CableVision Offering Free Channels For Holiday

December 9, 2014

cablevision christmas ballBermuda CableVision is renewing its tradition of giving customers an array of TV viewing options for the holidays, with the free preview set to run from Saturday, 20 December to Monday, 5 January 2015.

During this period, all CableVision TV subscribers will have access to the company’s complete line-up of standard digital TV channels, at no extra cost.

This includes the full Deluxe, Super and Variety Tiers as well as all the Premium channels, including eight HBO networks; six Cinemax networks; ten Showtime channels; six TMC channels; and the MaxPack channels SportsMax and SportsMax2.

Terry Roberson, CEO of Bermuda CableVision says, “We are pleased to give the gift of great TV as a special ‘thank you ‘to our customers. We truly appreciate their business, and of course their patience during the recent storm restoration efforts.

“The Holiday Free Preview has become something of an annual tradition for CableVision, and we trust our customers will once again enjoy the vast selection of programming they can share with family and friends this holiday season.”

The Free Preview does not include paid VOD [Video-on-Demand] content from Channel 500, the HDTV channels or Pay-per-View selections.

A spokesperson said, “While there will be plenty of family-friendly programming on offer, some of the content which will air during the Free Preview is not appropriate for young audiences. CableVision is reminding its customers of the easy-to-use parental control options that are part of their digital TV package, enabling them to block unsuitable programming by time, channel number or content. Instructions for using the parental control features are available on the company’s website at”

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  1. Ride says:

    CV, is there an a la carte pricing option yet? Still waiting for this to consider signing back up for cable TV.


    • Toodle-oo says:

      Oh how I wish .

      Still dreaming of the day when I can hand pick 15 decent channels and get a monthly bill of about (another dream) $12

  2. Reality says:

    Nice, but how long will it be before the Internet speeds go up/prices down, in 2015? Or are you aiming for like 2080??

    4K technology is out now and 8K is already in the early production stages, so when will all HD channels which should be a basic standard at this point be free?

  3. Smart Gal says:

    That’s nice CV but about we subscribers that already get the entire package?
    Where’s our Holiday treat and thank you?

  4. D says:

    Hey cable vision, on behalf of all the complainers above me ane the complainers that will come, thanks a lot.

    I guess once people are used to somethingthey find stuff to complain about.

    I dont see gas stations giving away free gas everyyear, or grocery stores giving away groceries for free.

    Thank you cable vision. (And more importantly thanks for the 2am showings on HBO ;)

  5. Stella groove says:

    Nice gesture. But I’d be happier just to have the channels I pay for work properly.

    • Too much junk on cable. I’m tired or paying for crap. Nice gesture on the part of Cablevision, but for what we pay for cable, all those channels should be included anyway. Those of us who pay through the nose for everything, aren’t benefitting from this one bit.

  6. tom cooke says:

    My cable works just fine thank you. Cept of course after the storm… Course when I got my 55 inch flat screen… the first thing I did was sign up for HDTV..and with the agreement of my son I took it back four days later cuz it’s not high Def. .. unless you have a fibre optic line from the pole to your house…

  7. lucky says:

    oh ya and all my neighbours are out too – open to suggestions

  8. haha says:

    Smart Gal is right, she weren’t complaining. What if we already have most of the packages…what DO WE GET?!

  9. Alan says:

    #cablefail as always