MP Brown Responds To Work Permit Proposal

October 2, 2014

The Opposition Shadow Minister for Immigration, Walton Brown expressed “grave concern” about the proposed new work permit policy set to be adopted later this year.

Yesterday, Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy revealed the new Draft Work Permit Policy, which proposes new categories of work permits including the Bermuda Employment Visa, the Global Entrepreneur Work Permit and the New Business Permit.

Mr Brown commented today, “We want to ensure there is a balanced work permit policy that provides the flexibility for companies ­­ particularly our key international business sector ­­ to flourish while at the same time promoting opportunities for Bermudians. While there are many positive proposed changes, significant problems are presented with the Bermuda Employment Visa and New Business Work Permit policies

Referring to the mission statement of the Ministry of Home Affairs ­­ “to improve the economy by addressing the needs of the local and international business community and the career aspirations of Bermudians,” Mr Brown said that these new categories of work permits will “actually significantly weaken the career aspirations for Bermudians: the BEV will remove the top 20% of positions in international companies from work permit control and therefore beyond the reach of Bermudians.”

Mr. Brown said, “”We have seen many Bermudians rise to significant senior positions in international companies over the past two decades; this proposed new policy will significantly curtail future opportunities. This is deeply problematic. In an effort to secure the flexibility the international business community rightly needs to compete in a tough environment has jettisoned the interests of Bermudians altogether. This policy needs a rethink.”

On the issue of the New Business Work Permit, Mr. Brown said, “The idea of simply giving a company any and all the permits it seeks is an exaggerated response to a genuine business start­up challenge.

“There is some merit in a new company receiving permission to hire the key staff needed at the initial stage but there can be no justification in applying this policy to all staff. Government has to ensure, at a minimum, that there are genuine opportunities for locals to seek employment in their own country.

“Other aspects of the proposed policy require further consideration: while serial work permit abusers will face fines up to $10,000, government should consider refusing all work permit applications from such employers for specific periods of time as a more effective deterrent.

“The proposed new policy only focusses on English proficiency for nationals who fall under the Portuguese Accord and for those who work in the construction industry. This needs to be extended to other sectors, particularly hospitality. There is no detail provided on who will conduct such testing and at what stage of the work permit application process.

“The issue of protection of domestic workers requires greater monitoring and better policy. For the Minister to accept a wage as low as $10 per hour for nannies and other domestics is no doubt a main reason why Bermudians and spouses of Bermudians do not apply for such jobs. That pay does not amount to a living wage in Bermuda and has to be revised up,” said Mr. Brown.

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  1. North Rock says:

    I am shocked that Walton has a problem with one of the best and well intentioned ….and well thought out….policies I’ve ever seen. This is the diffence between people who know what to do and people who don’t…

    Minister Fahy…you hit the nail on the goddamn head !!!

    • Allspice says:

      Actually Mr. Brown’s words here are pretty centrist and reasonable. His concerns are legitimate and his tone is not extreme.
      Calm down everybody. Calm down. There there.

  2. Onion says:

    If you’re Bermudian and you want to be in the top 20% then you need to get there by being good. The simple fact that seems to escape Walton is that business in Bermuda are competing against the entire world. We need to be better than everywhere – and for us Bermudians that means to double down to become the best in the world, not just the best in the island.

    • Shel says:

      This is so true, Onion. Bermudians can’t expect that jobs are going to be handed to them simply because they are Bermudian. Business courses emphasis the impact of globalization. Not only are we competing with each other, we are competing with literally everyone else in the world. Think of all the international business companies who have outsourced jobs perviously held by Bermudians to other parts of the world. Since we can’t market cheap labor, like economies such as India and China can, we need to focus on being skilled labourers. That means that Bermudians should go out of their way to beef up their resumes and experience, take advantage of pursuing higher education (work your butt off and apply for scholarships if you can’t afford it)

      • Kangoocar says:

        @Shel, totally agree!!! But try convincing the plp xenophobes that?? Good luck????

      • frank says:

        after all that you come back home only to be told that you are over qualified for the job
        if this new rule goes forward Bermudians will become strangers in their own home

        • Kangoocar says:

          Frank meet idiot, idiot meet frank!!! Oh, you already know each other?? I am sorry for thinking other wise!!! Frank, when will you and others that think just like you ever learn that just because a BERMUDIAN comes back home with some degree from a lowly rated school and has no experience, that they are not entitled to become the CEO on the spot???? It is called working your way up the ladder just like the rest of us successful people had to do!!!!

