New Beach Bus Fills “Customer Service Gap”

June 28, 2015

The St. George’s Beach Bus is up and running, while the St. David’s Beach Bus is set to launch in mid-July, offering visitors and locals easy access to east end attractions.

Pat Phillip-Fairn, the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Chief Product & Experience Officer, said, “We are pleased to see the St. George’s Beach Bus get up and running because it fills a customer service gap in the visitor experience.”

Beach Bus Flyer-1

“We worked hard to put all the St. George’s experiences put in place and the visitors now have an easy transport option to access those experiences.

“To see entrepreneurs identify a market need and fill it is very encouraging. Now the same group is replicating this for St. David’s Island and that’s fabulous; it’s exactly what we want to see happen.”

042_BBus_St Davids_P1-2-2

“They are using a second bus to connect the two parts of the east end and bring them together.

“So with some support from the BTA, the new bus will start in mid-July and will hit all the key spots in St. David’s including Carter House, St. David’s Lighthouse, Clearwater Beach, and Gombeys.”

“We now have easy and affordable bus services for our visitors in St. George’s and St. David’s. We see it as very good news for all of our stakeholders in the area,” added Ms Phillip Fairn.

Faith Bridges is one of the entrepreneurs behind the new visitor transportation services in the east end, and more information about the service is available on their Facebook page.

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  1. All this is great news! I do wish to make a pertinent suggestion to B.T.A. also W & E or whomever else may have a finger on the pulse. It’s the high grasses and out-right trash at various tourist attractions in St. David’s. I’d recently gave my wife’s relatives from the far East a real, “Bermuda tour”…To my wife and I my own dismay, there were many spots that were / are embarrassing to show to visitors yet alone for me as a local to see!
    Prior to my relative coming from the far East for their first trip to Bermuda I’d pumped Bermuda up e.g. stating and show selected areas as absolutely breath taking! Yet, while sightseeing much of the spots were deplorable to say the least :-( Please, if we’re to say certain things about Bermuda then for Christ sake, speak the truth!

  2. Kindley says:

    Thank you Faith Bridges and those who developed this new option for tourists. We are planning our vacation for 2016 and this is just what we are looking for. Of course we will stay in the beautiful St. George’s. This will give us the opportunity to visit St. David’s and view all the history there. Looking forward to taking advantage of this new and much needed option.