PLP Chairman Responds To PRC Status Matter

July 23, 2014

The PLP “encourages all Bermudians to stand up and be counted in the wake of the declaration of Minister Fahy that he [OBA] have decided to grant status to Permanent Resident Certificate Holders through a loophole,” PLP Chairman Maynard Dill said today.

“What should be abhorrent to every Bermudian is this pronouncement is made after the House of Assembly has recessed for the summer,” continued Mr. Dill.

“This is yet again another example of the back door, non-transparent, anti-Bermudian practices of the OBA Government.

“This, on the heels of my counterpart Thad Hollis’s resignation, citing numerous issues outside of the Jetgate affair as to reasons why.”

Earlier today, Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy said that the Ministry is withdrawing the appeal in the PRC status matter and “the avenue to Bermuda status for certain PRC holders that was created by the previous government in 2001 will stand.”

Mr. Dill’s full statement follows below:

The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party encourages all Bermudians to stand up and be counted in the wake of the declaration of Minister Fahy that he [OBA] have decided to grant status to Permanent Resident Certificate Holders through a loophole.

What should be abhorrent to every Bermudian is this pronouncement is made after the House of Assembly has recessed for the summer.

This is yet again another example of the back door, non-transparent, anti-Bermudian practices of the OBA Government.

This, on the heels of my counterpart Thad Hollis’s resignation, citing numerous issues outside of the Jetgate affair as to reasons why.

The Progressive Labour Party believes that immigration policy should have as it’s guide that it should not produce, or if already existent, be designed to decrease social disparity and promote social agility.

Further, the majority of Permanent Resident Certificate holders were granted this status, by previous Progressive Labour Party administrations, as previous administrations prior to 1998 [UBP] failed to provide any security to long term non-Bermudian workers and residents.

In the midst of furor over the Governor’s refusal to honor a democratic motion from the House Assembly, and in the midst of allegations of corruption regarding the supposedly independent Bermuda Tourism Authority, for the OBA Government to take this action shows that they are working on their own political agenda. This is not about human rights at all but more a perceived entitlement to power at any cost.

We see this as an affront to All Bermudians and something that is shrouded in a political agenda rather than the protection of Bermudian’s birthright, with the stroke of a pen. Similar to the issue on land acquired along the same vein.

To be clear, the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party is not in principal against the granting of status but it can only be done through comprehensive immigration reform. We believe that the loophole should be closed now and serious discussion by a non-partisan group take place to provide recommendations for the better way forward on this serious issue.

The PLP brought an amendment to the House of Assembly to close the loophole, and the OBA chose to vote against it. This clearly shows the OBA had no intention of ever closing the loophole.

The One Bermuda Alliance has lost the confidence of the Bermudian public. The 2,500 people gathered at Government House were proof positive of that fact. Premier Michael Dunkley has not been able to stem the tide of JetGate allegations, and friends and family connections that are plaguing the OBA Administration.

In closing, we ask for all Bermudians, inclusive of Parliamentarians, to do all that is required to ensure your birthright is respected and not for sale.

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  1. Can you say HUMAN RIGHTS? says:

    This is a human rights issue.

    All human beings are ENTITLED to dignity and the protection of their human rights.

    This is fundamental in a modern society.

    The opposition’s approach appears somewhat ironic, inconsistent and one sided.

    • Black Soil says:

      The PLP are doing an excellent job in making enemies of all the PRC’s who may get status. Even those new Bermudians who are “left wing labour all the way” will never vote PLP because (thanks to what the PLP are saying today) they will fear that a PLP govt will rescind their status. If the PLP are smart they won’t try to stop the sun from rising in the east. The sun always wins. And trying to swim against the river of justice will only get you drowned. So accept reality and move on. Otherwise face a PLP who’s days are numbered.

      • BDA CHILD says:

        Don’t try and scare us this is far from over furthermore 85% of prc holders are white and history show that 99% of whites in Bermuda vote against the PLP and that’s a fact,so therefore PLP will never get their vote anyway.Stop the bull!

