People’s Campaign: Airport/Aecon/CCC Emails

May 14, 2015

The People’s Campaign said they “would like to highlight the following inconsistencies and statements that have been made surrounding the airport development project and request that the Minister of Finance publicly respond to the questions raised in the hope that he will bring clarification to the people of Bermuda.”

“Minister Richards has stated that CCC brought Aecon to the project but the evidence clearly establishes that it is Aecon who brought the project to them,” the People’s Campaign said.

“Is the Minister of Finance not concerned that Aecon is driving a process that would ultimately result in this same said company receiving not only hundreds of millions of dollars of Government revenues but also operational control of the LF Wade International Airport for 35 years?”

The People’s Campaign statement quote the Minister as saying, in November 2014, “The CCC alternative, while protecting the principles of transparency and value for money, will also allow the sourcing of competitively selected vendors through the internationally acclaimed and trusted resources of the CCC.”

“This is the opposite of the view expressed by Wendy Dempsey [CCC] on November 13th three days after the press conference where she states, “This should be a lesson to stop using the word ‘transparency’ as CCC is not transparent in its contracting,” the People’s Campaign said.

Minster Richards has already said the idea they had “some sort of plot or collusion is ludicrous,”adding that ”it’s a unique model and we have proceeded to try to negotiate with the players, all above board, all according to the book.”

The Minister said he made a statement in Parliament, and “told the world that this was the intention of the government, to redevelop the airport on a private-public partnership basis,” adding that  ”so if Aecon contacted CCC, they are just being good business people. The point is that nobody in this Government contacted Aecon.”

“And we would have not talking to Aecon unless it was part of this CCC-based model which provided us with those guarantees, because we wouldn’t be making a deal with Aecon if we didn’t have those guarantees and if we had to borrow money to do it,” Minister Richards said.

The full statement from the People’s Campaign is below:

The People’s Campaign would like to highlight the following inconsistencies and statements that have been made surrounding the airport development project and request that the Minister of Finance publicly respond to the questions raised in the hope that he will bring clarification to the people of Bermuda.

Minister Richards has stated that CCC brought Aecon to the project but the evidence clearly establishes that it is Aecon who brought the project to them.

In an email from Susannah Denovan Fortler [CCC] to Luc Allary [CCC], Don Olsen [CCC] et al. on Friday, November 14th 2014 the following question was raised: “Can you confirm that Aecon brought us [CCC] this project? We just want to avoid the language that might give the impression we are out shopping for a Canadian supplier to do the work…” [doc.1665]

To which Don Olsen [CCC] responds: “Yes Aecon brought this project to CCC that was last winter and we first saw the Minister of Finance from Bermuda at the office of Aecon.” [doc. 1665]

This is further supported in an exchange between Don Olsen [CCC] and Wendy Dempsey [CCC] in which it is stated: “That is the project that I talked to you about 2 weeks ago when I went to Toronto to see the Minister of Finance from Bermuda he visited the Aecon and I was invited.” [doc. 0037]

In his defense, MP Richards stated in an interview with Bernews on May 13th, 2015: “I became aware of this model of financing and development towards the end of April from our financial adviser, and I thought that it could be useful to Bermuda because it will enable us to build a new airport, create a few hundred jobs.

The Minister of Finance has admitted that the Government’s financial advisor is CIBC.

Steve Nackan [Aecon] to Wendy Dempsey [CCC] stated: “We have a back channel of sorts with CIBC who is their advisor ….” [0183]

Is the Minister of Finance not concerned that Aecon is driving a process that would ultimately result in this same said company receiving not only hundreds of millions of dollars of Government revenues but also operational control of the LF Wade International Airport for 35 years?

In an interview with ZBM news on May 13th, 2015, Minister Richards said that he first learned that Aecon would be the developer at the meeting of June 4th 2014 when he alleges that they first met.

Is the Minister of Finance not concerned that Aecon was selected as the developer prior to CCC assessing the viability of the airport project?

