Registrar Issues Voter Registration Advisory

November 4, 2014

The Parliamentary Registrar said they “wish to advise all voters in Constituency #33, Sandys South that they can check and confirm their registration details by either going online or at select locations.

Parliamentary Registers for Constituency #33 are available for viewing at:

  • Hamilton Post Office‎.
  • Somerset Police station.
  • Mangrove Bay Post Office.
  • The Parliamentary Registry Office, Craig Appin House 3rd floor #8 Wesley Street, Hamilton; and
  • The Parliamentary Registry website at, by going to the Voter’s Corner and selecting ‘am I registered’.

A spokesperson said, “The Parliamentary Registrar advised that information from other sources may not be accurate therefore, all voters are encouraged to use the information provided by the Parliamentary Registrar to verify their registration details.

“Voters are also reminded that it is an offence under Section 60 [3] [b] of the Parliamentary Election Act 1978, for a voter to ‘show his ballot paper, when marked, so as to allow the name of the candidate for whom he has voted to be known’.

“As an added advisory, voters in the upcoming Constituency #33 Bye-Election are advised that the use of cellular phones within the polling place is not permitted.

“Any other information related to the upcoming Bye-Election for Constituency #33, Sandys South can be obtained from the Parliamentary Registry Office.

“The Parliamentary Registry Office can be contacted via phone at 293-VOTE [8683]‎.”

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  1. #33 Area Voter says:

    First – please make sure that you are properly registered for the bye election everyone – it is important that your voice be heard. I don’t care who you vote for – each vote is important!

    2nd – for all those who were promised things or incentives to vote a certain way, please see the warning above regarding the use of cell phones within the polling station and the “viewing/showing” of a vote – - it is an offense. Please do not put yourself at risk for any political party, individual or for financial gain – it is not worth it.

    Vote for who you believe will work for you and the area – it is that simple.

  2. Kim Smith says:

    Why can’t they have the open booths like they did for the last General Election?