Parks Dept. Issue Dog Waste Disposal Reminder

July 23, 2015

The Department of Parks said they would like to remind the public that dog-i-pot dog waste units are located at several parks for use.

Dog owners are to deposit dog waste bags in the dog-i-pot bins that are provided within parks and not in regular trash bins. A photo of the unit is attached,” a spokesperson said.

“The cooperation of the public with regard to this matter is greatly appreciated.”

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  1. Jr Smith says:

    if not the dog warden will take your dog…

    • Regardless of the suggestion/threats, owners of dogs must take responsibility for their pet, “crap”!
      Use a small pooper-scooper and a plastic bag so you can dispose of the “crap” that no-one enjoys waking on or seeing along pathway/roadside.

      • cat3 says:

        And dispose of it in the CORRECT bin! Not into the regular trash bins. It is a serious health risk for employees to be emptying bags unaware if thay have dog waste in them.

        • I agree, “bag and carry, flush or bury” but do not dispose of dog crap in the wastepaper bins!

      • sebring says:

        I can see you don’t have a dog ! a pooper scooper will then have crap on it making the job less simple. i have two small dogs and i save all my plastic bags to pic up after them but it angers me when people with big dogs that do crap the size of my 15lbs dogs refuse to pick up. i say fining people failing to pick up will bring about a nice change and on your coment below what kind of fool you think will flush puppy crap down ya toilet u must think people have toilets like the ones at church bay or slump dump millionaire in they homes!!!!

        • I have two large Chocolate Labs. that I happen to walk several times per day and evening. I do use a “scoop” to pick up any “crap”,(unless it’s liquid in which case I will bury it with mounds of sand or soil.) Now as far as flushing goes, that I do as well. Oh by the way the toilets are house toilets that I flush the dogs pooh with no problem what-so-ever.

          • sebring says:

            well i stand corrected ! baby steps people pick up !

  2. sand says:

    would be nice if there were more of these bins for walkers along the road side

  3. Micro says:

    What about horse waste? I find that a far bigger problem then dog poo.

  4. Huh says:

    Raining today so Parks crew looking for something do, oh dog crap…….

  5. Micro says:

    Would be nice if those baggies are collected more often as well and were more prevalent on the Rail Way trails. Can only recall seeing two of these stations between Shelly Bay and Coney Island.