Photos: Plastic Tides Team Visits Bermuda

May 13, 2015

The Plastic Tides Team is currently in Bermuda as they undertake a circumnavigation of the island in order to raise awareness of the #BeatTheBeadBermuda campaign alongside BEST.

The Plastic Tides team visited in June 2014 and returned with their flights being sponsored by MultiStrat Re, a Bermuda specialty reinsurer focused on launching and growing asset manager sponsored reinsurance companies.

On May 5, the team set off on another non-stop circumnavigation to collect samples for micro-bead research with the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST]. On May 7, the team led a group of home-schoolers to clean up a beach at Daniel’s Head and taught them how to paddle board, later presenting at PechaKucha in order to highlight the issue in Bermuda.


On May 9, the team hosted a documentary screening and discussion panel to raise awareness of this issue and educate the next generation on the importance of protecting their oceans.

They have also teamed up with BEST, as well as the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute [BUEI], the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Keep Bermuda Beautiful, Bermuda Ocean Explorers, and Greenrock organizations.

The team’s trip to the island will also see them involved in education engagement at Elliot Primary, Sandys Middle School, Bermuda Homeschool Network, Saltus, Somersfield Academy, East End Primary, West Pembrook, Kids on the Reef, and Spirit Bermuda.

Photos by Laurence Fox, click to enlarge:

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Thanks to everyone that had taken part in the clean-up. In having recently visited the former “Nine Beaches” and witness how “Berm-u-da-full” this area is without the exceptions. One is the debris scatter about, mainly through the fact that these accommodations are now vacant and have been for quite sometime :-( There is also a major problem that would deter anyone wanting to invest large sums of monies into restoring, or doing anything on this beautiful coastal property; that be the stink emitting from the dairy farm up and over the hill adjacent to “Nine Beaches”.

    • Mockingjay says:

      PRC’s in the making.

      • campervan says:

        somebody empty Mockingbabys diaper for her.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Nine Beaches was in the hands of Dodwell and his crew and look what happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Mr. B’s family refuse to re-locate the dairy and that is the major obstacle in fixing-up the former, “Nine Beaches” and the pleasant surroundings.
        What I do find to be ironic is “we” seem to have smelt enough of your bull-crap as well
        “Mockingjay” it stinks
        Sad yes, but true :-(

  2. C says:

    I took several pictures and a video of trash at nine beaches behind the old Canadian base Loads of it. I was told the pictures would be sent to the appropriate people. Has anything been done….

    • Keep Bermuda Beautiful says:

      yes, please see comment below…

  3. Keep Bermuda Beautiful says:

    Congratulations to the Plastic Tides team who are back in Bermuda to continue to raise awareness about plastic in the ocean. They are working with local environmental educators to reach students and adults — mixing science and adventure (paddleboarding). Plastic Tides have been working with Greenrock, BEST and KBB.

    As for the litter and dumping at Daniels Head — Keep Bermuda Beautiful, Govt’s Waste Management Section, Department of Parks and the Management team at 9 Beaches have done a lot of work in the last month to cleanup the area. Much of the dumping at the entrance and down by the beaches has been cleaned up with plans to tackle more areas before summer. KBB’s National Cleanup Day is this Saturday and if anyone wants to help do more at Daniels Head, they would be very welcome….call KBB on 295-5142 to sign up. Complain or be a part of the change? The choice is everyone’s….

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