          • Impressive says:

            Personally I don’t think any educated individual (whether from a “lowly rated school” as you say or not) expects to walk into a company and become the CEO automatically, unless they founded the company themselves. If you are going to spout your nonsense, at least be honest and speak with logic.. Try speaking without emotion, it might help you to be more logical.

        • Creamy says:

          I’m sure you’ve never been told you’re “over qualified” frank.

        • Black Justice! says:


          White employers are not saying, but I am going to say that it isn’t a Bermudian thing, it’s a colour thing. If one is Black and qualified or overqualified he/she is unsuccessful in getting the job. It’s happening now. Many of my Black Bermudian friends have been treated this way.

    • Truuufff says:

      Yes, get an education and get work experience abroad. Going to Bermuda College is great for your first 2 years but you need to further that by AT LEAST 2 more years abroad and some work experience. No Bermudian will ever become CEO here without education and experience. FACT! Therefore, many CEOs WILL HAVE TO COME FROM ABROAD. That is a no-brainer.

      • chris smith says:

        Who pays for all this wonderful education?

        • Double D says:

          The parents.

          Student loans are another option which I had to take.

          Work hard in high school and scholarships become that much easier to obtain. Most universities offer financial assistance and bursaries.

          There are a whole range of ways to finance post-secondary education.

          Who do you think should pay for your education?

          • Wicket says:

            where do you get a student loan in Bermuda I would like for you to help me please

          • Vhovho says:

            Student loan from who?

  3. aceboy says:

    “grave concern”….lol You can bet money on THAT response.

    Stop trying to keep Bermuda in the dark ages. Just hush your noise and let the adults get on with the work.

  4. LiarLiar says:

    A much more balanced rebuttal from the potential future Opposition leader which is devoid of the emotional/nationalistic rhetoric used by many of his colleagues that has no basis in reality. It is especially interesting to hear him speak of the need for our IB sector to flourish while many on his side have preached the exact opposite for some time now.

    Either way hopefully Mr. Fahy or the Ministry can provide responses to Mr. Brown’s concerns and alleviate any issues he feels might arise out of these proposals.

    At the same time hopefully Mr. Brown will elaborate on the ‘many positive proposed changes’ he noted above to the work permit policy and interpret that for some of his supporters on this site. If teh Opposition is only sincerely concerned over only 2 issues then I would say this is a pretty comprehensive document that has taken various concerns into account. It must be noted that this document is a collaborative effort amongst many key stakeholders and not just the current Government’s ideas.

    • huh441 says:

      please show link to PLP comments that are anti IB….

    • Impressive says:

      such a refreshing and reasoned response, without the insults and emotion.. Kudos..

  5. jt says:

    I guess WB thinks all the Bermudians currently employed in that top 20% got there because of immigration policies and not because of their ability. A potential leader of the opposition should have more faith in the ability of his fellow Bermudians to compete.

  6. Raelity Check says:

    Walton, do you make statements for any other reason than to make political hay ? Bermudians can see that all you have is criticism, criticism, criticism…..and NO solutions, NO ideas and NO understanding of the situation.

    Walton, what do you think happenned when Paula bumped the payroll tax and sent half the guest workers to Ireland, Switzerland and to all points other than here ?? You know what happenned, Walton, ….all the mentors who were here teaching the Bermudians the ropes were GONE BABY GONE

    Minister Fahy has been trying to fix YOUR PLP mistakes that have put thousands of Bermudians out of work and if you can’t understand that…you have no business even commenting.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      I totally agree, Walton Brown needs to get down from that pedestal he has placed himself upon. He and many others fail to accept the truth! We,(Bermuda) is faced with so much problems because of poor management by the Progressive Labour Party and that is a fact :-(

  7. Sandgrownan says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake, here we go expressing concern again….

    It’s a bit late for that.

    • mixitup says:

      So when the OBA ‘expressed concern’ when they were the opposition, did it prompt this same response from you? just curious..

