Tourism Minister On More Pink, BTA CEO Costs

February 14, 2014

Answering Parliamentary Questions in the House of Assembly today [Feb 14], Minister Shawn Crockwell said the More Pink Bermuda campaign cost around $230,000 and declined to reveal the salary of the Tourism Authority CEO.

Answering the first question about Bill Hanbury’s pay, Minister Crockwell said: “The BTA is a semi-autonomous entity and operates using a private sector business model very similar to other quasi Authorities and Agencies.

“The BTA enabling legislation the Bermuda Tourism Authority Act 2013 has provisions to ensure a copy of the annual report and annual statement of accounts is laid before both Houses of the legislature.

“The BTA will comply with and adhere to the International Public Sector Accounting Standards commonly referred to by the acronym PSAS. These standards are based on International Financial Reporting Standards [IFRS].

“There is no requirement under PSAS to report executive compensation separately; even on a consolidated basis.”

The second Parliamentary Question the Opposition asked was “Will the Honourable Minister please inform this Honourable House the total monies spent on the More Pink Bermuda campaign?”

The Minister’s reply was: “The total monies spent on the More Pink Bermuda campaign was $232,443.58.”

The third question was: “Will the Honourable Minister please inform this Honourable House of the top 3 vendors and their total remuneration in relation to the More Pink Bermuda campaign?

The answer from Minister Crockwell was: $182,301.40 to AAC, $9,742.00 to Great Sound, and $8,719.57 to Circa Promotions, Inc.

When speaking previously on why the new CEO’s salary is not being revealed, the BTA said: “The most important assets of the BTA are its team members, particularly those in senior positions.

“For us to reveal any confidential details of employment would simply be feeding competitive information to those who are competing against us.

“We are in the process of hiring other executive and staff positions right now. If any of those applicants were informed that the details of their remuneration were going to be revealed by the media, many of them would probably walk away from their application.”

“The BTA has set very high standards of ethics within its charter and the confidentiality of employment contracts is important. The BTA intends to honour those agreements. The BTA is a private enterprise and the issue of salary and benefits is a matter between employer and employee.”

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    so Bermudians can know how much an MP and the Premier makes but a Bermudian cannot know what this AMERICAN makes from Bermudians!

    That is so pathetic!

    • One 'n The Same says:

      Reminds me of when Zane Desilva and the PLP refused to make public Dr. Thomas’ salary!

      Tow sides of the same coin with these politicians.

    • Unbelievebale says:

      I don’t see why the man’s nationality has to come into this.

      • Mazumbo says:

        How dare you ask O.B.A./ubp about salaries or anything else, that only happens to P.L.P, shame on you their entitled to do want they want. SMFH

    • Paul says:

      I agree why the hell is this American’s salary such a secret ?
      I listened to Mark Bean , and what he said about our Premier in the house today shocked the hell out of me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OBA GET RID OF THIS GUY ..

    • Betty Trump says:


      The UBPoba promised us CHANGE. UBPoba promised us the people of Bermuda that they would do politics differently.

      Today in the house of Assembly, truly did revealed they are more Sinister than anything. Lies have been told, and they are doing a poor job trying to cover up their tracks. Mr. Bean and Mr. Burt gave the UBPoba a hard lesson in honesty.

      Well done Mr. Burt and Mr. Bean extremely good debaters. Today revealed that the “OBA are indeed only the UBP rearing their ugly heads once again.” The actions of the OBAubp in less than 1 year are Questionable at best.

      The Premier offered NO real explanation for his actions, he appears more guilty than anything. The other UBPoba MPs tried to cover things up, but it was evident they failed at that, no matter how hard they tried.

      Real Debate today in the house, It was really something to see and hear live. It told the REAL story. One had to not only hear it, but see it !!

      UBPoba have shown their lack of creditability today. I was expecting more of this government, but looks like they have failed on all accounts.

      It is without a doubt that the diehardblindfaithfulness fans of the UBPoba will now play the “DEFEND UBPoba CARD, by clicking the dislike….click,…….

      • Betty Trump says:

        Crockwell, has demonstrated the dishonesty of the UBPoba. Why not just do as he promised the people pre-election. TRANSPARENCY
        What is the big secret here. There should be not problem. CS wages are published in the newspaper. The wages of these folks should also be published, after all it is our TAX PAYERS MONIES”

        This failure to walk the talk, is killing the UBPoba big time.

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    Thanks, (once again) Minister Shawn Crockwell for saying it just like it need be said…

  3. Yahoo says:

    Come on Crockwell, just cough up the salary…

    • frank says:

      the minister is not used to the truth
      I don’t care what he says as long as government money is being used to pay this guy the minister needs to say what it is or step down
      I think we have to take to the streets again

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Your answer to everything. You’re like the girl on the bus. If you don’t get your own way, act up.

