Airport Redevelopment: Info Sessions & Petition

October 19, 2015

The Government announced they are planning to hold an information session on the airport redevelopment plan tomorrow [Oct 20], and on a separate but related note, an online petition has been launched calling for the Government to void the contract with the Canadian Commercial Corporation [CCC] and look at other options.

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Information Session

A Government spokesperson said, “The public is invited to attend an information session on the Airport Redevelopment Plan at Penno’s Wharf in St. George’s Tuesday October 20 at 6pm.

“This is an opportunity to learn more about the plan to provide a more efficient airport terminal and create much needed jobs before and after the project’s delivery.

“In attendance will be the Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance E.T. Richards, Minister of Tourism and Transport Development Shawn G. Crockwell and Minister of Economic Development Dr E. Grant Gibbons.

“There will also be presentations from representatives of prime contractor CCC and construction firm Aecon.

“During the meeting Tuesday evening, short presentations will be made followed by a panel discussion and a question and answer period.

“A second public meeting is being organized in the City of Hamilton in November. The Government intends to keep the public informed through other initiatives in the future.”

Online Petition Launches

On a separate but related note, an online petition has been launched by a group calling themselves “K.E.Y – Knowledge & Empowerment for the Youth,” which is made up of seven young people whose ages range from 20-35.

Their stated goal is to “educate and empower our generation as a lot of us are out of touch with issues that are happening around us, particularly as it pertains to decisions made by the Government of the day.”

The petition [link here], which has attained just over 200 signatures at this time, states:

To The Government of Bermuda:

We, the concerned residents of Bermuda, draw to the attention that:

  • The redevelopment of L.F. Wade International Airport does not economically benefit the people of Bermuda;
  • We are concerned that, if air traffic does not generate projected revenues per annum, the people of Bermuda will be forced to compensate for this by way of increased taxes imposed by the Bermuda Government;
  • We believe that the Bermuda Government should issue a Request for Proposal [RFP] to ensure a competitive market price for the airport is reached;
  • We, the people, are not willing to give away our airport to be run and managed by foreign entities, namely Aecon & CCC.

The Petitioners, therefore, request that the Government of Bermuda:

  • Void contract and cease further negotiations with Aecon & CCC
  • Agree to review other options, such as building contractors here in Bermuda, issuing an RFP and selecting the best option for Bermuda and her people.

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  1. Rme says:

    This is awesome. Young people taking charge.

    • Dont forget it was the young people that started the Movement in the 60′s.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        And now they ARE in their 60s. Most are amazed how much they know now that they did not know in the 60s.

        • Black Soil says:

          Who are the petitioners??? If they don’t want to name themselves, why should anyone sign unless this is another pathetic attempt by the PLP to re-define the OBA.

    • Onion says:

      It’s a shame that their petition explicitly shows that they didn’t bother to do even the first piece of research on this deal.

      The whole point of working with CCC is to ensure that the Bermudian public’s tax money will be safe.

  2. This is a win – win Development taken on by C.C.C. / Bda. Government the One Bermuda Alliance.
    Note,”There will also be presentations from representatives of prime contractor CCC and construction firm Aecon.” Bermuda isn’t just financially broke, we are in “big debt” thanks to mismanagement of funds that were misappropriated by our former Government the Progressive Labour Party :-(

    • TheUnamedFeeling says:

      Ray kindly look to any government that has is money issued by private banking “authorities” and you will see that crushing debt is the only constant…

    • Oh My says:

      Yawn. This is getting old…………..move on to another reason why we are broke. You can only use the excuse for so long and it has filtered out as far as I am concerned. Will people still be saying that when the next election comes around? “Sorry we are still in debt because of 4 years ago!” Puh-lease! Work on fixing it and stop laying blame that is about 3 years old. If you can’t cook get out of the kitchen! put another chef in there!

    • Jadon says:

      But yet since the UBP/OBA have been in power we have gone more into debt ….. That must be the oppositions fault also Raymond ? Lol oh and let’s not forget the rest of the world that crashed in 2008. That must also be our former governments fault correct ? Lol…. Who you tryna fool ray ? Not everybody loves Raymond lol

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Suggestion, stand in front of a runaway bus and see if you can stop it when it hits you… this is an analogy that can best describe the debt the OBA inherited. Course if you wanted the OBA to stop the debt the moment they took power, that would have required them to suspend pretty much every social program government finances, financial assistance, charity subsidies, scholarships, cut the civil service in half… all of which would have only added to the economic woes. Yes they have had to borrow more since they took power, to try and buy time to eliminate the cause of the debt, the massive and unsustainable budget deficit that they inherited from the previous administration. Course they could have eliminated that deficit in their first year, but again it would have required the afore mentioned bad ideas. In the mean time they have managed to cut that deficit nearly in half since taking power in a multi-year plan to do so, however many of their plans to do so have met with resistance from memebers of the community who think the government should be doing what needs to be done, just to someone else, but don’t provide alternatives to what needs to be done.
        Now, we can’t fault the PLP for the global economic crash that began in 2007, but we can fault them on their abysmal response to it (a response that amounted to sticking their heads in the sand and saying it will pass and we will be back to normal). At a time when we needed policies that would make us competitive and advantageous in the global market, the PLP engaged in policies that were hostile to our global business sector and followed policies of Bermudians first that ultimately left Bermudians out of work and business. Bermudians first does not equate to best for Bermuda.