        • Oh it’s over BDA CHILD…The Progressive Labour Party had 14 years to rectify this so called wrong but did nothing now you can’t accept the fact that it’s over:-(

          • Ride says:

            @Raymond Ray

            You are incorrect. The PLP did not have 14 years to “correct” this. The loop-hole was created by the PLP in the legislation they passed while they were the government.


            • enough says:

              well they should have corrected it then. They only made decision that they THOUGHT would benefit them, well it seem that may have backfired.

            • serengeti says:

              They passed the legislation in 2001. So they created the legal right for PRCs in 2001. If it was a ‘mistake’ they had years to put it right. They didn’t.

        • haha says:


        • Peace says:

          At the end of the day, this should not be about politics and vote count.

          • Black Soil says:

            At the end of the day, I see a new party under the leadership of Terry Lister becoming the new opposition. The PLP are incapable of changing. Their ship is wrecked upon the rocks of xenophobia and bigotry.

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              There will all ways be hate and haters need a place to hate together. I doutb the PLP are going anyway.


              • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                Like wise the OBA is proble not going anywhere either.

        • well.. says:

          It is amazing that any white people vote for PLP at all. Why would they? The PLP is constantly dividing

          OBA is far from perfect, but the reason why they get significant voters from all racial backgrounds is because they are inclusive regardless of race.

        • I don't think so says:

          Please can you show us the PROOF of the vote.
          Votes are confidential, so please do not cite your assumptions as fact.

      • BDA CHILD says:


        • brigadooner says:

          I’d prefer that to an island full of racists like yourself.

        • haha says:

          Well either your dumb as rocks or I don’t know. There’s only 1400 or so so how will that outnumber the rest of us Bermudians?!

        • Enough says:

          Natives??!! You do realize that there are no natives in Bermuda and that the first settlers came from Europe? All Bermudians at one point came from other countries, sure even your ancestors at one point had to be granted the right to be Bermudian just like all Bermudians.

          • Keep it Real says:

            Regarding your comment above, you can say the same about white America then! Neither of them are Natives of the land of the free. The Indians would confirm that.
            Bermudians born and brad are considered Bermudians. If you wanna speak on ancestors, the only place considered home even to white people is Africa.
            So we are all natives of Africa.
            From your comment, how could any country other then Africa claim to be Natives.
            Enough stop talking garbage and support the appeal. If there’s a loop hole in the legislation and it’s been recognized then fix it and let the PRC’s follow through with the correct procedure towards citizenship.
            Don’t just allow it to proceed knowing there’s a loop hole.
            Fix the problem!!

            • BlueFamiliar says:

              In an effort to keep to your chosen name, I’d like to state a couple of things.

              While it is presently believed that all humans can be traced back to the African continent, it is also presently under debate about the accuracy of this due to new findings.

              That aside, Africa is not a country, it’s a continent, and generally speaking one is not a citizen of a continent, they’re a citizen of a particular area (country) on that continent.

              And, presuming we do all come from the same place, why the heck are we all so territorial about the little piece of the planet we live on now?

              • Mahurim says:

                The oldest modern human(homo sapiens) bones are found in central eastern africa..No doubt about that..Citizenship is lower than nationality. Nationality has rights that citizenship cannot have..Look up the definitions of the two in a Blacks law dictionary. AMERICA is a continent encompassing north, central and south america and associated islands.. Wikipedias definition of America(the Americas) includes Bermuda.

                • BlueFamiliar says:

                  At the moment that is the belief, but there have been some findings in the last couple years that are throwing reasonable doubt in the matter. And please remember we’re basing the belief on the guesswork of scientists. And yes, it is guesswork.

                  As to the rest, are you suggesting we take on the laws of the Americas? Because that’s going to mess with the heads of some people if you are.

        • brigadooner says:

          I’d prefer that to an island full of racists.

      • Hmmm says:

        PLP are self serving power hungry leeches.