  4. MS says:

    Wow. $182,301.40 to AAC? I’d love to hear the ROI. After all that, I still don’t know what More Pink Bda is…

    I’ve found a FB page with nearly 4k likes…okay.

    And a wordpress site…

    I think it’s important to validate, validate, validate. Why pour tons of money into something that the Ministry isn’t even sure will yield results? Divvy the funds and award to promising entrepreneurs who are aligned with what the ministry would like to accomplish.

  5. Loquatz says:

    I find it mind boggling that the pink campaign cost 250k, most of which went to the creative agency. What was the message and goal of that campaign? I would suggest that 250K spent cleaning up the access to Elbow Beach or other public locations frequented by Bermudians and tourists would have had a better impact on tourism.

    • Bdaluv says:

      I agree with you!
      $232,443.58 on consultation, Plastic umbrellas and over sized flop flops?! We are getting RIPPED OFF PEOPLE! Silly campaign that has not caught on please use our tax money better OBA.

      • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

        Some of the Tourism brains behind that silly Pink idea, now work for the BTA. Go figure!

  6. Suzie Quattro says:

    I found the $60m+ that went to Global Hue mind boggling.

    • Pedro says:

      And you should – however , requesting what I, you and all tax payers pay to this gentleman is fair game and should be answered. Crockwell’s response is a crock…

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Let’s be honest. The only reason you want to know is so you can complain about it.

  7. sage says:

    Another quarter mil down the tubes!

  8. more than enough says:

    the executive financial compensation packages are so ridiculously large,
    it would be an embarrassment to disclose.
    what is more pink whatever? more bs more like it. did the bta come up with this, and fund it? if not, why? did they not receive 30 mil for this type of stuff?and crockwell and who knows else, are still spending more of our borrowed money on this type of endevour? unbelievable!
    all this for something that provides less than 5% of our annual gdp.

  9. Ess Ess Dee says:

    I thought the OBA was a transparent government! Silly me! Chris can we shut this island down until the salary of Bill is revealed. I am quite tired of this bs politicking! We have the right to know! We are paying his salary!

  10. J says:

    The salary should be public knowledge. The Minister’s reasoning (BS) that we would be feeding our competitors competitive information is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Tourists do not select tourist destinations based on the amount that the CEO of each respective country’s Tourism Authority earns. Smh.

    And yes, his nationality is a concern. Though an outside perspective is useful, I would have more faith in a Bermuda-born, marble playing, loquat picking, cricket playing, cod fish breakfast eating, cliff diving, Cup Match camping, Bermuda onion eating, rum-swizzle drinking, spear-fishing, reggae/soca dancing, wind surfing, muffler burn on the calf having, school uniform wearing, pink and blue riding, beach-fest going, rafting boats together while having a bbq, lizard catching, Bermuda-accent-having, person selling Bermuda.

    I mean, be for real, how can you sell something you know nothing about? And he knows nothing about Bermuda’s charm. It’s like giving him an IPhone full of apps, but he doesn’t have a clue what they’re for.

    • Bermail says:

      No charm left in Bermuda if you read Bernews posts.

      Shame you guys didn’t have this much concern when Anne Schutpte was hired by the PLP as a director of tourism. Such a shame.

      • Pedro says:

        Yes, I concur that the PLP can’t take the high ground on this matter, however repeating same does in no way elevate your argument..Tell Crocky to spill the beans…the people want to know…

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        @ Bermail, So it’s justifiable because the PLP also did it? Last I checked the PLP was voted out for the promise of “Change”. Good thing I never put too much weight to promises….

    • Bermail says:

      Oh and by the way all of our last umpteen Ministers of Tourism have been Bermudian with one even singing at a baseball game.

      Just how has that worked out for our industry?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      You lot are scared to death that this might actually work, aren’t you.

      • Mike Hind says:


      • J says:

        Firstly, there is charm left in Bermuda… if you don’t see it it’s because you don’t want to see it.

        Secondly, how does my opinion on Bernews magically align my political affiliation with the PLP? For some time now, I have lost faith in all forms of government and party affiliations as you will note in most of my posts on this website. My concern is for the future Bermuda, my country.

        Thirdly, I hope whatever they are doing works. But I am willing to bet that the HAPPY (Bermuda) video and the cliff diving video will do more for tourism than the TA ever will (though it can’t be quantified). But of course, any positive upticks in tourism (which is a very good thing no matter the source of growth) will be attributed to the TA, and thus, will “justify” the CEO’s exuberant salary and benefits (misallocated tax payer money).

