8 People Injured: East Broadway Bus Collision

March 11, 2015

[Updated with video] A collision occurred just before noon today [Mar 11] involving a bus crashing into parked cars on Front Street, just outside of Great Things. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 1.12pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 11:40am on Wednesday, March 11th first responders attended a reported collision on Crow Lane in the City of Hamilton outside of Great Things involving a bus.

“Apparently five passengers on the bus were injured; however their injuries are not considered to be serious. An update on those injured will be given as soon as more details are available.

“It appears that the bus and at least three parked vehicles were damaged, as well as a utility pole. Traffic has been diverted in the area until further notice.

“Inquiries into this incident are ongoing and any witnesses should contact Constable Mervin Homer on the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

Update 1.24pm: A BELCO spokesperson said, “Today’s accident on East Broadway damaged a utility pole and associated overhead and underground lines, resulting in approximately 40 customers without power at this hour.

“Switching is going on to restore power to as many customers as possible, while work continues to replace the damaged equipment.Work on full repair and restoration is expected to continue into this evening. We will provide updates as the work progresses.”

Update 1.37pm: BELCO Operations Centre advised that customers without power due to the East Broadway accident will be without power until repair work continues, and said they will provide updates as work progresses.

Update 4.20pm: A police spokesperson said, “Reports from the hospital indicate that after this morning’s bus collision a total of eight persons arrived at the Emergency Room for treatment including two visitors to Bermuda and a small number of children, taken for medical assessment by their parents. However, all have minor injuries. None of the eight individuals that attended required admission.

“Traffic diversions in the area of this incident continue, as efforts are made to remove the bus from the scene by crane this afternoon.

As a result, motorists should be aware of the following:

  • It is recommended that all vehicles avoid traveling along Front Street until further notice.
  • One way traffic flow only will be allowed out of the city along Front Street/Crow Lane until Great Things.
  • There will be no traffic allowed along Crow Lane into the city until further notice.
  • Traffic traveling along Cavendish Road out of the city will be diverted down Corkscrew Hill.
  • There will be no traffic allowed along Spurling Hill until further notice.

The patience and cooperation of the motoring public is appreciated. A further update will be given when normal traffic flow can resume in the area.”

Update 4.34pm: BELCO said only 4 customers are awaiting restoration of power, and work to install a new pole and related equipment is progressing.

Update 5.32pm: Richard Jennings, who assisted right after the collision, has described the scene saying saying he heard people screaming from the bus that there were kids on board. The full story can be read here.

Update 8.18pm: BELCO said, “As of 8:09pm, all repairs are complete, circuits reenergized and power restored to all customers. We thank customers for their patience today as emergency work was underway.”






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  1. Glenda says:

    OMGOSH ! Pray there were no injuries !!

    • There says:

      Injuries appeared minor. One older woman taken to hospital. Several people shaken up. Person on the sidewalk OK. Cars were unoccupied. No other vehicles involved. Bus operator clearly shaken, remained on the bus and was walking about inside. Civilians helped people out the windows. Only one window could be forced open wide enough to get people out.

      • Transparency & Shared Scarifice says:

        My prayers are with all, and that everyone is doing okay. Hang in there.

    • filobedo21 says:

      Why don’t you read the story before commenting. Some injuries but not serious!

      • BI says:

        The original article contained no info on injuries.

      • Come Correct says:

        Because they were the first comment before any injuries were reported smart ass.

  2. Heedy says:

    Oh man,praying no-one injured

  3. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    I hope those were empty parked cars.
    Either way, hope no major injuries.

  4. sebring says:

    hope no one was on the side walk. stop buying Man buses !!!!!! try Volvo, Daimler, worst case scania!

    • Bermy says:

      The buses are not built by M.A.N they just have M.A.N engines. Hope everyone ok

    • filobedo21 says:

      Can’t people at least wait until the cause is found; driver error or no driver error. Geese!

  5. Jonny rocket says:

    wow, hope all escaped injury

  6. Just a matter of time says:

    That is so crazy! Indeed I’m praying the parked cars were empty and no injuries to the bus driver or any passengers onboard.