What process did Minister Richards take to ensure that proper due diligence was carried out? The evidence supports that no due diligence was done and a paper trail was initiated by Aecon to legitimize the awarding of the concessions contract to Aecon?

On October 15th, 2014, Steve Nackan [Aecon] in a communication to Wendy Dempsey [CCC] states: “I am working on a “Capabilities” document that can serve as part of a paper trail on your selection of Aecon. A draft is attached.” [0985]

On October 17th, 2014, in an email from Wendy Dempsey [CCC] to Steve Nackan [Aecon] stated: “I attach a sample questionnaire for guidance on completion of a due diligence package that could be sent to Bermuda. I am not suggesting that each question needs to be responded to but merely that the ones that can help support the choice of Aecon such as the corporate entities and financial statements and safety policies and ethical practices policy etc. would be helpful.” [0993]

Is the Minister of Finance not concerned that due diligence questionnaires were not completed PRIOR to the confirmation that Aecon was selected as the developer?

Aecon intentionally came to Bermuda in an attempt to be perceived as CCC

In an interview on May 13th, 2015, Minister Richards attempts to justify the use of the word “cover”: “You don’t want to confuse the word “cover”, to think that it’s a front in a typical use of that word, because CCC are more than just providing cover; they’re more like providing cover in the insurance sense, because they are providing a guarantee to the Bermuda Government against overruns and against delays.”

However, in an email dated July 3rd, 2014 from Steve Nackan [Aecon] to Wendy Dempsey [CCC], and Don Olsen [CCC], Nackan states: “A bunch of us are going down to Bermuda Sunday-Tuesday to do some due diligence….I don’t think we need CCC presence for the visit. I do however feel it is important to maintain the CCC cover for this visit i.e. we are the CCC Team etc etc. So I would like to use the CCC logo or some variation of it when we send e.g. proposed agenda for the visit….” [docs 0095; 0037; 0105; 0108]

This was something that even CCC was uncomfortable with.

The documents also show, that Steve Nackan [CCC] was worried about being further exposed and the possibility of the team being shut down he states: “based on what I’ve been told, have to consider shutting down the team for now to avoid further exposure…” [0361]

We are spending a ton of $$daily on this. Going back to Bermuda with a message that we need to change an approach we tabled is going to be highly embarrassing, will erode trust and is risky.” [0361]

We need to try to work with what we have and massage it to meet your concerns…to work with whatever it is to keep things going on track.” [0361]

On February 27th, 2015 in House of Assembly, Minister Richards stated : “The point is this, that the Bermuda Government didn’t choose Aecon — CCC chose Aecon — not the Bermuda Government...” This statement is contradicted by the documents that have been presented.

Minister Richards speaking on the airport deal on February 27th, 2015

Does the Minister of Finance have any indication of who the beneficiaries are of the “ton of $$” that Steve Nackan stated was purportedly being spent on this project?

Was the Finance Minister clearly aware that he was meeting with Aecon in August 2014, and why was it necessary for Aecon to come to Bermuda for a meeting pretending to be CCC?

The Minister of Finance made statements to the public that were contrary to what the evidence supports.

The documents show that both CCC and Aecon expressed concerns that the Minister of Finance was misleading the public.

At the November 10th, 2014 press conference announcing the signing of the MOU, the Minister of Finance accompanied by Minister of Tourism and Transportation along with Luc Allary [CCC] and others. Minister Bob Richards stated that the model to be used, “demands total transparency adhering to international best practices.

On November 28th, 2014, the Minister of Finance, in response to questions posed in the House of Assembly by the Opposition Minister of Finance David Burt, stated that CCC will conduct its own due diligence and select a developer: “The CCC alternative, while protecting the principles of transparency and value for money, will also allow the sourcing of competitively selected vendors through the internationally acclaimed and trusted resources of the CCC.

This is the opposite of the view expressed by Wendy Dempsey [CCC] on November 13th three days after the press conference where she states, “This should be a lesson to stop using the word “transparency” as CCC is not transparent in its contracting.” [1648]

Is the Minister of Finance still holding to his public statements that CCC conducts business in a ‘Transparent’ manner?

