Mother: “I’m Only Trying To Do For My Children”

December 2, 2013

A 33 year old mother of two who admitted importing cannabis hidden in her hair and inside her told the Court she was “only trying to do for her children.”

Appearing in Magistrates Court on Friday [Nov 29] Danielle Thomas pleaded guilty to importing cannabis — said to be worth up to $9,000 — through LF Wade Airport on 7th January 2013.

Crown Prosecutor Susan Mulligan said that a second charge of possession would not be proceeded with and would lie on file.

The Court heard that after coming off her NY flight, Ms Thomas was directed to a secondary Customs search. This search turned up over 100 grams cannabis concealed in her hair, and a second batch of cannabis hidden inside her body.

The Crown Prosecutor said that Ms Thomas told Police, “I’m only trying to do for my children.”

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner said this kind of offence usually attracted an immediate custodial sentence, but said that in light of all the circumstances, he was inclined to accede to the request that Ms Thomas should be granted bail and that a Social Inquiry Report should be prepared.

Ms Thomas’s original bail of $5,000 with one surety was extended and she was required to re-appear for sentencing on 17th January 2014.

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    The Crown Prosecutor said that Ms Thomas told Police, “I’m only trying to do for my children.”

    Excellent Parental Role Model!

  2. Um Um Like says:

    Oh, it was for her children. She should be let off then. And give her weed back to her so she can sell it.

  3. Joonya says:

    Do for you children huh. Well you could have forgone your shopping trip and the $180 hair appointment and used that money to “do for your children”
    And to use your children as an excuse like that is absolutely deplorable.

  4. Ridiculous says:

    While I in no way condone this woman’s actions, I can sympathize with the fact that these are some desperate times which may drive someone to do whatever is necessary (and stupid) to provide for their children. No one besides her family and friends know the circumstances or her story. Like is said, am not supporting her actions , just askin commentators to think twice before passing judgment.

  5. Save dat for ur momma says:

    Please if that was a male saying the exact same excuse no one would be saying this crap. You do the crime Do the time plain and simple because any other Drug Smuggler wouldnt get an type of sympathy so she shouldnt recive it either. You think everyone else isnt going through hard times but we still obey the law and make it the honest way.

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Hell…let’s all do what we like and throw the law book out of the window. NO EXCUSES…AND TO USE YOUR CHILDREN AS DEFLECTION…NOOOO WAAAAY!!!!Sorry…you did the crime…you do the time.

  7. sage says:

    All who want to throw the book at this woman , do you feel incarceration at $80,000/ year is the answer ? A college scholarship coupled with community service would be a better use of money. Also our anti drug “efforts” result in prices which top gold’s value , increasing the temptation for quick money despite high risks , just like gold mining or investing in stocks , only illegal .

  8. Silence Do Good says:

    If government decriminalizes it, she can open a coffee shop or a medical pharmacy and sell it legally as an entrepreneur. Therefore, providing for her family, creating jobs, establishing a tourist product and paying taxes. Win win for everyone.

  9. Mindyobiz says:

    Most of you all probably sitting at your desk typing this foolishness. While your in your place of employment trying to make a dollar to do what you have to do for your children, keep in mind non of this is your business. Just because it was in the news or in the public you all don’t have the right to say sh*t. That’s what’s wrong with Bermudians. Always quick to judge someone. Mind ya damn business.

    • Mike says:


    • Um Um Like says:

      And what gives you the right to judge us while we judge others?


    • Joonya says:

      Poor you. You need to come off that high horse.
      You damn straight I have every right to make comment on any criminal in a society to which my law abiding, legally earned tax dollars go to.
      Get crackin dreamer!

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Our Island…..Our business

    • omg says:

      drugs on our streets are our business when the damn person out tyring to sell this crap to your kids lets see how you feel then “Mindyobiz” ??

  10. A Clue says:

    It is our business when we pay to “house” her at Co-Ed for 1 year and when we help support her children via assistance, charitable giving etc. And in a few years if her children go wayward which they would be inclined to do given this role model, it is our business if they break and enter our homes…its not about her and her children…its about all of us…and I am not sitting behind a cushy desk…I’m speaking as a mother, who recently left Co-Ed, there for a crime “for my children….” And the Courts think it also our business which is why in the public interest, they allow reporters to report on its business.

  11. stfu says:

    All u ppl passing judgment Don’t know what ppl going threw she did it to provide for her children any mother knows u do what ever it take to make sure ya children eat

  12. Straight Talk says:

    How selfish…She only wanted to do for her children. Did she consider what she would do to the children of her clients? Taking bread from their mouths. I hope the judge shows no mercy.

  13. Common cent$ says:

    If only she lived somewhere with consistent temperatures and a higher humidity to just grow it!! What a sick thing to use her children as an excuse!

  14. blazer says:

    I’ll bet if she would have gotten thru customs, half of you would have brought some of that weed LOL

  15. sucka says:

    This would be ok if she had her children living with her or if they were even on the island