      • Independent says:

        Most of us were expressing concern when the OBA were the opposition! I actually think that this is one of the better rebuttal pieces from the PLP, but to begin with ‘grave concern’ is consistent with the PLP’s fear mongering tactics and is not productive.

        • mixitup says:

          fear mongering tactics you say… Interesting that the Grand Atlantic was about to fall into the ocean and now it’s good enough to be turned into Hotel/Condos.

          • Double D says:

            And if you read the article today about Grand Atlantic you would note that the developer plans to reinforce the cliff face which was approved by Planning.

            Also, lets not forget that the BHC Board resigned at the time of the announcement of this project due to their objections which were overruled by the Premier at the time.

            Don’t let those things called facts get in your way now.

          • animallover says:

            Well, we have to do something with that damned property. If it were up to you, what would you do with it? The PLP had no idea what the heck they were doing when they built it. Maybe we should just bulldoze it all down instead of reaping some finances from it HUH? I still thinks it’s dangerous living there, I just hope nothing happens once occupied. Fingers crossed. Mixitup, what would you do with it???

      • Christopher James says:

        At least we now live in a society where we can freely express concern at what Government is doing. During the PLP Administration, people who questioned them were usually intimidated with accusations of racism.

        Perhaps you can now see how fortunate we are today.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Because there’s a massive difference between doing wilfull damage to the Island’s business environment and, by way of contrast, working with stakeholders to come up with a framework that encourages investment and builds employment opportunities.

        If you cannot see that, then you really are wilfully ignorant.

  8. Mr. B says:


    Given the economic situation this country faces (underfunded pension liability, skyrocketing health care costs, unemployment, massive debt over hang) do you honestly believe what you are saying?

    The above issues require some hard decisions and chances–lets make and take them and try to fix the problems we have.

    If you don’t like what is being tabled and discussed, what is HM Loyal Opppostions plan to revive the economy and how are your ideas differnt today from what they were when HM Loyal Opposition had the reigns of the Government?

    Sadly, this course of debate is hardly believable.

    • Kangoocar says:

      @Mr B, all you will here from your question is ” tree frogs ” while waiting for an answer??? The plp have no answers, never have and never will!!! the state of our economy when they were finally ousted proves that point!!!!!

      • mixitup says:

        And the continued state of our economy shows the same of your beloved party…..oh right, give umm more time….

        • Creamy says:

          So if the PLP were to follow its plans to allow oil drilling, it would all be done without giving work permits?

  9. Vhovho says:

    I think this is a reasoned response pushing an opposition line/agenda. I dont agree with all that is said but cant argue he is doing his job.

    Hmm, if WB got in instead of Bean I think we would be in trouble and looking at a return to the PLP come next election. WB is far more likely to shift those black educated voters in the middle back to the PLP then Bean is.

    • hmmm says:

      Hardly…he is pro independence whilst Bermuda is not.

    • Impressive says:

      Too bad so many others don’t feel the same way simply because he is a member of the PLP. According to one poster “he has no business commenting”.

  10. qrock says:

    The New Policy also proposes that employers no longer have to submit Police reports to the Department of Immigration. The Minister states that the onus is on the Employers; The Govt should still do their due diligence and check to make sure that those conviceted of offences do not come to Bermuda. The Minister says that it is up to the Employer to verify the good conduct of the overseas employee.

  11. steve says:

    Never has anything positive to say. Quit with the doom and gloom and let us all move forwards.

    Being negative just for the sake of it. Forget the voters just be honest.

  12. Kevin says:

    And this from a party that wants to be in charge , There is more proof daily why the former Govt got us where we are today. It is also a blessing we have individuals and a team who will assist us being successful again.

  13. clearasmud says:

    Some posters here don’t get it but the whole point of public discussion of the policy is to seek differing views on the policy NOT on other people’s views!

    • LiarLiar says:

      Completely agreed.

      That is why it is in draft and labeled a ‘discussion’ paper!

      Doesn’t mean that the draftees are right nor does it mean the ‘objectors’ are right. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle, hence the need for a discussion paper.

      This is normal practice in the business world and should be the status quo for all Governments as well IMO.

    • Impressive says:

      You didn’t get the memo?? If you oppose anything the OBA say, your stupid and have no understanding of economics, lazy, emotional, xenophobic, yada yada.