Aecon and CCC played an active part in drafting and approving the minister’s press releases on november 10th, 2014

In response to a draft press statement sent to CCC by David Fox [BDA Govt] on November 7th, 2014, Wendy Dempsey [CCC] emails Steve Nackan [Aecon] and expresses, “I have just received this and have some concerns with the press release and the misleading statements regarding CCC.” [1386]

The sentiments expressed by Wendy Dempsey [CCC] were supported by Steve Nackan [Aecon] who states that, “Definitely. It is just not true.” [1453]. He further goes on to say that someone “got hold of the Minister tonight and advised him of the concerns…” [1453]

Does this process to have potential business partners edit, vet and approve ministerial press statements adhere to international best practices?

Minister Richards intentionally fuzzied the facts to purposefully mislead the public

In an email sent on November 8th, 2014 in reference to his ministerial statement, MP Richards stated: “I’ve fuzzied the no new debt part in view of the funding gap.” [1464]

According to Nobel prize winner [economics], Paul Krugman, fuzzy math is a catch phrase used often by politicians to describe numbers, particularly in regard to government spending, that they claim do not add up correctly. It is frequently used by politicians who are dismissing another politician’s numbers as doubtful or otherwise inaccurate.

In addition, the NY Times reported in June 12, 2011 – ‘Fuzzy Accounting Enriches Groupon’ – “The world would be richer if Groupon’s notion of accounting caught on’… ‘If investors accepted this fantastical form of accounting, all sorts of companies would be worth billions more, too.”

Also, according to Finance Newsletter the definition of Fuzzy Accounting is “Accounting practices that mislead investors”

Is it acceptable for the Minister of Finance to have “fuzzied” information presented to the public?

In addition, does the Minister of Finance accept that the word ‘fuzzy’ is an inappropriate word to use and that statement will tarnish both his and Bermuda’s reputation?

The People’s Campaign will be holding a town hall meeting for the public tonight at St Paul Centennial at 5:30pm. In addition, we invite all members of the public to join us at the grounds of the House of Assembly at 9am as the People’s Campaign plans to be on the grounds for the entire sitting of the House of Assembly.

For those who are unable to attend at 9am, we encourage the public to join us during their lunch hour and after work. We are calling all members of the public to wear the colour red as a show of solidarity.

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  1. ylieh says:

    Blah, blah, blah! So much about nothing!

    So much discord on an island of just 21 square miles, it makes me sick!

    Should everyone be pulling together at this juncture to revive our economy? Yes! Greed seems to trump all else! Or can someone else explain the current standoff?

    Just don’t understand…some people want us to suffer further!


    • Terry says:

      They “some people” are being mislead with hopes of when and if the PLP get back in.

      It will be the same when they were.

      The chosen few and throw the crumbs to keep em quiet.
      Quite simple.


      Time for a loaf and not a slice.


    • Mockingjay says:

      HEY YO, you Dreamers are making yourselves look like FOOLS every day.
      On one hand you champion an investigation on CEDAR BEAMS (which where never found) but now you want to silence the investigations on JET GATE,STONE GATE and AIRPORT GATE.
      Your party is an Embarrassment and are Pathetic and action needs to be taken just like they did in the Cayman.
      Somebody is LYING because there is inconsistency with the report and SpongeBob.
      al salam alaikum

      • Christopher Notorius says:

        Biggest fool on here is you. Mockingate hahaha.

      • blow in says:

        your greeting is back to front,in keeping with your thinking

      • As I’ve often said, there’s no “Gates” as you and others like to reference to them i.e. airport etc…
        If there were, then shouldn’t it start at Westgate? i.e. The Docks in the Dockyard Gate, also Cement Gate then the Port Royal Gate all the way down to P.H.C. Gate Berkley Gate National Sport Centre Gate all the way down to the East end of the Island. We have seen so many “Gates”.
        Now as for the “Cedar Beams Gate”, one can’t produce evidence if the evidence has been destroyed / burnt or redesigned…
        There’s two types of theft, one the petty theft and the other is “misappropriated” a form of theft. Out of them two guess who usually goes to prison? Now blow the candle out bie’

      • Mockingbird says:

        HEY YO , Mockingjay.

