MP: Let’s Use Facebook To Find These Thieves

January 16, 2015

Following the theft of power equipment from their facilities, Sousa’s Landscape Management owner Jeff Sousa — who is the MP for Warwick West — posted a message on Facebook today [Jan 16] asking people to “use the power of Facebook for something positive and find these thieves.”

Mr. Sousa’s post said, “Last night we had stolen several pieces of STIHL Power Equipment from one of our facilities. As pictured below it was a pole saw, two weed trimmers and a knapsack blower stolen.

“These pieces of equipment will be either sold for drugs or used by some wannabe landscaper that doesn’t want to work hard to purchase their own machines but steal them instead.

“Family let’s use the power of Facebook for something positive and find these thieves so they can be prosecuted,” added Mr. Sousa who also asked people to share the post, noting that “next time it could be your house or business”.

Mr. Sousa can be contacted via Facebook, or via email, and anyone with any knowledge of this incident can also contact the police on 295-0011.

The three photos Mr Sousa posted are below:

1-Graphic-all in a row final

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  1. Sky Pilot says:

    Good idea Jeff!

    Offer a Reward for the return of said equipment or info leading to capture of these scumbags.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Use the old method, get in contact with someone in the underworld , offer them a reward they cant refuse and wahlah.

      • Creamy says:

        So it looks like kunta is not the only word you can’t spell.

  2. Terry says:

    I live a few miles from a Stihl factory.
    This stuff is the best in the world and it ain’t cheap.

    Hope they catch the buggers.

  3. D says:

    Would help if u put sousa’s on the tools

    • Arthur-Atlanta says:

      Good idea if you can find something that is permanent.
      Stick on letters like used on signs and vehicles etc. would just be peeled off by the thieves. Painted on name would work if the person
      doing it is skilled with painting or stenciling.Not many people would buy something new with crooked lettering or a semi painted mess of a name on it.
      The ideal anti-theft idea would be an engraved name like the police did in the pass with an engraver tool. Not sure if that last suggestion would void the manufacture’s warrenty in any way.
      And even an engraving could be bypassed by a thief but I won’t say how on here to give them the method.

    • Terry says:

      “Would help if u” left other peoples property the F)(& alone.

      • Danny says:

        Yes Terry, I couldn’t agree more. The voice of reason. I bet a whole host of folks throughout Asia, Africa and The Americas echoed those same words to the British :)

  4. gorgam says:

    D if they are brand new tools….that is like Gorhams putting Gorhams on the DeWalt tools they sell……. Sousas doesn’t just landscape, they sell these tools as well.

  5. Mr.Ed says:

    Well how do you think the Police have using all this time!
    I know for sure the SAS, FBI, MASAD, our own CID,and the CIA use face book to gather much needed information
    about specific people or any suspected theats worldwide.
    Jeff all you have to do is out up a Apple I Phone 6 as a REWARD on Facebook and all sorts of people will come out of
    the woodwork – even there friends.

    • TSOL says:

      I love the way you put the Bermuda Police CID in the same league as the FBI, CIA, SAS, etc.

  6. boogiedownproductions says:

    I find this very amusing that all of a sudden you need help cause someone stole from you. There have been many break and enterings and you have never asked this to be done so why now.
    With all the available security equipment available to you its sad that a business man of your caliber doesnt have protection.
    To think you’re asking people that you have little regard for to help you you have to be kidding.

    • Awake says:

      Boogiedownproduction, how would you know what kind of protection Sousa has? Are you truly that thick…that you find it amusing that someone steals from someone else? If anything is amusing, it’s your last sentence. What the devil are you talking about? You’re one crazy, mixed up human being. The man is asking for the public’s assistance! Are you saying Sousa has no regard for humans? You obviously don’t know him or his family AT ALL!

    • Jeff Sousa JP,MP says:

      I find it very amusing that people make statements like you have. I posted the fact that STIHL Power equipment was stolen from one of our facilities on my personal Facebook site and from that various news organizations ran with the story. We do have proper security in place but can not stop everyone particular those that have a desire to do wrong.
      Your last sentence that I have little regard for our people is so untrue. You obviously do not know me personally but wish to try to score some political points under the disguise of some strange name.

      • Ella says:

        Jeff, I think the reason that boogiedownproductions was so rude and unfair and so obviously hateful, is because they are jealous that your plight has been reported broadly whilst other thefts/plights are not. You got more exposure than say, someone not in as responsible a position as yourself. I hope you get the person(s) responsible and they receive such a penalty that they never repeat their misguided, deceitful and dishonest behavior.
        I think your use of Facebook is quite appropriate here.

        • Redman says:


          I disagree. I think Boogie… is just a sad, pathetic and bitter person who is clearly smaller than their own little mind.
          Pathetic really.

  7. gorgam says:

    Boogie, who cares about anything until they are the victim of a crime? That’s true with everyone! It must be nice for you to have never been a victim of a crime… You must be living the good life

  8. Stealing…….is a way of life in overseas..begging is as well……though you might look at camera footage from surrounding buisinesses….could it be that the grocerystore accross the streat might have something on that timeline?

  9. tom cooke says:

    My wife and I had 25K worth of her jewelry taken while I left my bedroom window open after the storms… had no additional security. … I know by the time we found out about it missing it had been melted …did not want to put on FB… went to BP. ..but was not holding my breath. .. A man’s tools are different. .it’s how his men make a living and how Jeff pays his men.

  10. Charlly X says:

    Yup theft aink nice !! No matter when and who does it !! What goes around comes around ! Just ask Robin Hood !!