  7. Just a matter of time says:

    Looks like the light pole was downed as well with loose wires around. This is terrible!!…

  8. Mr Concern says:

    There goes the Bus drivers overtime!

  9. Oh no says:

    Two bus accidents in the space of 24 hours. Everyone on Bermuda’s roads needs to slow down. If not for your own sake, for that of others.

    • ImJustSayin says:

      why everytime there’s an accident someone has to say “slow down” without knowing the facts.

    • Open-minded says:

      Perhaps people like yourself should give consideration to thinking outside of the box – speed is not a factor in all accidents; there are many possibilities, including mechanical failure. Lose the negativity that so many on this island exude and have compassion.

    • Annie says:

      Well, I pray that these buses were fit to be on the road and weren’t just hastily put on to compensate for the shortages. This is really serious-thank God no-one was killed.

  10. 100 % Real says:

    I work near the firestation and I heard the explosion . Power was out in a few places. So many sirens. I hope no one was injured

  11. Raymond Ray says:

    I also pray there weren’t any serious injuries :-( But how was this possible? Here we see that the bus, (yes another one) is at the tail end of this “major accident”. Isn’t this a parking lane, and if so, why was the bus there?

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    Almost door to door service to Great Things.

    Can’t wait to hear the explanation of this one. Sure hope it is equipment failure & not driver error.

    • Chee kums looks and says:

      you always say stupid things here take this dislike

      • iabingi says:

        Everyone has a right to express their opinion.

  13. damn.... says:

    How can these bus drives expect double Pay on overtime when they cant even drive? PHHsssss Worthless

  14. Just a matter of time says:

    Yes something seriously happened for the bus to end up in the parking lane like that. Brake failure? We will have to wait and see but I do not recall an accident like this involving a bus to ever happen in my memory. Again, praying there are no injuries…

    • Annie says:

      There are going to be a lot of questions asked about this. The public whines about drivers being out sick-well, some of them genuinely have serious health issues and shouldn’t be on the roads until they are truly fit to be. There’s going to be a lot of scrutiny over this because each possible scenario at this point is bad. If this was the U.S. the ambulance chaser lawyers would be lined up because they’d be seeing some serious $$$ signs. That’s all I can say.

  15. Really? says:

    Hope everyone escaped injury.
    This takes the total count of buses out of operation to what, 71?

  16. Turtle says:

    Why the bus went on to the sidewalk??? The cars were parking there !!!!! No blocking visibility either….just wonder

  17. Waiting says:

    Gosh……….first the overtime overun now the public vehicles getting run over…….i would suggest an investigation into two accidents within 24 hrs by not only the police but the Occupational Safety & Health department of Government. Pz

  18. Mr Stevens says:

    Apparently it was carrying nursery school children, thank God no injuries. But I don’t see how that accident could happen without major fault of the driver or extreme mechanical failure. Let’s hope the bus driver doesn’t refuse a drug test…

  19. Parallelogram Proctologist says:

    It’s a protest against cutting overtime. Two accidents so far. When will the government pay? Only after all the busses have been destroyed I’m sure.

    • Grow up please says:

      Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? You are advocating for bus drivers transporting innocent passengers to protest by destroying buses and endangering the public? This country is in a bad place if there are more people out there like you.

      The unfortunate thing about the internet is it gives everyone a voice. Even ones who say the most ignorant things.

    • Mockingjay says:

      You’re an *** hole.
      Peoples lives were in DANGER and all you can come up with is this Bull****

      • Ed Case says:

        Mockingay: Must be a change not being the biggest *-hole on the blog.

    • Annie says:

      So you think the driver would risk her life and the lives of the kids on board in protest? Are you for real?

      From what preliminary indications point to, the PLP is going to have a field day with this.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      If you really were a proctologist you should do a self exam, I think your head might be stuck up there!

  20. Hamilton Commuter says:

    I hope the bus driver is ok, some of these buses do not appear to be equiped with seat belts and the drivers don’t often wear them.

