Report: Heatley Attends Interview In New Orleans

March 21, 2014

Dr Edmond Heatley, August 26 2013-4Louisiana’s Times-Picayune latest report says that Bermuda’s Commissioner of Education Dr Edmond Heatley was interviewed yesterday [Mar 20] for the post of Superintendent of the Orleans Parish School Board in Louisiana.

While neither Dr. Heatley or anyone within the Education Ministry confirmed his attendance at the Louisiana interview, Dr. Heatley is understood to be presently off the island.

The news first broke last week that Dr. Heatley was shortlisted for the position, coming less than seven months after he took up the position in Bermuda on September 11, 2013.

In a statement issued earlier this week, Dr. Heatley confirmed that he is a finalist in the superintendent search saying, ”This was not a proactive search by me; I was invited to apply and I did. I have not applied for any other jobs.

“My resume is not ‘out there.’ And frankly, I was also surprised that my name was announced publicly in open session, as a finalist by the search committee.

“Back in December when I allowed my résumé to be put forward, there were a number of major, and from my perspective, unsettling changes within the Ministry,” continued Dr. Heatley.

“The PS had resigned, the Education Ministry had been merged with another Ministry and the Minister had been replaced. However, since then, I am pleased to report that I have built a very positive working relationship with the current PS and Minister.

“I appreciate that there may be some who will question my commitment. These would be people who do not see me work every day and who do not understand what it takes to move an education system in a progressive direction.

“I remain committed to the students of Bermuda and I remain committed to improving the Bermuda education system,” added Dr Heatley.

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  1. And the children suffer again says:

    You are only committed as long as you are employed but it is quite obvious that they are not in your long term committment. If was so committed as you say you are you would have declined to go to the interview. Or is it that the Ministry of Education is aseking for you to leave the position?

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      “We the people MUST stand up to ensure that our children receive the best in education.”

      Education is key for our children’s future, and we should all work to ensure that anyone in the Commissioner’s post has our children’s best interest at heart. The government and Minister of Education seem to have dropped the ball on dealing with this matter in an aggressive manner. The silence from the government on this matter is deafening.

      Dr. Heatley has proven that he has little or NO commitment to our children, as he still went forward with his interview, this speaks volumes. If he is successful he will take the job, but if not he is likely to continue here in Bermuda, but doing little if doing of real value. Further more, Mr. Brangman was wrong, as Heatley has not achieved the objectives as outlined by Mr. Brangman on the news.

      He has not improved public education by any measure since his arrival, there was no evidence to suggest so.

      He has increased the size of Education, and not reduced it. I think Mr. Brangman needs to look at the increase in staff at the ministry.

      This situation is outright wrong, and this man needs to go NOW, as indicated by most of Bermuda.

      • Wake up says:

        You are a real dreamer. Mr. Brangman, isn’t even the Minister. Where have you been the last couple of months? Its under Grant Gibbons now. At least get the basic facts right…if you want people to take you seriously.

        • concerned for our children says:

          I think Betty is only mentioning Mr. Brangman as he came forward and made a public statement on the news this week with regard to what Mr. Heatley has accomplished since he has been in the position. Dr. Gibbons, although he is the current minister has not come forward to say anything publically about the matter.

        • North West says:

          Brangman was the one who made the statement on the news.No one said he was the minister, So it looks like you are the dreamer.

  2. Citizen Banned says:

    Good on you Mr Heatley. I would not be surprised if after the frosty reception you have received from the worlds friendiest people, that you take the job and bid us farewell.

    Bermuda shoots itself in the foot yet again.

  3. Family Man says:

    I guess this is kind of like a paid vacation in Bermuda for him.

  4. daughter of the water says:

    he should go to new orleans. this is a lucky break for us here – he has made no inroads since his arrival and we may now actually get someone in the post who will do what it takes to improve our system MEASURABLY. as in quantifiably. let’s get going….. cross your fingers heatley gets the job back in the US and bids us an imminent farewell…..

  5. Cleancut says:

    I smell a rat!

  6. swing voter says:

    I don’t blame him….DOT has been a real mess for over 30yrs, with some top administrators treating the department like its their own private business. Education has never been on the front burner, and sadly never will. Just compare the poor performance of public system overpaid teachers and admin to the excellence produces in the private school systems. Even the Bermuda Institute has superior results at a fraction of the expenditure of their public counterparts. The private school teachers perform for personal satisfaction….not only for a paycheck.

  7. Unbelievable says:

    Unfortunate turn of events. I don’t think he’s showing commitment either. The writing is clearly on the wall.

    Whether he is fired or he quits, I hope the Govt abolishes this post when he does go.

  8. nuffin but the truth says:



    let’s have the right person for our Children..A BERMUDIAN.

    • Citizen Banned says:

      …..because Bermudians have done such a good job for the last 30 years. Yeah right!

      • nuffin but the truth says:

        stay BANNED!

      • Wondering Why says:

        Your p*** poor attitude is why we’re in the position we’re in. Why do Bermudians (if you truly are one) always think foreign means better? There are numerous Bermudians with more than enough credentials to do this job. I would bet many applied for the job and were passed over. This is what we are left with- an American who doesn’t have the commitment a BBermudian would have.
        Serves us right!

  9. Alvin Williams says:

    Well he is not the only foreigner that has used Bermuda as a stepping stone; but the real travesty is the number of Bermudians who are ready to make accuses for this person. As a people we really do have a problem in defining what is in Bermuda’s national interests and we really must remove those Bermudians who have more faith in non-Bermudians to uphold Bermudian interests rather than their own fellow country man and woman.

    • campervan says:

      You should be a ghost writer for the National front or the British movement Alvin.
      Your tribalism and disdain for people who were not seeded on this rock seems to know no bounds.
      Your backwater attitude would jive perfectly with their mandate.

