Four Murder & Gun Defendants Appear In Court

February 3, 2014

Four defendants — three charged with murder — appeared in the Supreme Court Montly Arraignment Session this morning [Feb 3] via video-link with Westgate Correctional Facility.

Wolde Gardner

Wolde Gardner, 33, who is charged with murder of Malcolm Augustus, was given a trial date of 21st April 2014. Mr Augustus, 20, was shot and killed on the St George’s golf course just after midnight on Christmas Day in 2012.

L-R: Gariko Benjamin, Wolde Gardner, Chris Duerr

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Christoph Duerr

Chris Duerr, 25, facing charges included firearms use and possession and murder, must re-appear at the March Arraignment Session.

Duerr is charged with the murder of Haile Outerbridge and Rico Furbert at Belvin’s Variety store in January 2013. Two other men — Leveck Roberts and Gariko Benjamin — have also been charged with the double murder, however they are not in custody.

Their whereabouts appear to be unclear, however the international policing agency Interpol has issued a red notice for Gariko Benjamin.

Interpol state he is wanted for “Premeditated murder x2. Attempted murder. Using a firearm during an offence x3. Unlawfully discharging a firearm. Taking a conveyance without authority x2.”

Tyrone Pedro

Tyrone Pedro, 22, is accused of the murder of Steven Iris and was given a confirmed trial start date of 3rd March 2014. Mr Iris, 22, died as a result of a stabbing that took place on Glebe Road on August 23, 2013.

Ramano Mills

Ramano Mills, 26, will go on trial on 10th March 2014 to face his charges of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

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  1. Juventus says:

    I heard Gericko is in Africa somewhere loool

    • bermudian says:

      everybody heard the samething

    • Agree says:

      Funny thing is “Juventus” just might be Garicko”

    • SVU LAW &ORDER says:

      this is definitely a throw off!! lmfao! they’re only saying his in Africa to throw off who ever Is looking for him but I can definitely tell you his more then likely not in AFRICA!

  2. Terry says:

    Well I hope your not waiting for the authorities to read about here Juventus.
    Hope your doing your part.

  3. Voter says:

    Good work OBA,keep us safe!

  4. leo says:

    He is in africa.. :x

  5. jahbless says:

    Gd work OBA? Pahhhhhhh your delusional to bring up politricks!

  6. Gariko says:

    Im in canada! Jus went africa for a quick hop

  7. Lol says:


    • Fed up says:

      I bet the families of the victims don’t find it funny. They want those c#** caught

    • SMH says:

      I’m trying to find the humor in your comment, but as a family member i can’t because we are mentally preparing to deal with the anniversary dates of when we buried our loved ones which is on Wednesday and Friday. Wherever he is he can’t run from his own conscience and the guilt that he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

  8. Buzz says:

    FYI the Po Po Reads these Comments

    • Come Correct says:

      The Po Po should be the least of his worries. Isn’t this the guy with the interpol warrant? If that actually is him commenting he literally just gave away his exact location via IP
      p address.

  9. haaa says:

    he is definitely in florida tbh

  10. Funny says:

    I find it crazy how why when some one from parside or close to them the police want to do their job… An all these people talk about there family this an that all these unsolved murders of these fathers an young men from just up the hill they cant solve it camers always happen to be down so in my eyes does that mean there is some one working for cctv that knocks out the cameras when a murder happens up there idc an 2nd police should be ashamed of theirselves how you allowing these young boys cause thats what they are sell drugs less then 200 yards away from you losing faith

  11. Nok says:

    I Dont care were they are from find them convict them and throw away the key. I am on a better Bermuda side.

  12. mystery says:

    I’ve seen one of them