        About time These PRC holders were recognized.

      • Senior says:

        To Black Soil – for the most part most PRC’s were never ever friends of the PLP, so what you say is moot.

    • CBA says:

      In addition to human rights, this doesn’t change anything. I really wish statements like Mr Dill’s were challenged where he says “do all that is required to ensure your birthright is respected and not for sale”. Who is selling birthrights? The PRCs are here for many years, already have jobs and many already have homes. What are “birthright” Bermudians losing?

      • BDA says:

        CBA – Following onto what you have said. I was born in Bermuda in 1990, grew up and lived here and still will not have the right to be Bermudian. There is no justice in that what so ever. I recognize you have not said anything against that – just adding onto the Birthright ‘situation’.

    • REAL deal says:


      Could it be possible one of the watchmen for the signs are the ones that destroyed the large poster of Nandi Davis Crockwell, to make it look like a PLP supporter did this?

      Mr. DaCosta lets see the list of who was in charge of the East end signs and the police should investigate this and pebble beach posts.

    • Kunta says:

      Human rights my @$$, typical Oligarchy tactics to enhance colonist ideology !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Ya all full off S— !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      @ Can you say Human Rights?

      Immigration has never been a human rights issue. Throughout the Caribbean, the US, the UK and other western countries immigration has always been a matter of policy.

      Immigration also covers issues of;

      Immigration and the Labor Force
      National Security

      Human Rights would NEVER look at these issues when determining immigration policy.
      Human Rights would take the rights of the individual migrant over the rights or protection of the country. The UN has even stated that immigration should be determined by the policy of a country.

      The problem is not with the PRC holder getting citizenship because of this loophole. The loophole is technically a part of the law that currently exists. So the government cannot win a court case for people that have already been granted citizenship via this loophole.

      However, what is concerning, is the government seems like they do not intend to close this loophole. Something that should have never been. No western, democratic country, should operate an immigration policy off a loophole. That is not good governance.

      We need to close this loophole asap and come up with an immigration reform that benefits that is fair to the migrant while not alienating the Bermudian. No where else in the World, or at least our region would a loophole on immigration be allowed to stay on the books as being the law. Swift action will be taken to close such a loophole.

      The PRC holders that are eligible under this loophole to have citizenship that have already applied for citizenship, or who have already received citizenship then, no problem, let them have it. But the loophole must be closed so over the next two or five years another 1,500 + people and their families do not also qualify for status where we get to the point that migrate immigration balloons because of this loophole.

      Let’s do things the right way, close the loophole or whatever you want to call it and lets have comprehensive immigration reform. That is the RIGHT THING TO DO!!


    • Bermuda first says:

      While the uncounted and inflated number of 2,500 apparently went up the hill, the other 58,000 did not.
      So if might makes right as they seem to think, they have already been outvoted.
      Out of these people who wish to deny other contributors their basic human rights, how many have been here one and two generations? How many had parents who came off boats with no permits and remained?
      How many fought for their rights at some point and yet now so possessed,
      seek to deny others their rights? Based on exactly what? Race?

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Considering only half of Bermuda votes anyway you have a small group controling what happens no matter who win at the poles. Thats the real sham of democracy we have here.

      • brigadooner says:

        Also the 2500 people that marched on the hill were protesting in a response to a completely different issue. Moreover, that issue was bi-partisan in nature. The march had supporters of both parties. I fail to understand how the PLP is taking sole credit for that march and touting it as an example of their support.

    • dirty politics as usual says:

      It takes the PLP to distract and the divide this tiny island with this nasty talk about denying the current PRC’s status. Together we achieve more. The right and equitable thing to do would be to grant these people status and draft a properly thought out document (unlike the Commission of Inquiry) to place stringent conditions on future PRC’s with consultation from both parties and people of Bermuda. Funny how the PLP supporters said NOTHING to the Uighars situation when those individuals DIDN’T want to be here, didn’t have anything to contribute, where we created jobs for them, even after they were laid off, and who are now creating families with their NON-BERMUDIAN wives, and so on. So PLP for whatever reason you did that- humanitarian reasons, or being inclusive – please extend this to the PRC’s who I can bet are not on financial assistance, not locked up, not shooting at people but who are contributing positively to our Bermuda. Stop the Divisive, Rascist and Political Rants and do the right thing.

