2014 Dog Shows Rescheduled For April 2015

March 7, 2015

The Bermuda Kennel Club has announced that its Bermuda Dog Shows, originally planned for October of last year, have been rescheduled for April 18 and 19, 2015.

The event, canceled due to Hurricane Gonzalo, will take place at Somersfield Academy at 107 Middle Road in Devonshire.

The proceedings will include four International All Breed Championship Dog Shows, with the first two shows to run on the first day and shows three and four to take place on the event’s second day.

The shows welcome dogs, handlers, and owners from Canada and the United States to compete with their Bermuda counterparts.

The 2013 Kennel Club Dog Show:

A spokesperson said, “These dates were selected in December 2014 to accommodate the same judging panel. Entry fees paid for the October 2014 Shows will be honoured for these shows. The Show Committee are in the process of managing the fees.

“Ringcraft [Handling] Classes will be held on March 15, 22, 29, and April 5 from 2.00pm through 3.15pm at Somersfield Academy. Sign-up this Saturday, March 7 from 12 noon to 4.00pm at Somersfield Academy.

“Exhibitors may also submit Dog Show Entry Forms and be assisted with any questions they may have.

“These Breed Shows have been nominated as qualifiers for Crufts 2016. The qualifying dogs, from each of the four shows, will be the winners of the following classes: All Group Winners, Best Puppy in Show and Best Veteran in Show.”

For more information, email Show Chairman Carole Havercroft at carole@adworks.bm or visit the show website.

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  1. C James says:

    Oh no not the dog show? Whatever will we do without the dog show? Another unemployed sanitary engineer.

  2. What's that? says:

    Not sure how to take you comment… however, had the Govt been more involved perhaps we could still have dog shows like we had in the past. By we I mean Bermuda. It used to be a big deal to dog show people to get their A,B,Cs…. American, Canadian, and Bermudian Championships on their dogs. It also used to be a 4 day event that saw nearly 500 dogs entered, bringing with them their handlers and owners in many cases. So twice a year the economy saw a bit of a boost as all of those people spent money on hotel, food, transport etc. Had more been done perhaps we wouldnt be down to the under 100 dogs entered, most of which these days are local who dont bring any extra currency to the table. Just saying….