St George’s Hosts Cruise Ship’s Overnight Visit

April 16, 2016

Phoenix Reisen is a Germany-based travel agency that also operates a fleet of cruise ships including MS Albatros which, marking the third cruise ship visit this year for the east end, arrived in St. George’s yesterday [April 15] for an overnight stay before departing this afternoon.

The 672-foot long Albatros carried an estimated 955 passengers and 450 crew. On Tuesday, the 665-foot long AIDAvita cruise ship sailed in carrying an estimated 1172 passengers and 418 crew. St. George’s is scheduled for a visit from Balmoral, a cruise ship owned and operated by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, later this month.

Mayor of St. George, Quinell Francis said, “The Town of St. George has recently welcomed three cruise ships, with two staying overnight. Many have expressed their joy of seeing a cruise ship in the Town Cut and docked at Pennos Wharf. This is a great way to start off the summer season. We look forward to working with all our partners to continue to move the Old Town forward.”

Bermuda Tourism Authority’s chief product and experiences development officer Pat Phillip-Fairn previously said, “We have been working on increased activity this year for stakeholders in Hamilton and St. George and now it’s happening.”

MS Albatros Phoenix Reisen Cruise Ship Bermuda, April 15 2016-1

MS Albatros Phoenix Reisen Cruise Ship Bermuda, April 15 2016-2

MS Albatros Phoenix Reisen Cruise Ship Bermuda, April 16 2016-1

MS Albatros Phoenix Reisen Cruise Ship Bermuda, April 16 2016-2

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  1. Terry says:

    All those multi colored pastel building in the photo’s/o
    No comments.


  2. Store owner says:

    Thank you to whomever booked these two ships with the European folk. They were a pleasure to serve and they also were willing to explore the town and purchase from us. A much needed break from the empty streets we’ve had in the past months. This size of ship and this calibre of passenger is perfect for St. George’s.

  3. remember the Amerikanis says:

    Small cruise ships bring people who get off the boat and explore. They see Bermuda. They visit the sighte. They swim in the water. They visit the shops and the eat in the restaurants.
    On large cruise ships the passengers are more likely to stay aboard, but the government gorges on the taxes they pay. And they are the only real winners in that scenario.

  4. Arthur A. Francis says:

    It is a delight to see the smaller cruise ships at St. George and Hamilton. Years ago we could come BDA by the smaller NCL ships. Our favorite cruise was from New York to St. Georges, then on to Hamilton.
    We especially love docking at St. George. The Balmoral that is coming to St. Georges is a beautiful ship and docked last year at our small cruise terminal at Salem, Massachusetts.

    Taking the Veendam to Hamilton this coming May.


  5. just me says:

    Ships in Hamilton and St. George bring smiles to our faces, possibly a little cash to our families and pride in our appearance and surroundings. The dockyard ships are great, but Hamilton and especially St. George don’t seem to profit from them at all. So please keep the smaller ships coming and the smiles on our faces.