from the public. I don’t know why the Premier avoids the meda in this manner. What is even worse is the fact that half the statement is a joke…..just a repetition of OBA propaganda. I mean really, the OBA is still saying that WE feel safer? Smh! Says a lot!

    • Mike Hind says:

      That’s an outright falsehood.

      If the truth is so bad, why do you have to lie to prove it?

    • jt says:

      2 digit.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      You must be about 14 years old .
      This nonsense of not answering questions , refusing to take calls, refusing to return calls , not being available to answer questions and never answering questions period , much less the infamous ‘Plantation Question’ remark all started very promptly on November 10th 1998.

      NEVER before had we seen such behavior as much as you hate the UBP and every other political entity which is not the PLP . It was THE hallmark of the PLP and the height of political arrogance.

      Remember who they’re supposed to serve ?

      And take note. The plantation question remark was one of many PLP utterances that contributed to the discomfort and new political awareness of IB .

  22. Just a student says:

    Would someone be kind enough to explain to me what is going on right now? I’m not from Bermuda, but i have to write an article about your democracy under a certain angle. However, I’m not quite sure I understand what’s going on concerning the whole party’s history and what they promised to accomplish and didn’t and so on. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated.

    • Come Correct says:

      Google Bermuda oba election platform, you should be able to find what you need from there and by reading various news articles. Use the platform and promises and search key words on Bernews to make it easier. For example “Term Limits” you will see the promise in their platform and by searching Bernews at the top you willfind the related articles, you also get the added benefit of public opinions in the comments but you would probably be better to form your own. Hope it helps, good luck.