Music Video: Quinn Outerbridge “Feeling Good”

September 23, 2014

A young artist has released her version of an old classic, with 13-year-old Quinn Outerbridge covering Nina Simone’s classic song “Feeling Good.”

The teenager was recently named the winner of 2014 Beachfest Crown Song Competition, and while that competition saw some controversy, there is no controversy surrounding her talent, with the young artist performing her rendition of the classic song with great finesse and style.

Since its release back in the 1960s, “Feeling Good” has been covered by many artists, but it is most closely associated with Nina Simone, whose version appeared on her 1965 album ‘I Put a Spell on You’.

Quinn Outerbridge “Feeling Good”

The song was released Bermudian musical production team DemBiez, following on the heels of their release of “441 Girl,” featuring artists Cahlii Smith and Coshaun Evans.

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  1. Awesome says:

    WOW very nice. Keep up the great work. Hope to hear more soon.

  2. neddle says:

    What an amazing voice! She seems to have what it takes to make it! Quinn: stay in school, keep a positive attitude and stay away from ‘de nonsense’ out there.

    I wish you all the best

  3. Kim Smith says:

    What a powerful voice… and very soulful. Really nice. All best wishes to you!

  4. DC says:

    13 years old!!!!! WOW!!!! That’s scary!!! My mouth dropped open when I heard this!!! To sound like this – already!!! OMG!!!! When she reaches adulthood, her voice will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! Young lady, keep singing, make sure that you complete your studies! If you want to go into the entertainment business – learn EVERYTHING about it so that others cannot take advantage of you! YOU keep yourself in the driver’s seat and take this where ever you want to go!!! Fantastic job!!!

  5. DemBiez says:

    Still amaze us to this day Quinn.
    Lets do this <3

  6. glenda says:

    Sound great young lady !!!! Reach high !!!!