  2. Unbelievable says:

    I still do not see how the Progressive Labour Party can be so dead-set against a law that they created.

  3. furby logic says:

    This is a shopping list of Whine not a reasoned argument. These people have jobs, homes and are well settled in the culture after 25 years, nothing changes except now they will be able to vote.

    If you were smart you’d start trying to win their votes by some constructive, inclusive policies

    • Toodle-oo says:

      *These people have jobs, homes and are well settled in the culture after 25 years, nothing changes except now they will be able to vote.*

      And that is EXACTLY what this is all about . Nothing else whatsoever .
      Not perceived housing issues , not perceived job impacts and heaven knows what all this stolen ‘birthright’ cr@p is all about .

      The potential to vote. Nothing more , nothing less .

      I strongly doubt that ‘marches’ and civilized protests are what we’re going to end up with .

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Heres a question do the children of PRCs get to stay here as well (PRC status granted to them as well) and do they also already have the same rights their parents have?

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly. I wish the PLP would try exactly what you suggested – try to win some of these votes. You know….actually make yourself appealing, even if some don’t agree with you.

  4. Peace says:

    They have been here a long time, some of them were even born and grew up here. If someone lives on the rock much of their life, it is a little harsh to deny citizenship. I don’t see how this notion is inherently anti-Bermudian.

  5. campervan says:

    Thats politics mate, suck it up and stop ya whining:) Its demeaning.

  6. Terry says:

    Well get your a**es back in the House.
    Bitch and moan whilst you live off the peoples money.

    I can’t believe this.

    • Somebody's momma says:

      House is on recess for Summer smart one.

      • Anbu says:

        And they boycotted before it was over even smarter one. Just like a little kid taking his ball and leaving the playground because he cant be on the team he wants to. Childish at best.

      • well.. says:

        It wasn’t when they skipped the last two.

    • dirty politics as usual says:

      exactly – Every Taxpayer should be outraged and demand that the PLP MPs who are still eating at the trough i.e. getting paid a hefty Politician’s Wage and Pension and doing little….get back to work for the country or at a minimum for the people that voted for them. Shameful that this behaviour goes unchecked and no one is held accountable to return UNEARNED wages.

  7. Need Peace says:

    So what happens if they lose their jobs? What then? Keep putting the cart before the horse!

    • WTF says:

      @ Need Peace: “So what happens if they lose their jobs?” Since both Bermudians and residents holding PRCs can, under the law, seek another job, I do not understand your question. Care to explain?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      They have full rights to live here, it will be the same as a Bermudian

    • What happens ... says:

      Need Peace, if they lose their job they look for a new one – PRC’s do not need Immigration approval and, as has been pointed out by the Human Rights Commission, they’re already on the same footing as Bermudians.

      The only real difference between a PRC and a Bermudian is the right to vote.

  8. lance says:

    when is the march? Do I get work off for it?

  9. JustAskin2 says:

    Interesting timing. Does this mean that the OBA is now not sure of the Bermudian vote and is making a desparate attempt to flood the election pool with new, pro-OBA faces?

    • Creamy says:

      You do know the PLP passed this law, don’t you?

  10. micro says:


  11. Errin Butterfield says:

    I hope that each application is thoroughly looked at. Will the prc holders that are granted Bermuda status have dual citizenship? In my opinion it should be one or the other, one of the requirements should be to give up their present citizenship ( It would show if the really want to be a Bermudian). Not even The Premier Of Bermuda can have dual citizenship.

    • brigadooner says:

      I take it you have handed in your UK passport?

      • Jo Blo says:

        UK passports dont give us the right to vote now do they…

        • brigadooner says:

          …Actually having a UK passport does give you the right to vote.

