Premier: Supporting Police A “Key Priority”

December 29, 2014

Earlier today [Dec 29], the Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley attended the Bermuda Police Association’s [BPA] Annual General Meeting, where he told the group that “providing support at all levels to the men and women of the Bermuda Police Service, is a key priority of the Government in 2015.”

“‎‎‎The Premier used the opportunity to touch on a ‎range of matters to do with Policing, ‎including economic challenges, as well as issues facing the community particularly as it relate to recent incidences of gun and gang violence. And he stressed that ‎the BPS’s role has never been more important than in this current climate,” the Ministry said.

The Premier said, “Policing has always been challenging but since 2009 and the increase in gun violence a new dimension has been introduced to policing.

“The causes of the violence and anti-social behaviour are varied but the important task of enforcement is the responsibility of one agency and we have no qualms in turning to you, the men and women of the BPS.

He continued, “‎This Government fully supports strong enforcement and supports the BPS in the proper execution of its duty.”

L to R: Insp Charlemagne, Sgt Harewood, Det Sgt Bhagwan PC Butterfield, Premier, PC Gobay and Det Const Neblett


The Premier also spoke about the importance of maintaining community engagement in the BPS’s efforts to combat crime.

He added, “We must salute the community spirit and focus of the BPS because policing cannot be done in a vacuum. All across the Island your good work on a community level is evident and much appreciated. This must continue if we are to win the fight to lure young people in particular away from the gang lifestyle.

“The Gang Resistance Educational And Training [GREAT] programme is a perfect example of your efforts to engage our young people and show them that there are viable alternatives to a lifestyle of anti-social behavior.”

The Premier concluded, “Your overall service to Bermuda is invaluable on so many levels. And on behalf of the government and people of Bermuda I wish you to thank you for all that you do for Bermuda and wish all of the members of the BPA a healthy and safe New Year.”

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  1. Dread says:

    This govt supports the police!

  2. Mr Premier, while I agree with your stance on supporting the role of the police within our country, I am appalled at the fact that you have really taken a interest on pointing out Gang violence and gun crimes and not even begin to mention the crimes that need to be mentioned, while gangs,guns,and robbery is high on the agenda, their is and has been a agenda that seemingly goes untouched. White collar and blue collar crimes, and highly sophisticated networks that fuel the drug trade,making it the second highest proponent fueling the economy, run by suits and ties that don’t run the streets or our gangs.

    I lived long enough and been in the trenches of this society to talk and walk with clarity, and please to your bloggers,who want to run their mouths and say that I should go to the authorities,all I have to say to you this is making the authorities sit up and pay attention, because not all of us are as stupid as some of you think.Now with that said Mr.Premier it is time that the so called law breakers who think they are untouchable begin to feel the crunch and the wrath of real law enforcement, so that the rookies on the bottom who are running around like little Indians without a Chief, calling themselves gangs.

    Bermuda has it’s share of unlawfulness and the Bermuda police Force (not department) need to be commanded under the circumstances they have to work with,and maybe it the next set of orders on our order papers we can see legislation being brought forth to be debated on strengthening the powers of our police force especially in the areas of white and blue collar crimes. maybe if we can truly expose corruption at it’s highest level and have some of the creatures stopped in their tracks.

    Street vendors are no where as powerful or resourceful as organised corporate level administrators, oh I may have just lost some of the joker’s reading, but my message is simple, I did not come out of my mother this size and my lawyer loves reading blogs on Bernews and made sure I was not going to say anything liable. So again stop most of the madness at the top and we wont see as much fall out at the bottom, Selah means meditate on this

    • Meredith says:

      I’m with you. If the police had the support they would have a grip on crime. But seems they can only investigate what they are allowed to. What the heads at be tell them to investigate it’s not going to be white collar crime people die over that stuff because of corruption all over the world until those offenders are removed i.e locked up

  3. Gary Reeves says:

    Is some one taking a penalty ?

  4. NO MORE WAR says:

    I would hope so

  5. Common Sense says:

    I fully agree with “Dread” that this Government without doubt strongly supports the Police, and so did the former PLP Government, particularly when The Hon Wayne Perinchief and the Hon Senator Jonathan Smith, both very experienced former senior police officers were the Minister and Junior Minister of National Security.

    If we are to make progress we have to get away from blaming one political party or the other for our crime rate, and demand that all of our elected politicians give their 100% support to the Bermuda Police Service no matter which Party they serve.

  6. Forgotten says:

    What about the prison dept???…. they keep thugs off the street also.

    • frank says:

      ship the prisoners to another island prison
      then they would not want to ever go back to any prison
      at $80,000 plus that the government spends on them it is more then we spend on our senior citizens

  7. Raymond Ray says:

    Following are two reasons why “they” don’t transfer Bermudas prisoners:
    1)It costs the same to house 400 prisoners in Bda as it does 300, so sending some overseas saves no money as you still have your fixed costs, educational and security requirements. The only way you can save money at Corrections is to close a facility.
    2)You will have to pay to have them overseas, an added expense.
    At the current time we are only about 60 percent of capacity.
    Now, whether that is true in reference to it costing the same to house x amount to x amount or it be necessary to include,(by Law)the frills is all questionable and I personally, just don’t agree :-(

  8. Ace girl says:

    And who would want Bermuda’s prisoners? One moment there is a cry for independence and the next moment we need some other island to take our criminals. Bermuda needs to enforce the rules and regs. In the prison system. It is no one else’s issue. Prison officers are doing their best but the system is in serious need of an overhaul, starting with up to date security and screening techniques. The Premier and his Cabinet are doing their very best but there is a myriad of problems in every area of government needing immediate attention.

    • We belong to England we don’t get much help from them it is HM prisons maybe we can close ours here and send all to England. England is our big leader

  9. Cookie Monster says:

    One way we could support the police would be to stop kicking the on the spot breath test can down the road! For decades we have being waiting for it , will we ever get a government with the b@lls to put this much needed law in place?

  10. Meredith says:

    I’m with you. If the police had the support they would have a grip on crime. But seems they can only investigate what they are allowed to. What the heads at be tell them to investigate it’s not going to be white collar crime people die over that stuff because of corruption all over the world until those offenders are removed i.e locked up
    Nothing will change.