CableVision Look Forward To Added Competition

January 19, 2015

Following the news that Digicel intends to acquire BTC, Bermuda CableVision CEO Terry Roberson said that “Bermuda CableVision looks forward to additional competition in the market, which challenges us to perform at our optimum.”

Last week Digicel confirmed they have “finalised an agreement whereby Digicel intends to acquire BTC,” saying they believe that “BTC’s fixed voice and internet services will complement Digicel’s mobile offerings allowing Digicel to bring better services and value to consumers.”

The deal will mark the second time within a year that BTC has changed hands, with KeyTech having sold 100% of its interest in BTC to Barrie OpCo Limited for $30 million last year, with the deal involving $25 million in cash and $5 million in deferred debt.

The financial terms of the proposed deal for Digicel to acquire BTC, which is subject to regulatory approvals, have not been disclosed.

In response to the Digicel/BTC deal, Mr Roberson said: “Bermuda CableVision looks forward to additional competition in the market, which challenges us to perform at our optimum.

“Bermuda residents and businesses are savvy users of technology and want to be at the cutting edge of entertainment, while having access to fast internet speeds.

“CableVision is poised to take advantage of expanded bandwidth in 2015 and to roll-out new services in the Bermuda market, while adding to its cable offering, which continues to be popular and appeal to a wide-variety of personal tastes,” added Mr. Roberson.

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    With the introduction of WOW there was no change to their rates or services in TV and with the changes in internet service providers there was no change in rates or services for their internet , so of course they welcome the competition .. lol

  2. Crackatack says:

    hahahaha. yeah right!

  3. Onion says:

    Which are the Bermudian owned companies so we can send our business there?

    • Just One says:

      As long as we consume non-Bermudian TV and movies the money will always end up overseas, in one way or another, but I agree we should keep as much of that money as possible, on-island.

  4. Frank says:

    You can start improving your quality of service Cablevision but stopping the blocking of VPN services otherwise you will find that you will lose more market share to the other internet providers!

  5. YesSa says:

    Could Cablevision in the short term address such issues as:
    - the volume issues from one channel to another. Its ridiculous that one has to adjust the volume for certain channels (BBC, Channel 12, etc.)
    - Fix the format used on Fox. It is annoying that one can see the score of the football game because its located on the far right of the screen. This is not the case on W0W.

    These are just 2 of many annoying things that I feel that for the price we pay for cable, it should be rectified in the short term.

  6. Sky Pilot says:

    hmmm,truth hurts init!

  7. ImJustSayin says:

    Cable Vision need not worry. Digicel can’t even provide constant signal if any signal,at all to their subscribers. If anything BTC service I fear may not improve. Imjustsayin.