  14. Paid Blogger says:

    Walton – without new business here on Island Bermudians cannot work or find work – what is it you do not understand??
    Oh sure we can work in the New Hotels that will be in place – in about 5 yrs but what happens to the people who need in their chosen field that they have worked at or studied for??
    Other places has such policies and this will be a gateway for new jobs and a faster set up time for the new company and Bermudians to be employed.

  15. Coffee says:

    The UBP/OBA work permit proposal as put forth is akin to the gynecologist giving a hysterectomy to a pregnant woman .. Hope it works out !
    Cause if it doesn’t !

    • hmmm says:

      Thank you PLP mouthpiece Coffee for your contribution.

      What is your suggestion on bringing needed investment and opportunity to the island.

      • animallover says:

        Well said HMMMMM. No clue whatsoever. Just like the PLP all mouth no action or ideas.

    • Jacob says:

      If this fails welcome back PLP and good bye 1 term oba.

    • jt says:

      At this point Coffee that’s pretty much what it comes down to with every significant policy decision that relates to our economy…”Hope it works out. Cause if it doesn’t.” It’s a shame we find ourself in this situation with next to no wiggle room….but here we are.

    • Christopher James says:

      Better than the PLP giving us a permanent prostate exam.

  16. ABC says:

    everyone ingore plp bunch of cry babies what u did in de past bittin u in de a.. now
    bye paul cox cant get a job u all for real plp is a waste of s.i.t

    • mixitup says:

      Can you speak proper english ABC? Us dummies on the other side can’t understand the point you are trying to make…but I do hope you get my point.

  17. Dylan says:

    Walton Brown is surely showing how simplistic he and the PLP are , all he/they can do is continue shoot down every and any progress the OBA bring. Every day the reality of who can govern and who can’t is ever so clear .Can I say I would like to have North Rock made a new island and have WBrown and the rest of the PLP inhabit and if they can make it work come back to the real world.

  18. mumbojumbo says:

    social security is govt. and it sucks…if you look at what you put in…and what is going out…there are discrepencies!No one in their right mind would invest money with *******!

  19. Need Peace says:

    After reading the comments above it is clear that these Bermudians are as clueless as they accuse all other Bermudians to be. Bermuda has an abundance of qualified professionals and more to come. This policy basically shuts the door to them from the onset. That much is clear. Just because the government proposes policy doesn’t mean that its set in gold. I also see the revenue from work permits being slashed. The problem is Bermuda as a whole is very expensive. I don’t see that changing so you can blame the people of Bermuda all day long but it won’t change that fact! Just because you continuously spout the rhetoric that Bermudians are uneducated is not going to make it true. The government are all uneducated, you bloggers and your family, if you’re Bermudian are uneducated and lazy. Stop putting your people down cause most worked hard, paid a lot of money to attain their qualifications and achieved higher grades than most of their counterparts. if you are Bermudian, you should hold your people up in high esteem as opposed to dragging them through the mud. Please show some national pride like we once did!

    • Onion says:

      As a qualified professional I understand that the more businesses are here and the better those businesses there are the more opportunities there will be for me.

      As a Bermudian may I suggest you try taking that chip off your shoulder and instead aim to be among the best in the world?

      • Girl on Fire says:

        ^^ This.

        As another Bermudian qualified professional, I second that. I believe in my fellow Bermudians, and I certainly don’t feel like the door is being shut. If anything, it opens the door wide open to working with some of the best and brightest.

        Yes Bermuda is expensive. Ever been to NY or London or Switzerland? They are expensive too. The question is whether we are WORTH it. We used to be – let’s hope we can be again.

    • Kangoocar says:

      @ need peace, I will correct you on a couple of things, first off Bermuda is not that expensive!! I just returned last week from Switzerland ( my first time there) I met up with some ex expats who I met here, who worked here and their company transferred them to Switzerland, you have no idea how expensive Geneva is until you visit there and actually know people like this, their company transferred them out of here approx 10 months after the plp’s payroll tax increase!!! Are you starting to get it yet??? Geneva is very expensive but they prefered the COMFORT factor of being able to run their business they way they want, and cost became a lesser concern!!!! Again I will remind you, Geneva is MORE expensive!!! Secondly, stop with the nonsense of of qualified Bermudians, any Bermudian that actually HAS EXPERIENCE and an education from a TOP ranked University would always get the job here!!! BERMUDIANS need to stop with this entitlement way of thinking because it will get us nowhere!!!!