  21. X says:

    I hope no one is injured. The buses drive too fast here, swooped round corners and along the narrow roads. They expect everyone to jump out of their way the second they indicate that they are pulling out of a bus stop, instead of waiting to see if it is clear to move.
    Also hope he wasn’t texting or on his mobile phone, which I have seen …

    • ella says:

      obviously you was not there – it was a she :-0

    • Small Point says:

      Just a small point when a bus has it indicator on and is coming out of a bus stop they have right of way. Traffic needs to stop for them since it is a law.

      • Micro says:

        Pedestrians have the right of way on cross-walks too, but its always smart to wait for approaching traffic to stop before you cross.

        • Small Point says:

          which then another example of the driving public disregarding the basic laws.

          • Carlton Smith says:

            Small point, no they don’t.

            They must wait until clear and safe to do so like everyone else.

            The give way sign only applies at the bus terminal.

            • PBanks says:

              To my knowledge (and at the risk of continuing on this tangent), it’s still an offense to not stop at a pedestrian crossing when a person is waiting to cross. Either way, drivers should show awareness and pedestrians should show common sense (and patience).

              • real world says:

                Yes – but pedestrians need to stop, look both ways, and then cross when it is safe to do so. Pedestrians do not have the right to just walk into the street with oncoming cars approaching. Cars require time and space to be able to stop, and nothing can over-ride the basic physics involved.

                • Creamy says:

                  According to the Road Traffic Act vehicles must approach zebra crossings with the ability to stop if a pedestrian steps on the crossing. There is no requirement that the pedestrian gives warning. The pedestrian has right of way.

                  • Raw Onion says:

                    Wrong, the pedestrian is to stop before stepping onto the road and wait for the traffic to stop. And yes, the traffic has to stop.

                    • Creamy says:

                      Not according to the Road Traffic Act, s27.3-5. A vehicle must approach the crossing at a speed that the vehicle can be stopped before reaching the crossing. The RTA places no responsibility on the pedestrian to wait or to give warning. Of course, in practical terms a pedestrian should always be cautious, but the RTA places a lot of responsibility on the driver (rightly).

                    • Creamy says:

                      I should clarify I’m just talking about zebra crossings. This doesn’t apply when crossing the road anywhere else. Maybe that’s why we’re not quite on the same page?

            • Come Correct says:

              So why is there a give way sign on the back right side of every bus? Because when they indicate to leave a bus stop you are supposed to give way since they are on a schedule.

            • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

              Agree Carlton Smith, one more point,,, how long was it going to be before one of those parked cars got rear ended. Parking there is simply dangerous and unfortunately this was just a matter of time. IMOP.

            • Anbu says:

              No it doesnt every bus has a give way sign painted on it. When a bus is indicating to pull out THEY have the right of way. No way to police it tho so almost nobody does. Basically a bus is a moving traffic sign. Just like when u have to stop dead in ur tracks when a school bus overseas either puts on its hazards or folds out the stop sign. It is law just nobody follows it

              • Raw Onion says:

                Wrong…..the sticker on the rear of the bus is not the law. Sorry, the bus has to use caution entering the road like anyone else. It cannot force its way out nor does anyone have to stop to let the bus out.

                • Lone Wolf says:

                  Raw Onion is right. There is no such thing as a ‘moving’ traffic sign. It is not a law that one has to stop or ‘give way’ to a bus here in Bermuda. The bus driver needs to look and wait just like anyone else. However, not too many others follow the rules of the road either so just pulling out without a care is pretty much the norm for any vehicle on our roads.

                  Personally I think the bus drivers do a pretty good job on a daily basis. Bus collisions are rare and that is surprising considering the way everyone drives here.

                  Before we pass judgment maybe we should find out what really happened to cause this incident first? It could have been anything.

                  • bob13 says:

                    From the RTA: “Always give way to a bus at a bus stop if the driver has signalled his intention to pull out from the bus stop.”
                    Apology accepted.