      • Errin Butterfield says:

        Fyi for future reference I do not engage in any type of discussion with anyone hiding behind a pen name.

    • Robert says:

      Errin i hate to tell you this, but mike dunkley has American citizenship

    • just saying says:

      Get a life…people all over the world have multi ethnic backgrounds and I know of many people who have 3 passports…

    • Betty, Betty, Betty ... says:

      Dual citizenship? Does that mean that any Bermudian with dual citizenship should be excluded?

      On that basis, Ewart Brown (who became an American and who, as a result, had to renounce his Bermudian status) should never have been allowed to sit in Parliament let alone become Premier.

    • Bermuda first says:

      How do kids born in Bermuda to PRC’s figure in this discussion of ‘dual citizenship’
      I’m sure Bermudians would be deemed to have dual citizenship if you consider how many have jetted off to the U.K. to live off benefits, attend school and settle there. Hardly any difference in reality to traditional ‘dual’ citizenship.
      As to granting PRC’s the only missing right..the vote,.seems kind of
      contrary to human rights to take their taxes and yet deny representation.
      There is a strong case to be made of overt racism when you read BDA CHILD’s comments above! Race does not enter in to this and if you are going to make general assumptions for which you can have no advance knowledge or proof of, then its pure racism.
      Nobody actually knows who voted for who in any election as they are
      completely anonymous, curtained and private.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      No such thing as Bermudian citizenship ship. So, no.

    • The Premier??? says:

      Errin, The Premier can’t have dual citizenship because Bermuda law says that no-one with dual citizenship can sit in Parliament if they do.

      That restriction doesn’t apply to anyone else.

      But I trust you’ve already turned in your UK passport and don’t have any other pesky citizenships floating around simply because one of your parents happened to have citizenship elsewhere.

      • cromwell says:

        I don’t think you have your facts in order. Paula was born in Canada, Dr. Brown (and his children?) were American and we can go back a bit more and find out how many dual nationalities have been running the country including MP’s and the civil service. You would be surprised.

        I agree about the negative conflict of political loyalty. The Premier should be born Bermudian and hold only a Bermuda passport.

    • Franklin Jr says:

      so all those Bermudians running around with Canadian passports…??

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      If we were to expect PRCs to give up their other citizenships, we should expect the same from all born Bermudians.

      How well do you think that would go down?

    • smh says:

      Hey you do realise that the average Bermudian can hold dual citizenship, there is no requirement to give up one, only MPs apparently are meant to give up one, but I guess some of you so called ‘Real Bermudians’ forget Ewart Brown fighting to keep his US citizenship

  12. Swordfish says:

    Maynard, PRC’s already have jobs and are already integrated into our community the only thing different is that will be able to vote .Got the PLP shaking bahaha

    • Sandgrownan says:

      No such thing as Bermudian Citizenship, it’s Bermuda status. We are BDOT citizens.

  13. one sided, single minded, blind, DEVISIVE as usual, gibberish from the EX ruling party who MADE the loop hole in the first place. I would venture to say that this massive number of PRC holders have contributed greatly to all sides of the political fence.

  14. watchfuleyes says:

    I am sick of marches, the last one was fine but enough is enough- we need to boycott Dunkley’s products and shut this place down- the unions and the People’s campaign need to get together and lets get it on- bunch of cowards all of them

    • They know,(in-spite of the talk)”which side of their bread the butter is on”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is “water under the bridge” real soon. Bottom-line, “an empty can makes lots of noise”.

    • Hmmm says:

      That is what the PLP did in their last reign of terror. They tried to shut Bermuda down. Thankfully people recognized that it wasn’t good for Bermuda.

    • ink says:

      Why boycott Dunkley’s? To put more Bermudians out of work? The vast majority of employees are Dunkley’s are Bermudians.

  15. truth be told says:

    plp and their supporters are just a bunch of scroungers!