        We weren’t so worried about the Cedarbeams as we were other matters like,

        Berkeley Proactive Contract to a contractor with zero experience that went $60 Million Over budget.
        TCD Contract
        Bda Emmissions Deal
        Taking of Bermuda Cement Company from one person and handing it to others.
        Tuckers Point
        Morgans Point
        Global Hue Contract to Friend of Premeir and then reawarded without even going to tender.
        Dr. Browns own JETGATE scandal as reported on CBS that you tried to keep SSSSHHHHHH.
        Faith Based Tourism Contract
        Port Royal Contract
        Grand Atlantic Condo Deal
        Whites Island 25 Year Lease
        Coco Reef 99 Year Lease
        And to top it off, after the PLP 14 years we have $800 Million Dollars “unaccounted for”!
        The List Goes on !

        • Mockingjay says:

          14 years compared to 2 years

          • Project Fail says:

            $800 MILLION Missing , compared to $500 in missing rubble which is the best you got so far = $799,999,500.000 ..Mockingjay, I like my chances with OBA

      • Floyd Pitcher says:

        Really!!?? Embarrassing and pathetic is what the PC/PLP did to Bermuda and this present campaign is clearly no peoples movement but a PLP offshoot using the guise of a peoples movement to spread more divisive messages and misinformation to harangue the OBA.
        When you are reduced to fabricating an issue or anything you can find to attack the OBA you make yourself look desperate.
        They would have done better to argue the pertinent facts of this case rather than throw out a bunch of emails that show not a shred of impropriety by any OBA member. Do you recall the term unethical but not illegal!!??
        I suggest you need to drink some more koolaid the first dose didn’t seem to have worked.

    • Encyclopedia says:

      What puzzles me is CCC says they met the Minister for the first time in Aecon’s office while the Minister says that CCC brought Aecon to him and that is when he met Aecon for the first time.

      On this very specific and limited point, the Minister appears to not be telling the whole truth. Why is that?

  2. Skeptic says:

    OMG this is a tiresome rant about absolutely nothing – why on earth is a clergyman involved in trying to establish a macabre business plot – does he have experience in forensic audit, or maybe he has extensive business experience? I think not… This is such a waste of everyone’s time and energy and clearly intended to simply divide and unsettle the community.

    • Baltic Fury says:

      The People’s Campaign still exists?

      I’m not sure why, beyond massaging that vicar’s ego.

      • Tolerate says:

        This group is too politically biased to carry themselves as “The Peoples Campaign”. They have crossed the line so far on the side they have taken when it comes to politics, that they cannot come back. Shame because at some point they may have convinced themselves, and sadly some people differently.
        If you look at the people at their rallies there are a lot of similarities; and NO I’m not talking race.
        Sad because a true GROUP representing ALL Bermuda in today’s political environment is direly needed. Maybe a genuine group of past leaders from BOTH political parties can start a true PEOPLES CAMPAIGN.

        • Tolerate says:

          “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”.

          • Mockingjay says:

            Ha, Ha, Ha, you’re all running scared now, how does it feel when the heat is on you.
            You threw all your stones at Dr. Brown now its your turn and you’re crying like little PUNKS.
            If you had half a brain you would see that SpongeBob is saying one thing and the report say something totally different so someone is LYING.
            Stay tuned Dreamers the GATES are being unlocked.

            • Hmmm says:

              Why do you want to destroy Bermuda Mockingjay?

            • In quoting Mr. Edmund Spencer:
              “Personally, if I were an unemployed B.I.U. construction worker and I saw how hard my Union President was working to keep me unemployed I would be really pissed.”- End of quote.
              Mr. Spencer, if I were a Union member I would quit! just like many others have chosen to do over countless years. When out on “strike’ the workers get “crumbs” from the Unions while their employees get every penny of their wage. You would Mr Furbert and associates? Not off the sweat off of my brow oh no you wouldn’t. You are correct here though, “times have changed!”

