Argus Group Donates To Eliza Dolittle Society

February 13, 2014

The Argus Group announces that it has made a donation to the Eliza Dolittle Society towards a new Healthy Heart section at its food banks. The new section is available from February 1, to coincide with Heart Month.

The new Healthy Heart section provides heart healthy food choices that are better for those with health issues such as diabetes and heart health problems. It features products that are low in sugar, such as unsweetened cereal, and low in salt, like low sodium soups. The section is available at the 14 food bank locations hosted by the Eliza Dolittle Society across Bermuda.

Left to right : Alison Hill, CEO, Argus; Michael Burrows, Volunteer, The Eliza Dolittle Society; Terry Battersbee, Food Raising Coordinator, The Eliza Dolittle Society; Margaret Ward, Executive Director, The Eliza Dolittle Society.


As part of the Healthy Heart sections, the Society will also provide education on healthy eating. Educational materials are being developed in partnership with the Bermuda Heart Foundation and the Bermuda Diabetes Association and will be available through the Society. The goal is to educate the public on the types of food that are heart healthy and to remind people of healthy options when donating food to help the community.

The Eliza Dolittle Society is a registered charity that was formed in 2000 to address the needs of Bermuda’s homeless population. Since its inception, the focus has shifted to serving anyone in Bermuda who is in need and/or hungry. Today the Society has 14 food banks and nine feeding centres across the Island and makes countless deliveries to charities and agencies that provide food aid to Bermuda’s hungry.

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer, The Argus Group, says, “The Eliza Dolittle Society plays an important role in our society by feeding those who do not always have enough to eat. It is essential that this food be nutritious and filling. Argus has a long established commitment to healthy eating and we are pleased to work with the Society to add healthy food options to their food banks.”

Margaret Ward, Executive Director of The Eliza Dolittle Society, says, “At The Eliza Dolittle Society, we strive to assist those in need by offering not only food but also training and education. This donation from Argus assists us in being able to achieve our goals of offering healthy food choices and education on healthy eating.”

For more information on The Eliza Dolittle Society, visit their homepage.

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