Video: Young Chef Cooks Jack-O-Lantuignon

December 7, 2014

Young chef Judah Smith-Steede, the son of Bermudian Kara Smith, has followed up on his Junior MasterChef appearance on UK television with a presentation of his own, with a YouTube video showing off his unique cooking creation, a cross-over between Beef Bourguignon and a pumpkin.

The video’s description said, “What do you get when you mix Beef Bourguignon and a pumpkin? A Jack-o-Lantuignon. In this video I put my spin on this classic French mashed-up with fun of Halloween.”

7-Judah Smith–Steede  Masterchef UK 2014 (7)

The young man recently appeared on an episode of the show Junior MasterChef on November 14, as he began competing against against 23 other young kitchen masters in a bid to become this year’s champion.

Judah’s official website says, “Hello, my name is Judah and I live in London. I love to cook and I will probably be a world class chef when I grow up. But in the meantime I’m just a kid. Join me as I discover and explore new foods, recipes and cooking techniques.”

To follow Judah Smith-Steede’s adventures in cooking, you can visit his website or follow him on Twitter.


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  1. Karla says:

    Well done Judah…proud of you. Keep up the good work!