ICC Cricket League: Uganda Beat Bermuda

October 29, 2014

Bermuda have gone down by 7 wickets in their final match of the ICC World Cricket League Division 3 Tournament in Malaysia and have been relegated to Division 4 with a record of 1 win and 4 losses.

Bermuda won the toss and elected to bat, they were bowled all out for 140, Kamau Leverock was the top scorer with 27, while Onias Bascome, captain Malachi Jones and Jordan DeSilva all scored 18.

Frank Nsubuga was the pick of the Uganda bowlers who had three bowlers take three wickets each he had figures of 10-3-26-3.

In reply Uganda scored 142/3, with Roger Mukasa the top scorer with 86. Dion Stovell was the pick of the Bermuda bowlers with figures of 6.5-0-30-2.

Bermuda’s Inning

  • ..00 [15] Terryn Fray b Frank Nsubuga
  • ..11 [31] Tre Manders c Phillimon Selowa b Frank Nsubuga
  • ..18 [34] Onias Bascome c Phillimon Selowa b Henry Ssenyondo
  • ..00 [03] Christian Burgess c Phillimon Selowa b Frank Nsubuga
  • ..16 [44] Dion Stovell b Davis Arinaitwe
  • ..07 [04] Allan Douglas LBW Henry Ssenyondo
  • ..18 [19] Malachi Jones st Naeem Bardai b Henry Ssenyondo
  • ..27 [25] Kamau Leverock c Arthur Kyobe b Davis Arinaitwe
  • ..18 [28] Jordan DeSilva c Jonathan Sebanja b Davis Arinaitwe
  • ..14 [20] Delray Rawlins b Roger Mukasa
  • ..06 [17] Kamal Bashir Not Out
  • ..05 Extras [3b-1w-1nb]
  • 140 Total All Out after 39.5 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-3 [Fray], 2-18 [Manders], 3-18 [Burgess], 4-45 [Bascome], 5-53 [Douglas], 6-53 [Stovell], 7-95 [Jones], 8-99 [Leverock], 9-116 [Rawlins], 10-140 [DeSilva]

Uganda Bowlers

  • 7.0-3-15-0 Jonathan Sebanja
  • 10.-3-26-3 Frank Nsubuga
  • 10.-2-40-3 Henry Ssenyondo
  • 9.5-1-42-3 Davis Arinaitwe
  • 3.0-0-14-1 Roger Mukasa

Uganda Inning

  • ..86 [68] Roger Mukasa c Jordan DeSilva b Dion Stovell
  • ..18 [35] Arthur Kyobe c Malachi Jones b Dion Stovell
  • ..20 [35] Jonathan Sebanja st Christian Burgess b Tre Manders
  • ..01 [06] Phillimon Selowa Not Out
  • ..07 [06] Brian Masaba Not Out
  • ..10 Extras [1b-4lb-4w-1nb]
  • 142 Total for 3 Wickets after 24.5 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-75 [Kyobe], 2-129 [Mukasa], 3-135 [Sebanja]

Bermuda Bowlers

  • 6.0-0-34-0 Kamal Bashir
  • 4.0-0-17-0 Jordan DeSilva
  • 5.0-0-36-0 Kamau Leverock
  • 6.5-0-30-2 Dion Stovell
  • 2.0-0-13-0 Delray Rawlins
  • 1.0-0-07-1 Tre Manders

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  1. Islander says:

    Come home Pa we miss you

  2. PBanks says:

    I suspect the coaching staff already gave up on their slim chance of staying alive in Div 3, as the senior players were rested for this clash.

    This is as low a point as Bermuda has ever been, internationally, and finding a way back is likely a Herculean task.

  3. PBanks says:

    “Relegation to Division 4 is all but certain, and with it should come a change of policy. The veteran players have given many years of service but it is time for them to graciously step aside. There are several young players, of which a few have shown strides in this event, around whom the future of Bermuda cricket can be formed.

    The national programme should take a hard stance against people who are involved in bad off-field activities. Also, whatever issues exist that allow St. David’s players to not be part of the national fold, resolve them. Encourage a professional approach at national and club level, as these are who the young people see first-hand in league, county and Cup Match action.

    Otherwise, remove ‘national sport’ status from cricket, let it dissolve into a local pasttime and focus energies on the sports that put Bermuda in a more positive light and endure fewer issues with discipline.”

  4. Unfortunately I do honestly feel this way. that Bermudians playing at such level aren’t qualified to compete against well trained teams from elsewhere :-(
    Sad but true, we are only weekend sportsmen / cricketers. Bermuda teams need to be 24 / 7 totally dedicated to the sport they participate in on an international level.


    Been saying this for years………………its gona take a lot longer than 6 years to fix Im afriad. We need to build from the foundation up, start there and nurture the young talent and groom them to be Bermuda’s next best. We must scrap the next 6 to 10 + years and look 15 to 20 down the road in order to be really successful. We hsould do the same for football as well. But the heads of the committees will nto see it this way and look for the 1 to 5 year bracket. The result of that would be to waste the taxpayers money and have many more embarrassing runs like th ones this article is based on. So Sad!

    • PBanks says:

      But this has been going on. Have you followed any of the youth cricket leagues? The next generation is already playing and learning their craft at the U11 and U14 level. The future of Bermuda cricket is already involved and participating.

      Now if you’re suggesting scrapping any aspirations at the senior level, then you also remove the goal for the young players that are currently in their preteen/teenage years. Then cricket will most assuredly dissolve into the “weekend sportsmen” sport in Bermuda.


        I have been folowing the cricket, sadly compared to other nations our youth program is a sick joke.

        We should scrap the senior program as it is now and put that money to use to boost our youth programs even further. Scrapping it will not remove any of the goals for the younger ones. I may seem to be harsh, but Im thinking of scrapping from the 14 year olds and up. My reason for saying that is because their talents have peaked in the old ways of doing things which as we all know can not cut it at the high levels of cricket today. In other words, they are preparing themselves to fail on the international stage already. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being beaten and embarrassed on the world stage every single year!! We need a lot of work done starting from the ground up.