  3. watching says:

    Will Minister Richards yet again respond that he doesn’t know the cost? Will he tell the seniors in attendance that money doesn’t grow on trees?
    Why isn’t Premier Dunkley on the panel? This is the largest project we have had and one causing significant discord. Surely as the Leader he should be involved. Or is this topic causing too much discord and he only wants to be associated with the America’s Cup?

    • Terry says:

      “the largest project we have had”.


      Largest project is getting us out of debt.


      You want Government to give it to Zane et al?

      Where the freek is my missing $800,000,000.

      People being used by certains for gain and or otherwise.

      Bermuda is screwed.

    • So we still pay Crockwell? I thought BTA did his job.

      • impressive. says:

        This!!!!!!!!! I have no problem with the responsibility or managing tourism being given to the BTA, but why is Minister Crockwell still receiving a full salary for Tourism??

        • So you don’t have a problem with paying a Minister over $500 a day for doing F!@#’s and the one who works under him makes $1000 a day plus gave him $80,000 bonus for failing results.
          You must be drinking too much Kool-Aid too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheUnamedFeeling says:

      He is duun de roaad having a rum with Terry…

  4. Just a matter of time says:

    @Ray. That doesn’t meant to say that this Govt should act so draconically. When does the finger pointing back to the past administration stop? Is everything off the table regarding proper process and procedure because of the PLP? Stop the nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with getting another bid to see what else is there to offer. Our revenues are precious, why mess with that? How do we know there isn’t another alternative? The Govt has yet to address this – they just took on Aecon and CCC hook line and sinker. We won’t know there is another alternative if they don’t at least try. The fact that they won’t speaks volumes.

    • TheUnamedFeeling says:

      Indeed a bit of commonsense is seemingly not so common…the new narrative is to blame the old one.
      Is there anyone so wise as not to learn by the experiences of others? _ Voltaire.
      My point being if this act were being carried out by a party represented by a greenish hue then these same blind supporters would be up in arms at the impropriety of it all.
      But yea I do note the burgeoning air arrivals evidenced by the line of airlines waiting to land thereby rendering this “project” necessary…

      • Impressive says:

        outstanding post, and I do love how you can still be sarcastic to a mild degree without being rude and offensive… For what its worth, those blind supporters to which you refer, will never see the bias behind their own thoughts and actions.. self evaluation, is even less common then common sense.

  5. aceboy says:

    Who else will bid? Island Construction? Not if there is no cash on the table….same for every major contractor in Bermuda.

    • @ aceboy: I thank you…Possibly their only reasons are Island Const. / Correia or others aren’t satisfied with not having everything even though they will be getting a “picking” as will countless other locals…People had,(or still are)out of work for far too long and this job must start a.s.a.p.
      If these other companies have or had an alternative then why hadn’t they proposed it all this time instead of complaining is the question?

  6. bluebird says:

    It would appear that these young people are ill informed.
    The OBA are upfront and clear as to how things will go and NOT LIKE THE PLP/BIU all a secret and they still cant account for the $800Million that is missing.
    The $800Million would have and could have built us “THREE” new airports.
    The OBA are trying to get this economy back on track because very soon any Government of Bermuda will not be able to keep borrowing 100″s of millions of dollars each year.
    And cut off $220Million dollar borrowing each year will CUT OFF 4,000 Government jobs.And that is what we are headed for as Government is the biggest employer in our little country of 60,000 peoples.
    It is either that or the “PENSIONS” will be cut,take you pick as we cannot keep borrowing other peoples money to live on as we have already borrowed $2.385BILLION Dollars that we cannot pay back.
    So you young people whom have been misled please help us out on this one.(the $2.385Billion OWED TO OTHER PEOPLE)

    • So what about the $800 million SpongeBob just burrowed and its GONE.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        *So what about the $800 million SpongeBob just burrowed and its GONE.*

        Go ask your bredren and sistren about how they felt about being able to not take any more furlough days or the fact they’re still employed , and then get back to us .

      • Terry says:


        How much they pay you to type s**** here.

        Bob did not borrow $800 million.

        Your a moron


      • Bermybouy says:

        That has been borrowed to pay the Govt employees that we have. We may still have some of it left if we engaged the Sage Commission who recommended to reduce the size of Govt. in many departments. I dare say we would not have a down side to any services.