      • Herb says:

        Actually its not the law at all, its just a curtosy sign for other drivers to let the buses out of the laybies

        • bob13 says:

          From the RTA: “Always give way to a bus at a bus stop if the driver has signalled his intention to pull out from the bus stop.”

      • watcher55 says:

        Wrong, I think you’ll find its not law but road manors which is used by the drivers of the busses who think might is right and force their way into traffic in all situations,

  22. ffe says:

    dont know why 3 hours later and all roads are blocked like it is armageddon, pure chaos everywhere!

    • PBanks says:

      Perhaps to ensure there aren’t any live wires anywhere that could cause further injury?

  23. HANDBRAKE says:

    ALL of the bus drivers need to SLOW DOWN when they are driving on our roads.

    I rode the bus the other day and I was shocked how the operator drove it…..



    • James says:

      Not every single bus operator speeds some of them do the speed limit, some under and then there are those that shouldn’t even be driving a bus because of their speed. When you generalize like that you include everyone. I think your comment should be some of the bus drivers slow need to slow down.

      • cha says:

        The union wants to be treated as one; so they can be generalized as one. More often than not when I see a bus it is traveling far too fast.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          By the way, aren’t all the bus operator suppose to display their name tag over the top of front windshield? This way the passenger/s who’ve witnessed a driver speeding / or dangerously can report the incident, their name and time of said event that had made them feel insecure, and simultaneously, extremely uncomfortable.

        • James says:

          Not all of them are apart of the union. People on this island never has their facts straight before they “shoot off at the mouth”. So again I say not all of them. Just because you think you know doesn’t mean that you do know.

    • Tuned in says:

      I am getting really sick and tired of people saying bus drivers need to slow down! You must really think that there are no other vehicles on Bermuda’s roads. You small minded people lack the compassion inthe case of this latest accident.

    • Carlton Smith says:

      Oh yeah? How fast exactly were they going? What does 40k.p.h. in a bus “look” like?

      How long have you been driving the bus?

  24. Islander says:

    He might be a she.

  25. It's time to privatize says:

    A strong consideration for privatization should be started before its to late. The country is in trouble and decision “strong decisions” need to be made. The next time this can happen could be at rush hour.

  26. Artsy Onion says:

    Oh dear, I pray no one was seriously injured. This severe accident could have been caused from a number of things, i.e. driver could have had a medical problem to someone tampering with breaks, steering, etc. and least the driver pulled onto the left side with no oncoming traffic as it could have been far worse. Prayers that everyone involved in the accident is Ok.

  27. D says:

    new car paid by Gov.

    • swing voter says:

      New car paid for by the taxpayer!

      • D says:

        oh ok….help the person out im sure u wont mind the help from the taxpayers…

  28. Realize & Legalize says:

    Considering the impact on the back of that car, speed had to have been a factor…

    Must have been traumatizing but wishing the passengers a full recovery

  29. Hey says:

    Hope no one was in that car. Sheesh

  30. Truth is killin' me... says:


    • Carlton Smith says:

      Find something else to do for attention. Your random rant is quite useless here.

  31. Terry says:

    Glad there were no serious injuries.
    The investigation will determine what happened.

    That bus is not going to make it to Barnes Corner today.

  32. Truth is killin' me... says:

    “It should be standard operating procedure that any bus driver involved in an accident such as this should be tested for alcohol and or drugs. Especially if passengers were on board at the time. This should even be placed in the collective bargaining agreement!”

    • Herb says:

      that is the case indeed, from what i know of the agreements

    • hmmm says:

      The union should demand that it is inclded as a requirement for the publics safety and the reputation of the drivers!!!!!

  33. Micro says:

    Driver error I sure hope extensive retraining is done. Doesn’t seem like medical emergency since driver was walking around.

    Hope drug/blood tests were taking soon after, should be mandatory for all public servants involved in accidents.

    Mechanical failure then the mechanic that okayed that bus for service needs disciplinary action taken against them.

    And don’t most buses have a large pop out emergency escape window on the driver’s side? You can see it clearly in the last photo.