      • Craig Clinton says:

        You’ve got blinders on mate. Change that “any Bermudian” to “any white Bermudian” and you’ll be on point.

        • Double D says:


          Cause we all know there aren’t black Bermudians employed in IB. Because as well all know there isn’t one black Bermudian that hasn’t made it to the upper echelons of these IB companies. Not one I tell you.

          Continue on now.

  20. Alvin Williams says:

    Bermuda is not the only country that is host to international business; but it is the only country that is prepared to sell out the national interests and aspirations of it’s own people. But that is all right in the short term for this anti-Bermudian government. Come the next election we will put pay to this scourge of a government and liberate our country.

    • 32n64w says:

      Alvin, what qualifications and related experience can you bring to the table other than disinformation and complaining that would encourage a company away from considering hiring you? Your constant and erroneous remarks serve only to confirm a vacuum of understanding.

      • Craig Clinton says:

        What was erroneous about his comment above?

        • Double D says:

          Why don’t you explain as to how the work permit policy above is going to sell out the apsirations of Bermudians since you agree?

          Even Mr. Brown noted the policy includes “many positive proposed changes.”

          So explain to us why you agree with Alvin in detail about how BDA is selling its apsirations of its people?

          Let me remind you the PLP creating the Government financial mess they did which in turn created the need to issue billions in bonds to overseas investors are the ones that sold us out. But yet you cheered them on like the good loyalist you are.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Actually quite a lot. He’s expressing an unfounded opinion’ in other words without backup and evidence.

          So. Everything really

        • serengeti says:

          what was erroneous? everything except the first 12 words.

    • Silence Do Good says:

      Alvin who got rid of the 60/40 rule for HSBC. What has happened since? Please look at both sides of the coin before you speak because your blogs show how uninformed and bias you are politically.

      Fight for Bermuda against any government with crazy policies. Just remember crazy policies will be overturned at the next election with a change in government when the people say enough and that works both ways as we have seen.

      What scares me is that there is no government worth voting for anymore.

  21. shirley Richardson says:

    It is quite obvious that this government, is in the process of selling
    Bermuda to the highest bidder, what happened to the concept of bermudianization? This government is in the process of turning Bermuda into another Island that is controlled by foreign interest.

    It’s just a shame, that the OBA ran on openness, and transparency,but all they have done is deceived the people, with dishonesty, hoodwinked, the electric with lies, and dis honesty. Take a look at Hong Cong. and you can clearly see, that this government is going down that same path. If the OBA is in power for two more years, Bermuda will never be the same, the locals will be working for foreign interest. And Dunkley, Richards, and Gibbons will continue to reap the financial benefits of selling Bermuda.

    • Creamy says:

      Shirley, do you dissgree with allowing the possibility of people coming here and working? How interesting, given everything about you.

      • Double D says:

        I am glad that someone has confronted Ms. Richardson on the fact the she herself is not even a Bermudian who has the nerve to complain about foreigenrs in BDA.

        • shirley Richardson says:

          I have no problem with being attacked by some of you bloggers, it appears that seems to be the norm for some backward thinking people. I do have a problem with the way this government is using the work permit policy to disenfranchise, Bermudians in their own country.

          Some claim they appreciate and demand that Bermuda maintains democracy, but when the opposition, the people’s campaign, the unions opposes this governments intensions, they are accused of being, stupid, ignorant, and haters of foreigners. It looks like only certain people have a right to express their opinion. This government is only interested in the rich and working class people who will work for a little bit of money, with no benefits.

          As for me, some seems to think that I came here looking for work, well you don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m not against foreigners working in Bermuda, but to receive status through a back door loop hole is not only shameful,but dis-honest. If I need to go home, I can, but Bermudians have no other place to go. So OBA/UBP who’s interest are you working for? Now who will be the first to ask me to leave?

          • Double D says:

            You are taking the job of a Bermudian. You need to leave.

            See how your argumanet works.

