500th Person To Use TCD Concierge System

March 2, 2014

Twenty-year-old Ryce Trott let one of the island’s insurance companies take the TCD strain and ended up with a bouquet of flowers and a $250 voucher. Ms Trott was the 500th person to take advantage of a concierge system run by Colonial Insurance to assist in getting your car or bike licensed.

Ryce Trott  with Colonial’s Jennifer L. Murdoch:


“I picked up my mail and saw Colonial and read how they could help with TCD. I took them up on the offer and it was so easy. It was quick and saved me a lot of hassle,” said Ms Trott.

Once a person has their vehicle pass slip and if the motor insurance with Colonial is up to date, the company will take all the paperwork to TCD. Within three working days, the vehicle license will be ready for collection, or it can be mailed.

Jennifer L. Murdoch, Colonial’s General Manager for Personal and Business Insurance, said the TCD concierge service had saved countless hours for people.

“Service at TCD is actually good nowadays, but people are busy working and it is difficult for everyone to fit in the time to go there. More often than not they are having to take time out of their lunch hour, so this really helps those busy people,” added Ms Murdoch.

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  1. Coffee says:

    Proof that Bermuda insurance companies are recession proof .

  2. Just One says:

    The concierge system sounds cool and congrats to Ms. Trott, but can somebody please explain how this system is better than obtaining your insurance certificate and TCD licensing online?

  3. Truth be told says:

    “Service at TCD actually good nowadays”

    I beg to differ, since TCD moved to the new building, Services improved tremendously.

    The horrible work space and atmosphere, IMO made the difference. The employees now have better working conditions, no more leaking, walking around buckets of water when a little rain came down; worrying about getting electric shock with wires hanging from the walls.

    Shame on Colonial to write press release to make it look like the service is better “nowadays”, implying you know what!

    • somuchless says:

      No more leaking? Guess you didn’t go there last week. Smh

      Couldn’t even park as the car park was a pond. I even caught a glimpse of tie snappers lol

  4. sage says:

    They should have done this when we had to wait hours in line 10+ years ago. I haven’t had a long wait in recent memory. But, are they waiting in line, or do they just deliver a bundle of paperwork through the side door so the TCD employees are busy processing this stuff making those in line have to wait longer? Is it free?(ha ha) There are like 10 windows but you’d be lucky to see more than three open at one time as it is.

    • no one pays attention says:

      Colonial has offered this service for years and it is always written on their renewal notice but people don’t like to read so they miss out.

  5. interesting says:

    It is funny how people can never just be haopy about something and always have to find something negative to complain about.
    Get a life you negative people.
    Congrats to the recipient and Colonial for the appreciation to customers.

  6. Kenn says:

    Colonial has had the service for over 15 years but as someone above has noted, not many people have read their notices. I’ve used it for years and love this great service. Thanks Colonial!!