              • Project Fail says:

                BIU Union Members (not others) are sheep. For any member to give money week after week to an organization that was 10 years behind on their audited satements is crazy, Sadly most are to aftraid of their leader to question where their money has gone, and the union know that most people worry short term and wont ask what happened too dollar “X” that we had ten years ago. If you are 10 years behing in your accounting any right thinking person would ask, are they simply incompetent, or is something else going on?

                But the Union Top Brass knows how to play the game. All they need to do is have a strike , or a March every now and then and people will be distracted and eventually not worried about it. Meanwhile others will continue the “poker game”.

            • Tolerate says:

              Not sure if that was directed at me? But, I’ll bite; if you find it necessary to respond to me know my history. I am NEITHER OBA/PLP and DID vote twice for the PLP in their first bid to become Government and their second term.
              Now to your comments “Stay tuned Dreamers the GATES are being unlocked”.
              You really believe this is some sort of a game…

            • Mockingbird says:

              This too shall pass!

            • stunned... says:

              i wish i had a job like you to sit a screen and type puerile juvenile foolishness all day. (apologies for the redundancy.)

            • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth !! says:

              Your so funny movie man,, go watch a movie you like and change your name! SMFH! your boring!

              • stunned... says:

                think of mockingjay as the court (Bernews) jester wherein his/her only purpose is to provide entertainment, however silly that might be and then you will be able to laugh at his/her desperate antics.

                it hardly makes sense to respond to or try to reason with fools because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. lol

            • ann says:

              Mockingjay, you sure have a lot of hate in you, I don’t see anyone running. the march today is rather scanty. I believe that Bermudian’s are intelligent folk that have realized we were put into a deep hole with the PLP, and The OBA is doing their best to get us out. if we could all work for a solution that was good for Bermuda we could move mountains. I understand the opposition is supposed to keep the party in power in check, but come on they cant move without a march taking place. Why all the hatred?

              • Mockingjay says:

                Well Dreamer, those of use who are trying to hold on to our jobs before they get outsourced and privatized were working, but make no mistake the numbers are there, just like Custer at Little Big Horn, your vision is obscured but when the drums sound………………………………

  3. Terry says:

    Does not even make sense to me to read this garbage; which I have not.

    Won’t even waste my thyme.

    Look at the principles of this movement.
    Where do they get their backing.
    Come on folks.

    It’s Green Koolaide all the way.

    Braise yourselves Bermuda.

    Whats the difference between Pasturised and Koolaideized.

    I need a rum before the radicalized take over.


    • Kangoocar says:

      Terry, I also would not even think of reading this nonsense!!! The only thing that has been made very clear is this!!! The people’s campaign/unions are the official mouth piece of the plp!!! And what is even more laughable is the plp and their sheeple are letting this tweed be their spokesman??? How pathetic is that??? These same xenophobes seem to have no problem when a foreigner speaks for them when the foreigner is helping their agenda. But don’t let any foreigners in here to hire Bermudians that actually will lead to those being hired to eat and pay for a roof over their heads??? the plp are have once again proven, power for themselves is all they are interested in, and to heck with how Bermudians will eat tomorrow??? Plp first, Bermudians last once again!!!

      • Terry says:

        Spot on Kangy.

        • Kangoocar says:

          Thanks Terry, as I always say, you can’t fix stupid????

          • Mockingjay says:

            That’s right, you Dreamers continue to convince each other, meanwhile those of us who are not blinded by stupidity have the FACTS in front of us and are going to dissect it like a science lab frog.
            Its a new day and we are not moved by your desperate insults and negativity.
            Game over.

            • Kangoocar says:

              Mockinjay, you prove multiple times everyday on these blogs that you have no problem with looking/sounding ignorant!!! But why don’t you do what Tom Cook down the thread suggested??? And while you are doing that and wasting your time dissecting things, I will continue to be productive in my life and spend my time earning a living!!!!