            Now practice what you preach.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Your comment about locals will be working for foreign interests highlights how you are blind and deaf you are about how Bermuda’s economy works. Even those Government employees, of which there are far too many, now work for foreign interests. IB keeps Bermuda going plus the billions in debt owned by foreign bankers. Tourism is dependent on foreigners visiting. When the Bases were open, that was foreign owned. Your blind following of the PLP fairytale economy that works on hot air and money growing on trees is clear to see.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      That’s actually, even by your standards, pretty stupid.

    • serengeti says:

      Shirley, what is your view of people that come here to work, and then are granted status after decades of service?
      What is your personal view of that, Shirley Richardson?

    • Christopher James says:

      And after that shirley, should the PLP get back in, then we will be totally and completely finished. Bermuda will have sufferring you cannot imagine should the PLP get in charge again. You think things are bad now? Think thousands of people starving because nobody wants to do business here and we no longer can afford to have a boat bring all our stuff every week. Keep hoping for the PLP and this is what you may get. The ignorance on this island is truly epic.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      Kong with a K…OK? School yahself Shirley. That’s why yah not gettin’ the good jobs!!

  22. Just a matter of time says:

    Let’s just rename Bermuda, Cayman Islands II. Because expats now run that island. Same thing is happening here. This is another major step to displace Bermudians no matter how qualified. I don’t care what new policies are put into place, it will always be circumvented to ensure that Bermudians do not progress in huge numbers outside of the high paid administrative staff in these reinsurance companies and even that is getting tougher to get. They have been talking about ‘Bermudianization’ type affirmative action since integration and it’s still the same old argument decades later. We have Bermudians with MBAs, professional designations, lawyers, PhDs, and other impressive credentials that would make your head spin, you name it. Yet the goal posts continually get shifted to keep us out. How is it in a place where we are considered the experts in reinsurance etc that foreigners are able to come and learn on the job while Bermudians are considered to be ‘not qualified’ to even get their foot in the door? I have known many an expat who were fresh on the island that didn’t have a clue about the insurance industry yet they got and are still getting very expensive and lucrative opportunities getting their foot in the door and learn on the job with trumped up job descriptions. I have seen it first hand. Isn’t it interesting that the UK opened up all of sudden for Bermudians in recent years? Nothing to see here folks, move along. This stinks all over.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      What is your point?

    • Craig Clinton says:

      I think you nailed it 200%

    • Double D says:

      How many of those professionals do you know that are unemployed?

      Bet not many if any at all. And the ones that are unemployed are due to the hostile evironment which the last administration created with their rhetoric, increase in pay roll taxes and asinine term limit policies. Less companies = less jobs. These policies are designed to counteract the hostile practices of the past and encourage businesses to set up in BDA.

      So what should we do (assuming your incorrect assumption is correct)? Should we kick out the one industry that keeps us afloat and provides the majority of BDA’s foreign currency earnings that allow us to survive?

      Or let me guess online gaming and sea bed drilling will be our salvation!

      What is your solution?

      PS: According to the BEC survey 79% of BDA jobs are filled by Bermudians with the remaining 21% being non-Bermudians. So it is silly to compare us to Cayman in which over half of the workers are foreign born. You should really do research before posting your xenophobic nonsense. Facts are key in any debate and always trump emotional mistruths.

    • WillSee says:

      MBA’s from where? online courses and mickey mouse schools!
      Masters in social sciences and education do not cut it with
      these people.
      Just because they have a masters degree does not automatically qualify
      them to get a job.
      A friend’s,bermudian, wife has degrees from Princeton and MBA from Harvard Business school.
      Still no job and SHE IS WHITE!

    • Girl on Fire says:

      That just has not been experience. I’ve been in IB for 18 years, and have experienced overall good and fair treatment as a Bermudian. I’ve never had an issue finding or keeping a good job or even being promoted.

      Now, you could just say I’m special or just plain lucky. And while I do think I bring a lot to the table, I’m also realistic and know that MANY of my fellow Bermudians in IB do just as well (or better). I know several successful Bermudians (black AND white) in IB. We don’t tend to say much, but there’s a reason why thousands of us work in this sector – because we benefit and succeed!

      We are qualified, we are capable, and we DO compete – and we do it well. It’s completely insulting to those of us that work and succeed in this sector. I can compete against anyone in my field, anywhere in the world. Step up your game.

    • Full of it says:

      MBAs and lawyers are a dime a dozen, a PhD indicates an academic with no practical experience. Experience is the key, far more important than designations.