    • Annie says:

      The word is that the steering went-those buses seem to be deathtraps with the amount of problems they have…and Gov’t will put them on the road to keep the public quiet. Heads should roll if this was a bus that was out of commission and then hastily put back on the road.

      • serengeti says:

        “the steering went”.

        yeah right.

        • PBanks says:

          With the recent reports of buses breaking down for various reasons, wouldn’t be surprised if it did turn out to be an issue with the vehicle itself.

          • Creamy says:

            And I have seen bus drivers driving with one hand, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what caused this accident.
            You see why speculation makes no sense?

            • PBanks says:

              You should probably offer that statement to those who are adamant that it was driver error, not someone who’s actually open to the idea that it could be something else at play here.

      • JohnBoy says:

        The steering went where? Where did it go??

        • Boss-Mon says:

          it went into the side walk – then into a utility pole – then into 3 parked cars.

      • hmmm says:

        Don’t believe that for a minute.

  34. MB says:

    maybe driver was tired from working overtime

    • Carlton Smith says:

      Maybe they had the flu and came to work sick so people like you don’t trash talk them .

      • Micro says:

        Legitimate sick leave != abusing sick leave. There’s a huge difference.

  35. seascape says:

    Whatever the reason why this accident happened, the public should be told the reason whether mechanical or other reason. I hope everyone is ok. It could have been quite tragic. Thank God it was not.

  36. Just a matter of time says:

    I just came back on this site to read the updated comments which are simply mind blowing and astonishing. We don’t know the full details yet as to what actually happened with this terrible accident but already the bus driver is being blamed, the union, PTB, civil servants, Govt etc. Instead of giving the benefit of the doubt since this type of accident is indeed a first in recent memory, we read the viciousness in the comments regarding the prejudgments, distasteful innuendos and politicization of this very serious matter. I mean one post suggested this was done on purpose to protest about the cut in overtime? Really? Some here are truly truly lost. These are our people, friends or relatives involved who were hurt. Thank God it wasn’t any worse. Can’t we put down the zealousness, hate and politics for once and come together to show compassion? We don’t know the full story yet and this bus driver could be a hero for taking the path taken! I mean there’s a gas station next door for goodness sakes this could have ended up a lot worse. We just don’t know yet. Man, we are so divided as a people. The hate is truly vicious. So sad.

  37. Jus' sayin' says:

    I just want to know where BARNES CONERS is?

  38. Truth is killin' me... says:

    TAXI! Damn it…taxi just hit a bus as well!!!(Joke)

  39. hmm says:

    That last pic though, Barnes Coners?…..must have hit so hard the letters even jumped

    • PBanks says:

      Some of those have been misspelled for years now and it was probably quite low on the priority list to rectify.

  40. shoot says:

    there goes the rest of the transport budget for the year. Sorry drivers, looks like your double time is even more of a fantasy.

    hope this driver was one of the few who keep a few sick days for when they are actually unable to drive.

  41. Rock watcher says:

    Perhaps instead of assuming it was the drivers fault perhaps we should be thanking them for their quick action if the steering was at fault, with the amount of traffic on East Broadway at all times this could have been so much worse, iam happy all are going to be ok, let’s not assume or judge cause we just don’t know…

  42. ffe says:

    why do all roads have to be blocked for half a whole day when the frickin bus is NOT EVEN IN THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do you have any clue how much you messed up peoples days and made them late to work and important stuff!?!?!??!?!?!!?


    • Aquafina says:

      You sound so ******ed. Utility poles had to be replaced. Belco workers doing that need a safe environment to work in.

  43. Straight up real truth yo says:

    That bus is a perfect illustration of what the PLP did to our island.

  44. george says:

    but do bus drivers have the right to pull out of laybyes without indicating?
    i’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve see a bus driver pull into traffic (without warning or indication) and cut people off. that’s just unsafe and puts the public at risk.

