British Airways Begins Daily Schedule Today

March 30, 2014

British Airways will commence its daily schedule today [Mar 30] offering locals daily flights to and from London, United Kingdom.

Bermuda Manager Marianne Wilcox said, “We are delighted to once again commence a daily service to and from London every day of the week until the end of October.

“BA 2233 leaves London Gatwick at the slightly later time of 3.10pm arriving in Bermuda at 6.30pm, and BA 2232 leaves Bermuda each evening at 8.15pm arriving in London at 6.55am the next morning.”

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  1. nuffin but the truth says:

    BA arrives far too early in the morning at a freezing cold and foggy Ratwick.

  2. Yes I said it!! says:

    Why are the prices so high right now… Almost $2000 for a return flight! I’ve been told this is because the airline jacks up the price during college break times!! If this is true thank you BA for supporting those wanting to further their education while giving them the finger (2fingers in uk). Legal robbery is a b!@?/