        @bermail: this is a totally different animal than previous Tourism Ministries. This is a semi private enterprise apparently. This man has been brought in as an expert. He wasn’t elected and given a ministry to run… this is what he does. So the standard of success is higher.

        Finally, I am not PLP, OBA… I am Bermudian. I’ll leave all the party politics to you as this isn’t my concern. I have elevated my thinking above these sorts of irrelevant and divisive tools (which is the real cause for the ills we currently face). One day you will realize that it’s a waist of time labeling people as it only serves to place yourself and the subject of discussion, in a box. I love all my Bermudians.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Brilliant post!

  11. somuchless says:

    It’s gonna come out sooner or later. Crookwell what’s the secret?

  12. more than enough says:

    since they refuse to tell us, let’s speculate.
    positions like these usually demand at least six figures.
    we’ll leave out all the extras for now(travel,accomodation,etc…) and we’ll low ball the yearly salary at $120,000, that is $10,000 a month, and even that is not too shabby. 4 weeks vacation is most likely standard for this type of position. that’s 10k! wonder where bill will go? thailand or vegas maybe?
    furthermore most of our competitors, already have a good idea of the average salary for positions such as these.
    this explanation is weak at best.

  13. Looking in says:

    OBA keep up the good work. I see more tourists here than I have seen in the last 15+ yrs!

  14. godson says:

    Politrick at its best…I wonder this…if the BTA isn’t up and running yet and the BDOT is dismantled, what is actually happening with our tourism right now? Maybe my friend Mike Hind can answer this one for me… If BDOT isn’t dismantled yet does that mean we are paying both groups?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Why are you asking me? Why are you asking here?

      If you’re really interested, why don’t you call them?

      Or is there a different reason you’re asking?

  15. Mike Hind says:

    Shouldn’t we be asking how much the Government is paying the TA?
    As far as I know, the plan is for them to eventually be completely separate from Goverment and self-funding… Thus, WE won’t be paying the CEO anything.

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      The BTA is being paid by us the taxpayers NOW. Clearly on that basis alone we have a right to know NOW!

      What may or not happen down the road is anyone’s guess.

      Crockwell would do well by striking the word “transparency’ from his vocabulary.

    • Johnny says:

      I may be naive but, if the BTA is to be completely separate from government, how will they make money. I thought the purpose of the BTA was to make Bermuda money by bringing in tourists to the island. If that is the case, again I ask how will the BTA make money to pay their rent, wages, other expenses? What type of product will they sell in order to pay all of these things.

  16. godson says:

    I was only wondering if both parties are getting paid at the moment…Are the BDOT emoyees still employed @ the moment?

  17. godson says:


  18. more than enough says:

    semi autonomous – partially self governing. having the powers of self governing within a larger organization or structure.
    all other facets of this same larger organization, by law, must disclose all financial compensations on every level. why should this law not be applicable in the case of the bta?
    presently all money being used by the bta is, in fact, publicly funded via the government. as the government is accountable to the law, so should the bta be held accountable also. publish this required public information immediately!
    the self governing part can be reserved for day to day business – we don’t need all the details, just results, and financial compensation package details…you know… the big stuff.
    i’m still wondering whether or not the sage recommendations will apply to this bunch. i doubt it. something ain’t right.

    • Mike Hind says:

      “must disclose all financial compensations on every level”

      To the public? Really?

      • more than enough says:

        that’s why we all know what premier makes, and his staff, from press people right down to how much his maid makes an hour. likewise all government employees wages are public information too.
        thus the outcry.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          We don’t know what each person individually makes. That has never been the case.

  19. Jus' Askin' says:

    Who will own the BTA when it becomes private?
    Who owns it now?

    Taxpayers dollars used to start a business, finance the business and pay salaries WOW. And we do not have the respect from the OBA to tell us the salaries WOW. I am sorry OBA but enough is enough. You have proven time and time again, we the people do not matter.

    BILL “Step Up” and state your salary or “Step Off”

  20. Bermuda boy says:

    I am an OBA supporter and think you are doing a great job. I would however like to know how much this guy is making. It appears that you are uncomfortable telling us what it is, so it must be a lot.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      He’s NOT working for “peanuts” – that’s for sure!!!

  21. not surprised says:

    Once you know how much the CEO makes, what will you do with that information? I mean really, he just got here and hasn’t had the chance to do everything just yet. I understand that folks want transparency but what I haven’t understood yet is that this guy is getting chastised here for being American yet when the COO was announced and she’s Bermudian, people felt the need to find something wrong with her as well? So what’s the real issue for you naysayers? If you only want Bermudians with college degrees who will publicly display their income, do you think that will be enough to revive tourism on its own?

  22. MAKE MY DAY says:

    He declined to reveal the salary of the Tourism Authority CEO. What are they “hiding”?? Where is the “transparency”??