      Another person claiming that they know ex-pats with no qualifications. Have you ever tried to hire an ex-pat? Have you ever applied for a work permit? It is impossible to hire an ex-pat if there is a Bermudian who is qualified to do the job. To get a work permit, an ex-pat must prove that they have the education, designations AND experience required to do the job. Otherwise the permit is denied.

  23. mumbojumbo says:

    truth hurts…

  24. Moonbeam says:

    The OBA Ministers are intelligent ! Since being voted in only a short time ago, they have made many positive decisions. So let them get on with their magnanimous job of (1) cleaning up the unadulterated mess the PLP left us in – both physically and financially, and (2) getting Bermuda back on track to the benefit of all Bermudians (including the moaners and groaners who offer nothing but ‘negatives’).
    ………. GO OBA – and thank you !

  25. Need Peace says:

    @ Just a matter of time – Spot on! Well said! To the rest of you, the OBA could pee on you and convince you it’s raining! @ Kangoocar – If you think you have all of the answers then why pray tell would YOU allow YOUR country to be in such a rut? Do you know how many businesses have left Geneva for that same reason? It really is about the bottom line!

  26. PANGAEA says:


    I am counting the miserable months to the end days.
    Is Bermuda “Our island in the Sun” counting ?

    Let me start the clock. – 99 -98 ……….

    We are coming to the end of 2014.

    We must ask our selves what have got to ” Show for our Money” or what great strides we have made to improve the ” Quality of life ” for every one.

    Some how I have difficulty in coming to any conclusions of consequence over the past 10 months or years for that matter.

    There is not much to be proud of, we are dreaming if we think that some one person could perform magic. “It takes team work”.

    Some how I thought that we would realize by now “It takes a village” except we get ” Smoke and Mirrors” from those who apparently lack ” For-thought and vision” they “live one day at a time” this is not the answer and never was.

    “Living in the past” is “A life half lived”.

    My Father said “You are what you are going to be “.

    I am not in any debt.
    I am no Economist.

    BUT. !

    I know the answers.

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

    There are principals and core values which involve clear thinking good judgement meticulous and careful planning.

    If we as a Country or Nation if you will are going to have any hope of surviving on the world stage we all need to unite for the “Common Good” as Bush said. ” YOU ARE EITHER FOR US OR AGAINST US”.

    PANGAEA says My eyes are dim and you can not see, but this, I know TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

  27. Rhonnie aka Blue Familiar says:

    I won’t say that I necessarily agree with Mr. Brown, but his response is what I want to hear from our Opposition.

    A reasoned counter to a proposal without the over the top rhetoric we normally see.

    This gives me hope that a reasonable discussion over the draft could be had.

  28. clearasmud says:

    Yes Ronnie I agree with you. I wish more people would offer constructive critism of the policy proposals and stop bashing people for exercising their right to question their goverment. There has been numerous mistakes made by our government so just because they propose a particular solution it is not automatic that it is the best solution. More critical evaluation, will lead to better outcomes and that is in everyones best interest!

  29. Christopher James says:

    Please somebody tell Walton that he has lost the plot. You can moan about Bermuda for Bermudians, but if there is no business then you have nothing for Bermudians. We need more bodies in Bermuda CASE CLOSED! The PLP scarecrow scared away the expats and the business. Plain and simple. Walton knows it but thinks he can convince a few PLP-ers too stupid to know better. He is correct to a degree. But there aren’t enough people left who are that stupid and uninformed.

    Run for leader on 23rd Walton yes – but you got to start being relevant – or your role will be short lived.

    Moaning about expats is the last thing you should be doing right now. WE NEED THEM HERE and you know it.

  30. Looking in from the USA says:

    As you open up the floodgates of Bermuda for everyone to come there from all over the world with very little safeguards regarding health screening. So does the issues of health come with this greed for money. Bermuda is a beautiful destination and I have visited it many times. The thing I like mostly was the people. With Ebola scaring the crap out of us here in the USA, screen your expansion of the residents with more scrutiny NOT less. This is not a very wise political decision for Bermuda because the casualties of this work permit policies will be its people. Most likely through displacement through favoritism as well as the transmissions of all sorts of unknown diseases through the migration of people from all over the world who may have had no reason to come to Bermuda but only because its money is attractive for a better lifestyle. Don’t sell your health for wealth, it’s a bad decision. We are watching as you change the look of Bermuda, mainly – It’s people.

