Admiralty House Park Mountain Bike Results

December 15, 2013

The Bermuda Bicycle Association’s Flying Colors Mountain Bike Race Series continued this morning [Dec 15] with racing at Admiralty House Park.

Under cloudy conditions with the occasional high gust of wind, eighty plus riders turned up to not only race each other, but to test themselves on a track that feels like it has never ending ascents and high speed descents on as single track.

With the new race structure implemented, it helped to produce some great racing, not only for the top riders in A Class, but all the way down to the Novice and Junior Classes.


Dominique Mahyo continued his dominance in the Male A Class lapping the field clocking a time of 52:10.2, Neil de ste Croix finished second with a time of 52:38.5 having completed 11 laps and Chequan Richardson also completed 11 laps clocked a time of 52:27.2 finishing third.

In the Male Veteran Class Dexter Swan powered his way to victory completing 9 laps in a time of 44:32.9, Hirschi Hans finished second with a time of 41:02.5 completing 8 laps and Charles Swart was third with a time of 42:46.4.

Matthew Oliveira recorded a time of 43:01.4 on his way to winning the Male B Class crossing the start-finish line 9 times, Chris Smith completed 8 laps in 41:50.1 to finish 2nd and Tyler Smith finished third with a time of 42:46.3.

Karen Smith rode to victory in the Female Veteran Class with a time of 41:01.3, Laurie Orchard finished second with a time of 41:27.7. Gabriella Arnold rode to victory in the Female B Class clocking 43:10.8, while Ashley Kirkpatrick finished second with a time of 42:48.0.

The full results follow below [PDF here]:

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