            • Hmmm says:

              Make the allegation, state your true intentions and who you are. Why always hiding in the shadows!

    • mixitup says:

      So you are not concerned about corruption or the taxpayer getting value for the dollar? Oh rite…that’s only a concern when the ‘other’ guys are supposedly doing it. Got u!

      • Kangoocar says:

        @mixitup, you are obviously MIXEDUP??? When I actually hear you questioning YOUR plp about value for $$$ on the following, I will actually respond to your plp nonsense!!! Port Royal, Grand Atlantic, Dame Lois Browne building, TCD and Berkley school??? I will wait for you to give your outrage on those just to name a few of your plps blunders???

        • Kangoocar says:

          Sorry I forgot Heritage Warf!!! Don’t forget that one!!! Also on top of that the missing $800 million!!!!

          • Truth(Original) says:

            You won’t get an answer on any of that.

            • Mockingjay says:

              Ya, Ya, Ya, and Scotland Yard dealt with that and if anyone did any wrong I hope they pay the price, now dealing with the matter at hand……………………..

            • Sad but true :-(
              “Justice & Just-us”

              • Mockingjay says:

                Just-us has been the cry of my people ever since we landed on this rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Well,(whoever you are) Mockingjay I suggest you have got some serious issue that only you can help you with. Bermuda is an Island like a box of crayons when it come to the peoples tone of skin and that’s because of interracial breeding / marriages. So stop the bull-crap and be real / honest to yourself. I hear some complain about others coming here to Bermuda and making a headway for themselves and yes their families elsewhere while you and others “kick the tin down the run.”It’s sad yes but true :-(

  4. Zevon says:

    Seven paragraphs on the word “fuzzy”. For chrissake.
    And issued without attribution by the faceless People’s Campaign, which as we all know is a PLP mouthpiece.
    Absolute crap.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Keep on bringing the HEAT, I love when they start B!@#ing like this.

      • Zevon says:

        Like I said. Bunch of clowns. Look at this guy.

    • obasellouts says:

      Bernie madoff fuzzied the numbers.

      • Mockingjay says:

        Ya right, forgot about ya boy and we haven’t been right since then.
        Oh I forgot P.L.P was responsible for that.

  5. Truth (Original) says:

    Why is the combined opposition expecting the Bermuda Government to ensure the transparency between CCC and Aecon?

    That is not their responsibility, neither do they have the resources to do so. The Government can only be transparent for themselves and I don’t see anything nefarious in the emails that have been presented.

    No Kickbacks. No nepotism …which is a refreshing change.

    I hope the people will see this for what it is. Much a do about nothing.

    Pray tell, what EXACTLY has the Minister done wrong that would warrant his resignation? He is battling the UK Government on this airport and the combined opposition ! I guess that old adage is true ..the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Please let them get on with the business of running the Country and cleaning up your mess and stop wasting the Governments time responding to this nonsense.

  6. stunned... says:

    weak! questions as to whether the MOF knew about the close relationship Aecon had with CCC are irrelevant. For all intents and purposes Bermuda is dealing with CCC who is guaranteeing the performance of its supplier, Aecon. it is CCC that need to be concerned about Aecon to insure that they do not cause losses for CCC.

    red herrings all the way…

    • obasellouts says:

      Bernie madoff fuzzied the numbers.

      • stunned... says:

        in March 2009 Bernie Madoff, pled guilty to 11 counts of fraud, theft, perjury, and money laundering in a $65 billion fraud.

        @sellout explain how this is relevant or even comparable…cue sound of tree frogs.

  7. pot stirer says:

    Where wer the peoples campaign when.
    The country was spending what we didn’t have, during the recession leaving in the position where in now.
    Where wer they when port royal was being remodeled.
    When Berkeley was being built.
    When TCD was being privatized, I guess this was cool??
    When dockyard cruise dock was being done, that has already had to be redone.
    When all the people at st joe golf course where being put out of work for the invisible hotel.
    Oh and the influx of Chinese tourist we have now….
    Getting tired of typing but you get the pic.

