18 Year Old Injured In Assault After Concert

August 1, 2015

[Updated] A person was injured this morning [Aug 1] after an assault occurred after the concert at Tiger Bay in St. George’s.

Police were at the scene with their Forensic Support Unit processing the area and gathering evidence. Details are limited at this time, however we understand the injured person may have been stabbed. We will update with official information as able.

Update: A police spokesperson said, “Police responded to a report of an incident that took place at Tiger Bay in St Georges around 2am.

“It appears that after the concert a fight ensued in the area of the gate resulting in an 18 year old male being taken to the hospital for a minor stab wounds.

“The 18 year old male was subsequently treated and released from the hospital. Police are appealing for witnesses to this incident to contact police on 295-0011.

“It should be noted the the concert for the most part was uneventful with most of the 3000 plus attendees conducting themselves responsibly.”

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SVR Incident Bermuda, August 1 2015-3

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  1. And its only just begun :-( Situations like that cause the vast majority to shy away from “gatherings”…
    I certainly hope the individual will recover, and they that “assaulted” the individual are apprehended. If convicted, sentenced them for attempted murder and come down hard on their @ssssss! Too many are walking out of Courtrooms smiling.

  2. whatwillittake says:


  3. Kangoocar says:

    While we are waiting for the confirmation of if it was a stabbing or not, I will comment on the trash in the photos, it really sickens me when I see the total disregard of our Island Beauty, what low level life forms would just throw their trash on the ground??? If they do that in public, do they do it in their own homes??? It really is sad what society is becoming, you know things are all wrong when we think it’s strange that there was NO police incidents on a particular day???

    • nomoremoney says:

      thats easy to worry about.///// The trash…..are you for real?? Somebody was stabbed, stabbed…..yes stabbed……and you think the trash is an issue…..let me straighten things out for you. Stabbing is an attempt at murder, so if that was you being stabbed, would you still see all the trash?? Get a life ______.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Reading comprehension is obviously not one of your strong suits is it?? I clearly said ” while we are waiting for the confirmation of it being a stabbing, I will comment on the trash!! ” when I wrote that, it had not been confirmed yet!! But with that said, the dumping of trash on the ground is always done by those I consider low life forms!!! So why are we shocked a stabbing took place amounst them??? Trash attracts trash, and that is exactly why I don’t attend and support those types of events, why on earth would I want to be associated with those that behave that way, and I am sure I am not the only one???

      • do people even read anymore says:

        If you read their comment properly you would understand that they are pointing out another issue apart from the stabbing. The comment was obviously made before the update was posted confirming that it was in fact a stabbing. Therefore kangoocar was simply pointing out another flaw within Bermudas society these days. One if MANY.

    • LUFF says:


  4. D says:

    It was no medal detectors there…..

    • i care says:

      I did not see any, the wands were there though. Searches took place.

  5. Whistle-blower says:


  6. Sad Onion says:


    • Maddog says:


      • Zevon says:

        This wasn’t on a Sunday. So the liquor license these people had would have been just as easy to get under the PLP. I notice you blame the government, not the little punkhead idiots knifing each other.

      • nomoremoney says:

        you an a**. and likely a paid blogging a**. Yes everything is the OBA’s fault, and for some everything is the PLP’s fault. Your post looks very PLP in it CAPS and tone. Why don’t you socialize with average hard working Bermudians and get a sense of what’s really pissing them off. They’ll tell you its people like you and our transparent posting.

        • 17 says:

          he is 18 miss, these 18 year olds are not worrying about the oba and the plp so just stop it. its these little kids trying to fight and do things to get their “stripes”. all they want to do is fight so dont blame the government blame these kids.

          • Mad dog says:

            Were are the the 2000 jobs for these young men that the OBA promised…They browed 8 hundred million.. And it is all gone up in smoke..and these young men still don’t have a job..And by the way we are 2.5 billion dollars in dept…
            70 million put a side for the American cup..are children are suffering under the OBA Government…they have cut back on.. Busses for are children, school supplies, after school program,We have to now pay for Bermuda College.. Senior have to pay for licenses there car now,Senior health insurance is gone through the roof..children got to pay bus fare now..So we’re is the 8 hundred million that sponge bob said is all gone.. Because are children did not get none of it.. So who you going to blame for are children…..THE OBA GOVERNMENT!!!!!!

            • Come Correct says:

              Didn’t even read all your post. I’m on my 3rd job this recession, so how hard is it again to get one?

      • LUFF says:


  7. Shell says:

    I agree, were there no metal detectors at a big concert like that? Known the state Bermuda is in right now. Guns now knives…

  8. lucky 7 says:

    Because of things like this, Bermuda will have to privatize EVERYTHING including cupmatch and its events. People want to act like children, they get things taken away and in the process ruin it for everyone else too.

  9. Confused says:

    The party ended just after 2 and 90% of the crowd had left way before 3 so unless this happened during those times, this didn’t affect the actual event

    • @ Confused. The fact is, it happened!

      • drunken ursula says:

        let’s wait and see what happens at Mangrove Bay when all those people get together…I’m sure any incidents will be covered up for sure.

    • lovely n fresh says:

      It happened right at the end as people were leaving. The poluce came about.2:30 almost 3 i was orking there

  10. Proud to be Bermudian says:

    Metal detectors were present, maybe the stabbing took place with glass. So sad….Such a great event.

  11. i care says:

    I was there at the show, awsome time, till the end, ignorance, they search me hard at the gate. We pray for the person that they will be ok. This will not deter me from going somewhere i want to go. At another show right in vip a man was going to fight a lady, spectators step in and stop it. To be honest some people spoil it for others. We have to come together.

  12. Common Sense Talking says:

    Good behaviour can’t be legislated or completely stopped. If they are bound and determined to act the fool they will find away around precautions. For sure.

    @Shell, its just like the fashions it is going around in circles it was guns before our time then knives, guns now knives again.


  13. Oh,I see now says:

    Knives now because guns get you serious time even if the victim survives.