Adult Brown Pelican Bird Spotted In Bermuda

March 15, 2014

The island has a rare visitor, in the form of an adult Brown Pelican, according to the Bermuda Audubon Society who said, “Keep your eyes open for an impressive adult Brown Pelican, probably present in the Evan’s Bay area of the Little Sound since Thursday. This species is a vagrant to Bermuda and doesn’t occur annually. The nearest breeding population the southeast US.”

Photo by Andrew Dobson:

Brown Pelican by Andrew Dobson

According to AllAboutBirds, “The Brown Pelican is a comically elegant bird with an oversized bill, sinuous neck, and big, dark body. Squadrons glide above the surf along southern and western coasts, rising and falling in a graceful echo of the waves. They feed by plunge-diving from high up, using the force of impact to stun small fish before scooping them up.”

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  1. Srsly? says:

    Thanks Dobson… I enjoy these posts.

  2. nuffin but the truth says:

    another illegal immigrant!

  3. Topaz says:

    I had the immense pleasure of seeing this beautiful bird at the natural pond at Barnes Corner today.

    • Frodo says:

      Oh yeah? What did he have to say for himself, entering our country without so much as a passport!

  4. pissed says:

    vagrunt?….you sure about calling this avian a vagrunt…an expat calling a pelican a vagrunt?….can yo say this birds parents weren’t from here?…most times a bird comes here it is from memory dolt…

  5. yup wve usteh feed dose pelimican condoah birds from de fishin boat vhen wvee wuas lddow byes’.