  16. Starting point says:

    I am born Bermudian and I welcome the news, I also married a foreigner so I guess the PLP despise me as well.

    • Anbu says:

      Yup! Me too. Lmao its too bad we cant really say/type a message in the way that i want to. Bernews would prob not even allow it. U know the pee el pee diehards would be up in arms. Truth hurts u know lol.

    • Franklin Jr says:

      very much so, ya traitor!

  17. Sick & tired says:

    @ watchful eyes I guess you had better buy your cow now, as this will be the only way to get your MILK or do you even drink anything other than alcohol ?

  18. Coffee says:

    Utter disrespect for the electorate of Bermuda . We should be taking this straight to the FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE and demand the closing of the loophole .

    • Put pupils first says:

      How about the opposition turn up to the House with legislation that would close the loophole and debate it.

      Oh, I forgot the PLP feel that attendance is optional.

    • Edmund Wells says:

      Your solution to a loophole that was created by Parliament is to run crying to the FCO and ask them to fix it?



    • furby logic says:

      please explain
      a)why is it utter disrespect for the electorate of Bermuda?
      b)why you think the F&CO should get involved?, and most ludicrous of all
      c)why you think the F&CO would agree with you that it is ok to deny basic human rights. If they did look at it, they would be far more likely to demand that we also give status to the adult kids of PRCs, who are the real losers here.

    • Creamy says:

      Can Dill give us a list of the other laws the PLP would break if it were in power, in addition to this one? It would be interesting to know how many other human rights it would trample on.

  19. haha says:


  20. haha says:

    “Further, the majority of Permanent Resident Certificate holders were granted this status, by previous Progressive Labour Party administrations, as previous administrations prior to 1998 [UBP] failed to provide any security to long term non-Bermudian workers and residents.”


  21. haha says:

    What are these friends and family connections you speak of?!?! Fill me in….

    • Betty, Betty, Betty ... says:

      Something to do wiht $800 million. But that’s just a guess.

  22. just saying says:

    Lots of Bermudians have married foreign partners…and should expect the same rights. Bermudians also choose to marry foreigners and remain out of the island…so pray tell, if we have no more foreigners allowed to become status holders it will ,in time, impact the gene pool…diversity is both necessary and healthy. However I do agree that there needs to be some sort of balance but this surge of hatred to PRC holders is not good for the island…it is a fundamental human rights issue..I have always voted PLP but not next time…there is no evidence to show that they are here for ALL of Bermuda..

  23. Huh says:

    This emotional, xenophobic, coded response from PLP is very similar to the anti-immigrate US Tea Party/Republican Party . They should really change their name to something like the Bermuda Nationalist Socialist Party (BER-NAZI for short) to reflect their true philosophy.

  24. Coffee says:

    Also maybe someone needs to expose this government on BBC NEWS concerning the handling of this immigration loophole which will give many thousand people the right to status and make Fayhe explain to the world why his government has taken this very unpopular stance .

    • Many Thousands? says:

      Coffee, if you’ve bothered to read anything there are only about 1,400 people that would qualify. And that assumes that they all want to apply.

    • I don't think so says:

      You need a little more cream in your Coffee

  25. Dreary says:

    The OBA has Bermuda best interest at heart.
    The PLP has their party’s interest only.I am a real Bermudian and cannot be brainwashed by rhetoric and propaganda.OBA keep trying to bring Bermuda back,my children depend on it.

  26. Just wondering says:

    Errin Butterfield, I am a born Bermudian and read you point about people giving up their original citizenship. I was just wondering if you feel if Bermudians who have acquired in some cases multiple passports should have to give those up? Also all the Bermudians that have left Bermuda to make a better life for themselves in other countries should they have to give up their Bermuda passports also? In case you were wondering I do not hold a passport other than my Bermuda passport and neither does my wife! On a separate note maybe you can explain to me who will prop up the grossly underfunded pension funds that I am sure you will expect to receive. Let’s not forget that survey done on all those Bermudian kids away in school who 95 percent said they did not want to return to Bermuda when they graduated! Did I mention the declining birth rate ? Oh and what about the Debt our paradise has got into are you prepared to pay your fair share!

