Worker Injured After Falling From 2 Storey Level

May 19, 2015

At approximately 1:48 pm today [May 19] the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service [BFRS] responded to a report of an industrial accident at the Pink Beach construction site, with a worker having fallen from a 2 storey level.

Fire Service spokesperson Sergeant Jamal Albuoy said, “BRFS responded to the incident with our central appliance with 4 personnel. On our arrival, it was found that a male worker had fallen from a 2 storey level and was complaining of hip pain.

“However, he was conscious and breathing normal at the time. He was immediately assessed and treated on scene by our EMTs and hospital personnel. The patient has been transported to hospital via ambulance for further medical attention.

“The severity of his injuries cannot be confirmed at this time. The incident is currently under investigation.”

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  1. Terry says:

    No comments on a fellow Bermudian but 10,000 on all the other news.

    Bermuda Lizards are another world.

  2. High road says:

    Hope he is ok

  3. Emt says:

    Hope he is ok…..this is the second fall from heights on a work site in two weeks. Falls from heights are the leading cause of death and injury in the construction industry in the world, we are so lucky here. Wonder when Govt safety dept will enforce the OSH Act of 1982..and Regulations of 2009. If they were we wouldn’t be discussing an injury today. Lets hope this will happen soon

  4. I agree Terry…”it’s wealth over health”

  5. Tom Cooke says:

    As a fellow construction worker…. I hope they inforce safty regulations as much as they did at the ACW… and you guys that were there …as much as a pain in ghe neck that it was will agree…SAFTY FIRST….
    and I hope the guy is ok… my thoughts are with his family. .get well soon mate…

  6. Esan says:

    That’s my dad! Thank you for the kind words. He has a shattered hip and a fractured knee, but he’s alert and conscious. Please keep him in your prayers!!


    • Safety1st says:


      Your dad’s livelihood is at stake. Please make sure that the developers an the construction firm have their safety materials and training specifically for fall protection documented. If they don’t, hire a lawyer. That’s the only way safety will be enforced. You will have a very good case.

  7. Austin Smith says:

    Until the construction industry realizes that lax safety enforcement will affect their bottom line they will not comply to the most basic of regulations. The horror stories will continue. Our govt. safety regulations are a joke. Body harnesses and lanyard anchors must be enforced, ladders must be secured and regulated…I can go on and on but you get the picture.

  8. Rene Clarke says:

    Unfortunately government doesn’t have Enforcement Officers “or do they?”.
    You get the point.
    Proactive intervention would help.
    Shutting down construction activities until compliance is assured would no doubt wake up a few construction bosses.