  45. Skink says:

    That Heron made “The Great Escape!!!”…….stop Texting and Driving People….. SMH :( #focuseddriving

  46. John says:

    Wow! Just imagine if a child or a dog was in the back of that jeeps trunk? They would have been dead!! I bet those kids on that bus suffered trauma.. Also now what happens to the car owner! They have no trans.. Is govt going to pay for a taxi so they can get to work everyday until they get a new car?

  47. Edward says:

    We start with the bus ,it should be put in in a secure area and inspectors from the manufacture brought in to go over the bus from a mechanicial view point and a report submitted, ( with Mr Furberts approval ). Then the bus operator s report on what happened, then passengers and eye witness. From my expences traveling on the bus most of the drivers drive with one hand on the wheel and the other on top of the cash drop box, I recall the highway code states two hands on the wheel at 10 to 2 ( clock face).

    • TonyC says:

      I’m sure the manufacturer would never get a work permit.

  48. Commuters says:

    Do you have any updates on whether the road will be open or closed for the evening commute?

  49. Doc says:

    I hope everyone is OK. Great Things its time to do your roof!

  50. Family Man says:

    I’m guessing from the lack of skid marks she didn’t even realize those cars were PARKED there until she hit them.

  51. TonyC says:

    Could have been someone overtaking coming into town and the bus had to avoid them? Not exactly an outlandish theory, you have to admit.

  52. My opinion says:

    now ya done backed the traffic up! now thats irritating!

  53. Show me the money says:

    This was an accident waiting to happen on this road. This is the busiest road in the whole of Bermuda the parking lane on this section of road should be taken out and the driven lanes widen. If anyone has parked on this lane they would know how dangerous it is to try and get out of their car with traffic whizzing by. While I do not blame Great things for this accident, they should take the initiative and move their entrance to the parking lot they have for the safety of their patrons. Bermudians will always park the closest to the door (I plead guilty) and this would remove this from potentially happening again. They might find that more people will come in for business when they can park safely.
    Hope everyone is safe and that fault to this was not of someone’s doing through negligent behavior.

  54. Barnes Coners says:

    Where is “8- Barnes Coners”?? Impaired speller?

    Have to EVER seen a bus driver with two hands on the wheel? Undue care and attention? Yes – and they are proud of it.

  55. Kiskadee says:

    Bus drivers need to slow down on these narrow roads . I have seen many drive with only one hand and carry on lengthy conversations with friends at the front of the bus. They also talk on the phone while driving . It might be an idea to do random tests for drugs .

  56. Popps says:

    Lets wait and see if there is another bus accident tomorrow

  57. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Three days in a row…highly unlikely…but probable.

  58. Coffee says:

    Consider ! Maybe accidents such as this happens as a result of when the private sector puts public workers under undue stress . Everyday all they hear for their service is , lazy this , don’t deserve that ,shouldn’t be making money , shouldn’t have a job , stupid B.I.U , ignorant unionized people . I’m sure that all of the above mentioned negativity has , and will take its toll on good hard working people , people who are essentially the working poor in this unforgiving bloody country , where damn if you do , damned if you don’t .

    In addition to the everyday stressors that most working class people have , they are faced with on a daily basis , the constant barrage of bull**** from stupid people who berate them and let them know clearly how worthless they are because they are civil servants and worse then that , they are now defined collectively as an insatiable BEAST .

    Bermudians and our guest Bermudians who express such hostil views must step back and now consider every consequence of their vicious words , thought and deeds towards others not like them and who most likely don’t look like them …. Every word, thought , and deed has unintentional consequences .

    • Hmmm says:

      Get a grip. Your saying she crashed because of peoples opinions. Leave the PLP and join the real world!!!

    • Starting Point says:

      I hear the ferry pilot was so consumed with the public thinking he was useless that it drove him to drink at 8 in the morning and drive his boat into a dock…..

      CSPS – Civil Service Public Perception Syndrome is sweeping Bermuda!

  59. Kim W. says:

    Thank God there were no serious injuries & no one had to be admitted to the hospital. Provided there would of been a bed available since no one wants to take their elder parents home to live, and government wont help out poor families. Just saying.