25-Yr-Old Motorcyclist Found Lying Unconscious

August 25, 2015

A 25-year-old male motorcyclist is being treated in hospital for serious facial and head injuries after he was found lying unconscious on North Shore Road in Smiths around 3:00am this morning.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 3:00am this morning, [August 25 2015] a 25yr old male motorcyclist was found lying unconscious with apparent facial injuries on North Shore Road near the junction with Jennings Road, Smiths.

“Although details surrounding this incident are vague, it is believed that the man was travelling east along North Shore Road, when he lost control of his cycle and collided with a wall.

“The man was taken to KEMH where at last check he was being treated for serious facial and head injuries.

“Police are asking for anyone who may have witnessed this accident, or anyone who can provide details of the victim’s movements prior to the accident, to call 295-0011. “

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  1. glendabermuda says:

    Bless you brother, wishing you a speedy recovery…

  2. nok says:

    It is also guys going around chasing people at night.How I know it happen to my son.He was taking his friend home one night and a bike was riding in the opossite direction and turned around and chased my son from spitttal pond to Ord Rd. Thank God he out rode them and yes it was reported to the police.

    • Harmony says:

      Wow, these guys are really getting out of hand. Its almost as if they are looking for some entertainment and consider this just to be that. Madness it is.

    • stunned... says:

      thank you for your post. it is often very easy to speculate firstly that the road victim was too impaired to drive.

    • Ladybug says:

      May I ask – and may I point out, I am not trying to be rude or condescending, as a bike rider myself I would like to know and be more aware of these incidents as I have not seen anything in the news regarding what happened to your son. I am sorry he had to go through that frightening incident.

      What time of night was this? I ride at different hours depending, but knowing the approximate time would raise my awareness for such monsters.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        I hate to say it but these incidents that you’re worried about are nothing new.
        About 16 years ago a little guy I know who is loved and admired by everyone who’s ever met him was chased down and beaten to within an inch of his life and left for dead . I don’t even think it made it into the news.

        The police were completely baffled as they knew he was a good and harmless kid without a bad bone in his body . Despite the father pressing for the case to be solved nothing ever became of it . In the end the police determined it had to be a case of mistaken identity and his near death beating was intended for someone else who resembled him and rode the identical bike.

        To be honest I don’t think he’s ever been the same since then.

        I think this is a case of unfortunately having ‘to look a certain way ‘ before one has to worry about it happening to them seeing robbery doesn’t appear to be a motive.

    • Trish says:

      That is so true, a whIle ago my daughter came to pick me up from work @ night, two guys came up & was ip to mo good, I was ready to kick their bike down. I took my helmet off,trust me I was really

    • same thing says:

      Same thing happen to me when i was in school. I out road them to my coz house. we went out to look for them to beat them up but they was not at where they started the chase. so I went school the next school day and went lunch time i went and found the biggest one that was in the group and then went up to him and ask when they chase me that night. I was waiting for him to say something smart so I could hook him in his mouth beat him up then go for the rest of them but he said so sincerely that they was board and did not have anything else to do. I could not even get mad so I left it at that.

  3. Harmony says:

    Praying he recovers!

  4. nok says:

    The police will not tell you stuff like stuff that.