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Dont worry about all that the PLP will deal with all of that with a wave of the ………..


  27. James Herald says:

    What will PLP moan about next? The fact that the tide comes in regularly?

    “The tide comes in every single day from offshore so is technically foreign. It is clearly the white Eurocentric slave masters who are sending the tide in to specifically try and wash away grassroots Bermudians”.

    This is how silly PLP is beginning to sound.

  28. Proud2bBermudian says:

    Why is this a human right. Human thing to do would have been to go home to ur birth place and have kids. Why stay in a country and build a family that’s not ur birthplace. And 30 yrs later complain that Bermuda isn’t giving you a human right.

    • EYE SEES ALL says:

      Proud2bBermudian, you are sick in the head. What a racist sick comment. People like you are nasty sick people. I hope you dont have kids.

      Every nation on earth LETS PEOPLE BECOME CITIZENS! I guess in your little black utopia you imagine it is ALL BLACK but in reality THIS WORLD IS NOT LIKE THAT RACIST IDEAL!

      • We Say says:

        Eyes Sees All – but why do you say that Proud2BeBermudian is black? You sound prejudiced by making that assumption as well. and why do you think it is only black Bermudians who are unhappy about this topic?? It could also be whites, Portuguese as well. It’s Just tiring to see so many people putting groups of people in to one category like this.

    • Noncents says:

      Proud2bBermudian: you’re disgusting.


    • serengeti says:

      ‘Proud2bebermudian’. No one is ‘complaining Bermuda isn’t giving you a human right’.
      Bermuda already granted the right is a law passed by the PLP in 2001.
      There is no complaining. All that is going to happen is that the law passed by the PLP will be followed. Just like every other law.

  29. EYE SEES ALL says:

    There are no NATIVES you stupid people! Bermuda’s natives were rats and hogs from Spanish boats!

    PRC holders are people who have lived here and have families here and contribute to the economy! You stupid people cannot comprehend that?

  30. Ian says:

    You people should seriously be more concerned about the increased resentment toward the foreign, white-elite and PRC community going forward. It is very real based on the sentiments expressed as of late.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Whats white elite to daqte the PLP has been talking about all whites. You don’t listen to the press releases and the PLP spokes presons.


  31. BlueFamiliar says:

    Dear Mr. Dill,

    What is abhorrent to me is that our Opposition have chosen to boycott the last two sessions of the House and part of a session of the Senate.

    As such, I don’t quite understand why you’re bothered by the fact that Mr. Fahy ‘wanted’ until the House was adjourned for the summer. The Opposition wasn’t there anyway.

    As for standing up and being counted in regards to this issue? I support it. While a more thought through option started from the beginning would have been the best route, that was not this instance and, to me, it makes no sense to go backwards when it comes to allowing those who have supported Bermuda for a large portion of their lives full rights in the country of their heart.

    I also find it necessary, at this point, to comment on the city councillor who is holding his own personal protest outside City Hall. While I respect his right of opinion and it’s expression, I am appalled that he not only thinks PRCs should not have status, but should be summarily stripped of all rights to live here.

    A Bermudian

  32. Questions neutral says:

    Neutral questions please? Can we liken ‘PRC’ holders to those who also came from St Kitts and the like 3-4 generations ago? Where are we assuming the PRC holders in question are from? Based on this question, does it even matter from which country one is from on obtaining PRC status? Or are we being biased either way on certain nationalities?

  33. cromwell says:

    If immigration is the issue like the PLP says it is than Status can be granted to a PRC holder when a born Bermudian dies; additionally if a born or status Bermudian leaves Bermuda for more than 10 years that Status can go to a PRC holder who is waiting for Status.

    This idea can balance immigration by death and withdraw of Bermudian Status to those who want to say and never return elsewhere.

    Maybe that would exclude race or use a racial quota to maintain the present racial balance.