      • Mike Hind says:

        It’s not just people that weren’t “seeded” here…

  10. eyeinthesky says:

    AMAZING! How could someone who is Bermudian and hopefully wants our public education to approve be on Heatley’s side? If Mr. Heatly went to the interview, surely it must suggest he is looking to move on. He won’t waste his time or anybody else. Look he sees an opportunity to improve his status/employment. If he gets the job, he waves to us a GOODBYE! If he doesn’t, he has a fall back plan called MOED employment. People go on job interviews all the time when holding down a present job. Must time it doesn’t get out in the public. However this is 3-5 months after he started his present job, and the notion he is committed. I say to everyone, if you find out your employee is looking for other employment in the probation period. What would you do? Like him I’ll be looking for someone else……
    Too the BUT, once again you have your blinders on! Whoever employed him, he’s using you!

    Just sayin……

  11. Cardine Alice says:

    I expect he has a probationary period and it would not be unusual to reconsider your position within that time.

    It would most likely be open to the Employer to terminate his employment (assuming a probationary paeriod) unless he withdrew his interest and made a commitment for the contracted period.

    It is possible he has just found Bermuda too pricey/ friendly. If you aren’t compensated along corporate rates Bermuda is no holiday.

  12. Scotty says:

    Dr. Gibbons, this is ridiculous. It was exposed that he had applied for the job, he admitted he had, but that his long term committment is to Bermuda then HE GOES FOR AN INTERVIEW! You need to meet him at the airport with a return ticket. He is making a mockery of you and the island’s education system. What does it take to fire this man?

    • campervan says:

      Hes NOT ALLOWED to have a “long term” commitment to Bermuda. Sheesh they only just revoked term limits.
      Its a free market and a big wide world out there.

    • Terry says:

      Get it?

  13. Alvin Williams says:

    National front why would they except me as a member they are anti-black and claim to want to preserve British rights in their country.
    Now that is something we have in common; I will never apologize for defending or upholding Bermudian national rights in our own country. Call that what you will.

    • campervan says:

      Glad to see you acknowledge your duality of beliefs with the extreme Nationalist movements in the UK.

      Personally it all sickens me. Tribalism is the root cause of war and hatred towards our fellow beings.

      Your Nationalism sand anti foreigner sentiment insults all of our humanity.

  14. clearasmud says:

    All this seems like a storm in a teacup since Mr. Heatley has not done anything wrong yet! It is quite normal to be looking out for one’s own best interest first everyone does it and I am sure that Mr Heatley has a contract that requires him to give proper notice if he chooses to terminate his employment for any reason. If he does then we simply deal with it and move on.

  15. Scotty says:

    You have to be joking. Are you aware of how much money it takes to advertise, interview and relocate individuals from abroad? Not to mention how much someone of Dr. Heatley’s calibre will be receiving in remuneration. He arrives on island in September, goes on vacation in December, applies for another job in December and leaves again for an interview in March. Give me a brea! He has had more holiday time in 6 months than Bermudians have in a year. Dr. Heatley is brazen and upfront that he has no interest in educating Bermuda’s students so he needs to go. This is not a storm in a teacup it is a blatant in your face, I couldn’t care less about your education system. Fire his a.. You are correct, he must have a contract, so enforce it, state publicly that he did not meet the obligations of his probationary period. This is a farce.

  16. Teed Off says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but did Brangman say Heatly was going for Family Funeral, looks like the only thing that is dead here is Brangmans Brain

    • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

      I surmise that Mr Brangman still has a good relationship with Dr Heatley and our eminent Education Commissioner has coveted that comment to him.

      Mr Brangman is merely being transparent by passing on his (Dr Healey’s) comments for his justification for being on ‘leave’.

      It’s up to you to pick the bones from the fish…

      London, England

  17. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:


    I surmise that Mr Brangman still has a good relationship with Dr Heatley and our eminent Education Commissioner has made that comment to him.

    Mr Brangman is merely being transparent by passing on his (Dr Healey’s) comments for his justification for being on ‘leave’.

    It’s up to you to pick the bones from the fish…

  18. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    The problem I see about education is that it is so highly politicized. There are those within the Ministry who used their positions to exact retribution and recompense for past wrongs, and the ones who lose are the students- which is their reason for existence in the first place. Poor teaching is tolerated. Poorer administration at the individual school level is practically encouraged. Ask your school’s principal what special training they received to become a principal, and I’d bet good money most haven’t- they were probably excellent teachers. Great in the classroom doesn’t equate to great at administration. And have you ever tried disciplining someone who used to be a peer? Or worse still- because supervision of those principals has been poor at best over the years, there are some seriously lousy principals out there. But that’s okay, it’s their turn. Yeah, I’ve heard that one too. Their turn at the expense of our kids. When will it be our children’s turn???

  19. CVUSD Employee says:

    The district that Mr. Heatley destroyed to pad his resume is still trying to recover from his “leadership” 5 years after celebrating his departure. Why ANY district actually considers him is beyond me. I would not let him manage a taco stand or a hot dog cart, much less any institution charged with instruction of the future generation of the planet.

    Keep in mind, Mr. Heatley NEVER taught in a traditional classroom, and only spent enough time in the classroom to find a path to administration and managed to get hired where he wouldn’t be held accountable (well, he abandons districts so quickly, it is really hard to judge, much less hold accountable).

    He bailed on the military when he hit the pay grade for his pension, and then he chose a different profession that would not alter that pension, but add to it. He does not care about kids, he cares about $$$.

    If he goes, the children of Bermuda will benefit, but the poor kids in New Orleans will begin to suffer.