        • Unfortunately some still have their heads stuck up their…well need I say?
          “Blind faith” after being taken out of billions of dollars. Many of them dollars are still unaccounted for and why? because the only individual,(I believe) who could’ve shown Bermuda where them
          “unaccounted for dollars went was put into prison to stop him from exposing the guilty folks…Sad yes but true :-(

  7. bluebird says:

    Now where is this “MONEY TREE”????? is it the $2.385Billion dollars that we owe??
    Or is it the $220Million of other peoples money that we are borrowing each year to pay old people to live on and pay the Government employees.???
    I really would like to know because I want something for nothing as well because I am entitled.

    • TheUnamedFeeling says:

      Remember our money also pays these politicians who are attempting to practice with this project – with our “leader” silent on it all non the less…you simply cannot attempt to manufacture consent for this “murkey” deal by saying where is this money from the past or where is that money…you are content therefore to have a tender less process with a company with a questionable history and policy? You are more PLP than you think if that is the case.

      • TheUnamedFeeling says:

        After reading your post again bluebird it may be just possible that you and people of your thought process must take some online class as to how to beat to death the same old played out talking points of the new OBA – “lets make an example of past mistakes to generate unseasoned hyperbole and then ensure we do it all again our way – but this time with a nice warm shade of red…”
        Because if debt is what you are concerned with you will love what you discover when you study the borrowing practices of this administration…and if debt is truly your concern than at least understand who shackles us with it in the first place…

  8. Northshore says:

    There they all are, all saying forget what the PLP did.. Sorry not going to happen, not ever for what they did to Bermuda!!!!!!!!!! So tell me who are the Blind supporters?

    • TheUnamedFeeling says:

      It as not as much “forget what the PLP did” as you say but do not repeat those mistakes. Simple concept rally…

    • Ahh,how come we’re just hearing about this meeting and are we gonna have a phantom price again.
      Pathetic bunch of ………

  9. Just a matter of time says:

    @bluebird. I’ve said this before. If the so called missing $800 million were indeed true and insidious as you make it out to be, then how is it that the OBA is not bringing anyone to account? There has been plenty of time for Min Richards to “look under the hood”. Wouldn’t that make them equally culpable? Stop it.

  10. Huh says:

    If only we had young people like this around when TCD, Berkeley, Dame Los Bldg., Kings Wharf, Global Hue, Faith based Tourism, over-sized Cabinet cars, etc contracts were all awarded under “the DREB/PLP Friends & Family Plan” system. Also PLP planned to build a New Airport – estimated cost between $450M – $1B!!

  11. Coffee says:

    Bob will do anything to get away from operating that airport . They (UBP/OBA) had it easy when the Americans where running it and allowing the UBP /OBA to collect free money for all passenger associated cost . That in a nutshell was one of the main reasons Bermuda was able to stay debt free through the tough and lean years of former recessionary periods .
    It never came down to the business astuteness of former UBP /OBA governments , and this one is no different ! His idea of getting jobs for Bermudians is to give away to a foreign entity our only airport . He needs to go !

  12. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    So y’all want us to forget where our tax money went huh?…well give me access to your bank account and you forget where it’s contents went…A deal or what..?

    But we really should stop beating this poor dead horse and start on those who killed it.

  13. bluebird says:

    My goodness gracious I love it when it seems to agrivate some who really cannot handle the truth.
    NOW how about the $800,000.00 paint brush will you tell me that did not exist.

  14. Jadon says:

    Doesn’t matter what we say or sign…. The UBP is still going to build this new airport we need so badly because all our tourists say ” I am never going back to Bermuda! Their airport sucks !!!” Lmao said no one ever. It’s an inside job.

  15. bluebird says:


    yes everyone knows that it is the previous Administration who put us in such dire straits.
    You must work for Government as DEBT does not concern you and you think that this will continue for ever.

    • TheUnamedFeeling says:

      I pay my taxes like you do – unfortunately. I do not work for government and am not prone to effects of the vitriolic hyperbole most of team green or team red members are thus afflicted with.

      I, unlike you, understand completely who holds the keys to our collective shackles… hint it is a far larger playing field than the OBA/PLP farce…it is unfortunate that you are too cowardly to find out who truly enslaves you.

      It begins with realizing that most of what you think you know is manufactured for your consumption…

      Try better than that i.e. simply lumping me in as a Government Employee. I know some who are outstandingly dedicated workers…I know some lawyers who sit off and look at porn…there are bad apples everywhere.

  16. hulktoo says:

    morning – wow – where to begin, quite an interesting topic. So sad, we can only bicker among ourselves, we sound just like extension politicians. Quite funny.
    Everyone wants to be the intelligent one here, but intelligence is not what is needed. A common ground may be needed here. We need not anger, frustration,etc. to set in, once this consumes our existence, we become unable to think logically, hence emotional reaction. Words cut, unable to take back once out. Sorry is a sorry word. What questions should we be asking?