    • Mockingjay says:

      So you see absolutely nothing wrong with this Government in the last 2 years or so.
      I agree P.L.P F!@#ed up some things but are you and your minions gonna be honest to say U.B.P./oba are F!@#ing up too ,or you drank too much koolaid too.
      Oh I forgot you guys ice is always colder.

    • stunned... says:

      i keep hearing the same questions repeatedly asked -where were the fake outragers when unethical but not illegal things were going on under the PLP administration.

      well you wont get a proper answer from them because the truth of the matter is they were huddled in a corner afraid. they were afraid to exercise any dissention. under this government they now have the ability to demonstrate without fear of reprisals or repercussions as it should have always been.

      you only have to remember what happened to a certain chef who dared to make a joke about the then premier. he was on a jet plane before he had time to change his apron. don’t think that was missed on the followers.

  8. Trulytruly says:

    Fuzzy logic

  9. Rhonnie aka Blue Familiar says:

    I’m going to say one thing.
    There is a difference between fuzzy numbers and fuzzy accounting, people should look it up.

    • Baygrapes says:

      PLEASE go away. Most right thinking Bermudians know you are no more than a front for the PLP and Bermuda Industrial Union. While you glory in the trouble you are making YOUR OWN people/followers pay the price.

      Where are you then? Oh I forgot DWEB is living it up in Martha’s vineyard or Nantucket or somewhere. And you could not care less about your supporters.

    • obasellouts says:

      Bernie madoff fuzzied the numbers.

  10. bermy Bud says:

    It is illegal for someone with a work permit to engage on political views of another country! Therefore i can NOT take pastor Tween nor people’s campaign OPINION seriously! Its just like someone with a “green card” cant engage in voting nor work for the federal government of the USA!

  11. Tom Cooke says:

    FYI. ..Google “fuzzy” number’s. ..

  12. Me says:


  13. Confused says:

    If only the PLP put in the same amount of effort when they governed as theses clowns do trying to appear relevant we’d probably not be in the mess we are in.

  14. obasellouts says:

    Bernie madoff fuzzied the numbers.

    • stunned... says:

      @sellout…oh dear looks like somebody’s post is stuck on stupid. move on.

  15. allegedlyfuzzyinbda says:

    Is it too much to ask for transparency and due diligence when ultimately hundreds of millions of Bermudian dollars will be at stake…there are procedures and policies put in place that govt is to “alledegy” follow when conducting these types of deals. If anything is “fuzzied up” is that the Minister of Finance makes claims this is all being done above board!! Let’s get this straight…the evidence clearly states otherwise and should be viewed by all to make an informed decision ultimately cleaning up the govt issues and pocket padding practices!!

  16. clearasmud says:

    I have taken the time to read all of the documents and I must say that I did not find any evidence to support allegded corruption. What I did find was evidence that the Minister could have easily tendered this project with out causing huge delays. He claimed publicly that the tendering process takes too long, but what is in the documents is that Stantec which is also a Canadian company with experience building airports (as in Bahamas) using the P3 funding model expressed an interest in our project once they found out about it via CCC website. Clearly it is in our interest to ensure that we get value for money and getting a another bid which is required by financial instructions and also by the British Government could have been easily done. We probably wont get that letter of entrustment from the UK because the minister won’t be able to justify why he did not get at a minimum another quote!

    • Mockingjay says:

      So you did not see any inconsistency in the dates corresponding with who met who and words like, using as a Front, Cover, Back Channels of sorts, avoid further exposure,CCC is not transparent in its contracting p.1648, misleading statements regarding CCC p.1386, and the Famous (Fuzzied) p.1464.
      Well after your comment I would love to have you prosecute me.

      • Read everything with understanding or get someone capable of reading / dissecting, explain to you what is written in them 2000 pages…

  17. Tuksy says:

    It’s time for the people to present to the government an independent corruption unit. If any government official is found guilty of corruption, he/she may spend 10 to15yrs in prison. If not these politicians will put Bemuda into bankruptcy.