Warwick Academy Celebrates Excellent Results

September 8, 2015

Warwick Academy has announced its record breaking International Baccalaureate [IB] results, with Fiona Dobson becoming the first student from the school to achieve 45 out of a possible 45 points, an educational feat achieved by only 0.3% of the IB student body worldwide.

Mrs. McCorkell, principal of Warwick Academy, said, “We are all delighted with the wonderful news about our examination results and scholarship winners. We shared with you in early July the news of our record breaking International Baccalaureate results where Fiona Dobson became the first student from the school to achieve 45 out of a possible 45 points.

“This is achieved by only 0.3% of the International Baccalaureate student body worldwide which is quite phenomenal. Fiona also becomes our second student to achieve direct entry into undergraduate study at Cambridge University. The graduating class achieved a 96% Diploma pass rate and a 100% pass rate in the Individual Subjects.

“There were some outstanding individual scores also from Olivia Moore with 42 points, Phoebe Dill with 41 points, Daniel Hetzel with 40 points, Amelia Oatley and Brianna Siddle on 39 points and Evan Watkins and Kyra Dunstan on 36 points. My congratulations to all the students in our very successful Class of 2015.

“I am equally pleased and proud of the results of our Year 11 IGCSE class who have improved on last year’s 5A*- C percentage moving it to 85% with the number of A and A* grades improving to 30%.

“Outstanding individual performances have been achieved by Zach Myers – 9A* and 1A; Hannah Beek – 8A* and 1A; Brian Darling – 7A*, 2A and 1B; Hannah Mallon – 4A*, 4A and 1B; Anthony Whaley – 4A*, 4A and 1B; AnneMarie Puiu – 4A*, 3A, 3B and 1C; Tia Froud – 4A*, 3A and 2B; Cameron Bell – 4A*, 3A, 1B and 1C; Theo Wolffe – 3A*, 2A, and 5B; Brian Wedlich – 2A*, 5A and 2B; Connor Strohecker – 2A*, 3A, 3B and 1C; Cameron Lee-Ming – 1A*, 7A; Elizabeth Madeiros – 1A*, 6A, 2B; Emily Medway – 1A*, 4A and 4B; Christopher Malpas – 1A*, 4A, 3B and 1C; Sabriyya Harvey – 7A, 1B and 1C; Corrie Cross – 6A and 4C; and Jahnya Williams – 5A, 3B and 1C.

“We are very proud of all their performances and thank their supportive teachers, as well as add my congratulations to the students. I am also proud of our many alumni who have achieved scholarships this summer.

“A list of scholarship winners of which we are aware includes:

  • BFIS – Melanie Mendonca, Zach Friesen, Chris Alexander, Dominick Wright.
  • Sir Dudley Spurling [Bank of Butterfield]-Brittany Hassell
  • Bank of Bermuda Foundation Sir Henry Tucker Scholarship- Noah Marshall
  • Bank of Bermuda Foundation Sir Henry Tucker Education Grant – Lindsay Fisher, Daniel Hetzel
  • Bank of Bermuda Foundation Joseph C. H. Johnson Nominee Awards- Cocy-Lynne Simmon
  • Bank of Bermuda Foundation Chairman Award – Asha Bicarie
  • Bank of Bermuda Foundation Chairman Award runner up award – Sinae Smith
  • The Fessenden Trott Scholarship – Daniel Hetzel and Olivia Moore
  • The Fessenden Trott Scholarship Family award – Phoebe Dill
  • The Nicholl Scholarship- Ashley Berry, Lindsay Fisher, Zach Friesen, Cristia Wright
  • BELCO Llewellyn Vorley STEM Educational Awards- Chas Smith, Ellington Weldon,
  • BELCO Math Awards- Daniel Hetzel
  • Bermuda Government- Kristina Grant and Brianna Siddle
  • Knowledge Quest- Asha Bicarie,
  • The Bermuda Hotel Association – Sanji Richardson, Eron Woods
  • The Tomasz Tabor Hospitality Scholarships -Sajni Richardson
  • The National Dance Foundation of Bermuda- Taylor Railton
  • The 2015 PHC Foundation- Arriek Douglas
  • Bermuda Arts Council -Miles Dill, Hayley Francis Cann
  • Ace Foundation – Riley Correia
  • The EY R Gil Tucker Scholarship- Hanna Guntl and Gianluca Gugliemucci

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    Congratulations- Parents, Students and Faculty.