PLP Reminder On Tonight’s Airport Town Hall

September 17, 2015

The Progressive Labour Party said they would like to remind the public about the Town Hall meeting about the airport project to be held at 7pm this evening [Sept 17], at the St. George’s Cricket Club.

“Featured panelists will be Shadow Finance Minister David Burt and Shadow Transport Minister Lawrence Scott. The meeting will be moderated by Senator Renee Ming,” a spokesperson said.

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“The One Bermuda Alliance has yet to address the deficiencies as highlighted in the Deloitte Report. It is vital that the largest capital project in Bermuda’s history is executed correctly.

“This topic is of major concern to us as the Opposition party as it is our responsibility to hold the government accountable. When questioned about the numbers, the Minister of Finance referred to critics as ‘number bombers’ and when asked what the final costs will be, his response indicated that he did not know.

“We call on the East End Community to make your presence felt and attend this Town Hall Meeting at St. George’s Cricket Club, tonight, Thursday, September 17 at 7:00pm.”

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    There are deficiencies in the report but isn’t it a fact that those deficiencies cant be addressed until the plan is actually going ahead?

  2. hmmm says:

    It’s Burt and Ernie ….. Sesame street lives on !

    Rubber Ducky look out.

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Darn…. cutting my toenails tonight

  4. lingering says:

    Well the fact of the matter is.
    We don’t know what we are talking about we are just trying to be a good opposition..
    Take a break

  5. aceboy says:

    Remember, the Government actually commissioned the Deloitte Report to identify deficiencies and correct them. Also, the contract has not been signed. It is all you really need to know. These jokers are trying to bamboozle you into thinking that the deficiencies are set in stone. They aren’t.

    • clearasmud says:

      I believe it was the UK that insisted on the report because it is based on a methodology (UK Green Book) that the Finance minister has made clear he is not obligated to follow.

  6. DONALD says:

    The near future ,technology dictates that airports will be come OBSOLETE.

    A new airport will be a ” House of Straw” or a” Haunted House” why did they not set money aside to upgrade all the peoples real estate including our death trap roads.

    Bermuda does not need a PALACE at the end of the run way.

    Soon Travelers will swipe a “Super $$$ I/D Card” over there, get in a taxi here, and go to the beach.

    If the card don’t work you don’t get on the plane. luggage will go pre- arrival and separate, UPS etc .

    Q ….. Where are the 3 star accommodation here ?
    A ….. Don’t hold your breath.

    ” All I ask of you”. THINK before you SINK.