Video: O’Reilly Praises Bermuda On Fox News

October 13, 2014

Bermuda got a favourable mention on this evening’s [Oct 13] broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, with host Bill O’Reilly — who was in Bermuda for Tropical Storm Fay — calling Bermuda a “beautiful island” adding that he didn’t even lose power at the hotel during the storm.

Speaking in his Tip of the Day segment, Mr. O’Reilly said, “Over the weekend, I had the good fortune to be in Bermuda. Beautiful island, close to the east coast, temperature in the low 80s, the ocean water was great, I was splashing around until Tropical Storm Fay rolled on in Saturday night…talk about Saturday Night Fever.”

Video courtesy of Fox News:

Mr. O’Reilly added, “Caused some excitement, but I have to say, the island, just shook it off. We didn’t even lose power at the hotel, The Reefs. One of the best hotels.

“No one panicked, and that’s the tip of the day, when you travel, just about anything can happen, so stay calm, ride it out, it all adds to the experience. We had a great time in Bermuda.”

You may recognize the storm footage in the video as the same from our video posted earlier today, as the footage used in the video was filmed by Bernews.

Fox News is one of the most watched news programmes in the United States, with Medialite saying, “The O’Reilly Factor remained the top show for Fox [and cable news as a whole], averaging 2.361M total viewers and 365K in the demo at 8pm.”

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  1. amazing grace says:

    Nice words. Too bad they come from the host of a show on a network which spews lies and cites imaginary ‘sources’ and has the whole far-right conservative part of an otherwise great nation opening their toilet-lids to take in the propaganda!

    • Creamy says:

      Is your middle school back in today?

      • Black Soil says:

        I don’t like Fox news either…nor Bill O’Reilly, but a good plug is a good plug….he (and Fox) have a lot of followers…and their money is as green as everyone else’s. So all you mal-educated, intolerant right-wingers who are trying to “take back” their govt; and believe that Obama isn’t a real American; and those prepping for the upcoming civil war of white republicans v.s. everyone who disagrees with you…..WELCOME TO BERMUDA!!!!!!!!!

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Are you out-of-your-mind??? Fox News is the BIGGEST cable news network in the USA (And they are NOT the liberal “Lame Stream Media”)!!

      O’Reilly’s program the *N0 Spin Zone* is seen around the world!! He has an audience of over 4+ MILLION people every night – just in the USA!!

      David Dodwell and the “Reefs” got some very valuable FREE advertising tonight – when he mentioned them by name!!

      It’s now very easy to understand why there are a lot of the half-brained comments on this Bernews blog – by progressive liberals – who seem to be “clueless” about anything outside the *Rock* and must also be BHO supporters!!

      PS: I guess ALL you people who don’t appreciate Fox News are Odummer (BHO) supporters – because Fox calls-him-out on ALL his FAILINGS, SHENANIGANS, LIES and DECEIPT in the USA!!

      He is regarded by the vast majority of Americans as a Chicago thug and “buffoon” – who they can’t wait to get rid of!! He is undoubtedly the worst POTUS America has ever had in it’s history!!

      Stay tuned for the 04 November elections – when the GOP (Republicans) retake the senate and make Odummer even more of a lame-duck!!

      • Fox hunter says:

        President Barack Obama is not regarded by the vast majority of Bermudians as a Chicago thug and “buffoon”. Disrespect for the man who holds the Highest Office in your land that YOU Americans voted for doesn’t make you any cleverer, smarter or more intelligent. By the way how’s your your Nobel Peace Prize coming along…right – couldn’t get one even if you stole it…

        • MAKE MY DAY says:

          RE: By the way how’s your your Nobel Peace Prize coming along…right – couldn’t get one even if you stole it…

          What on earth are you talking about and what has this got to do with BHO’s incompetency??

      • sinclair says:

        this world is screwed up because of people like you and your stupid thoughts

        • MAKE MY DAY says:

          The *TRUTH* hurts – Huh???

          • Kangoocar says:

            @make my day, you are wasting your time with these buffoons who just support the Dems no matter what, never bothering to even research anything??? Just read the post below this by “next” asking you if you are late for yours klans meeting, the moron doesn’t even know that the founding members of the klan we all DEMOCRATS!! They don’t even bother to research who in fact has done more to help the blacks!! The democrats have never brought one peice of legislation that would help the blacks, it has all been Republican, Pres Lincoln gave his life for them and that is still neot enough for these blind SHEEPLE to be swayed??? But the biggest kicker and what I find really funny is, that MLK was a registered Republican and they don’t even know it??? MLK a, at least had the wisdom to know which party had his best interest at heart!!! Just look at all the 1960′s stuff that was going on and the Democrats were fighting it with all they had, in order for the blacks to NOT be treated equally!!!! I swear sometimes in this island that we have way to many idiots?????

      • Next says:

        Aren’t you late for your Klan meeting? People like you are scary. A thug? Really?

        • MAKE MY DAY says:

          YES….. But you don’t live in the states and KNOW what is going on here!! Also, what goes on behind “closed doors”!! I have political friends in high places – who keep me in-the-loop!!

          Also, what do you KNOW about Chicago politics?? Engage your brain – BEFORE you write nonsense!! Do your *Due Diligence*!!

          Just watch what happens to BHO’s DemoRATS on the 04 November!! By the way I did mention that his general popularity around this nation is about 38 – 40%!! Unfortunately… The “experiment” has failed!! He was just NOT competent enough for the office of POTUS!!

          This is a nation of 315 MILLION people not a tiny Island of 63,000!!!

          Hasta-La-Vista baby!! It is what it is!! PERIOD!!

          • Dr. Bombay says:

            With all your ranting you haven’t made a single point. As one American to another, Shut up!

    • Portia says:

      Because liberals never do that…

    • Joey-Bag-O'Doughnuts says:

      I doubt that you ever watch or even listen. I bet that if you watched or listened you wouldn’t spew your lies and imaginary sources.

      That’s the problem with people like yourself to take what others tell you about something and take it as gospel.

  2. James says:

    Regardless of whether you like Bill or not, this is great publicity: he is, by far, the most-watched guy in news.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      ****BINGO****….. The progressive Liberals in tiny BDA don’t have a “clue”!!

  3. Indeed says:

    Great words Bill…

  4. Next says:

    He’s scum. Gross.

  5. We behave like Fox Fans says:

    Thanks for the laugh all of you–I think alot of times we all act like Fox indoctrinated followers here on the Rock.

    Hey pot……

  6. CommonSensenBda says:

    Bill!! No shout out to Bermua’s own Greta Von Suffering!

    Shame on you Bill, SHAME!

  7. um just saying says:

    Will he be back for Gonzolo?

  8. george lazenby says:

    People who watch Fox can’t afford Bermuda.

  9. Politricks says:

    Strange that so many of you are against FOX news considering that many of the same posters seem to salivate over BDA’s own Rush Limbaughesque type radio host.

  10. Kindley says:

    People who watch Fox can’t afford to visit Bermuda as often as they would like.

    You should be glad someone of his wealth visited your island and liked it enough to mention it on his television show.