  31. Just a matter of time says:

    @ WillSee. Congrats in passing your first course in Ways To Shifting The Goalposts in Bda 101. Always assuming the worst is a core subject requirement. You see I mention ‘MBA’ and your immediate response was to assume it was from a Mickey Mouse school. THEN you give the anecdote of your white Bermudian friend who is unemployed with a Harvard MBA as a counter argument when in fact you just proved my point. At the same time your friend and others are unemployed, foreigners block out the opportunity from your friend and other Bdians with similar qualifications. Let me say this again but with more specifics. The majority of these foreigners who work in these insurance and reinsurance companies are funneled from the professional accounting firms where they first learned about the industry on the job here in Bda from their audit clients. They did not bring that skill set with them when they landed here as audit seniors and most had never even heard the term reinsurance before!. I am a professional accountant having seen this first hand with my own eyes I know what I am talking about. Yes these foreigners are recently qualified professional accountants in most cases leaving their homes for the lure of fun and sun but what happens next is a vicious cycle of displacing Bdians. When they move on to work for the clients they audited (in many cases) they rack up the years of experience and even study for additional credentials and rise up quickly through the ranks, I mean quick! They also hire their ex pat friends or recommend them since they were all in the same boat from day 1 and are still living on the island tax free. It is so easy to reflect and tweak the Job description to match theirs and many Bdians cannot get in edgewise. The Dept of Immigration doesn’t have a clue because they are not experts in these fields. Have you seen these ads? Some Bdians do become successful but the foreign friends from happy hour and golf get first preference rest assured. My disappointment is that after all this time Bdians are still in the minority. What is so different now with this draft policy vs policies of years ago? Each Bermudiaization policy was supposed to be different. Nothing will change and we will be saying the same thing another decade from now when a new policy comes out. The real difference is that much of Bda will be sold off by that time. Amazing.

    • Girl on Fire says:

      Hang on there a minute. You mean they went through a process where they learned about reinsurance and then moved into industry? How is that different in ANY way than how anyone else gets into any industry – you’ve just described the work experience of practically anyone, anywhere. I’ve lived here all my life, and yet why would you assume I have a better handle on reinsurance than anyone else? I had to do what they did – start by learning, and then you move into the position.

      As a Bermudian who did EXACTLY what you have just described (I’m an accountant too), I fail to see why that is a problem. The reason why there were so few Bermudians in my field is that there are far too few Bermudian accountants! I know, because I am one, and if I had a nickel for every time someone asked my to find them a good local accountant I could be retired by now. I have never in any way, shape, or form felt displaced. I can say with certainty that my experience is not unique.

  32. Just a matter of time says:

    I am for foreign labour when it is legitimately needed in Bermuda. The rhetoric that the PLP is against any and all foreign labour is a scaremongering talking point that gets tiresome and misleading. The problem lies with the exploitation of the labour force to favour foreigners over Bdians. If that were not the case, why have these so-called Bermudianization policies which do not work in the end? Once again, what is so different between this ‘Bermudianization’ policy and the several in the past decades? Nothing it’s just packaged better in the attempts to smell nicer to those not astute enough to realize it’s the same old package. Everyone hopes it will help Bdians but it really doesn’t. What this policy DOES do is give more powers to the foreign company to hire at will.

  33. Just a matter of time says:

    One post asked me about solutions. The solution lies with the foreign company and foreign job recruiters doing the right thing and encouraging more Bdian trainee positions in ernest. The solution lies with showing there are job opportunities waiting so that when Bdians study they have a position potentially waiting for them. Many Bdians feel discouraged after university and yes, better matching of positions required is needed with the education. And I get that we need more companies to grow and it wasn’t all PLP as some would continue to think but what about the businesses already here? Are their hiring practices really scrutinized as they should? I doubt not. A senior executive in a company can creatively write any good business case to keep their foreign person. It’s real easy to do.

  34. Just a matter of time says:

    The real thing though is for young Bdians to be taught the mindset to run their own businesses rather than train to just work for someone else like in my day. That message needs to be said more often now as another solution. There’s the old adage if you can’t find a job, create one.