Bermuda Set To Celebrate ‘Day Of The Girl’

October 8, 2015

October 11 marks the International Day of the Girl, a United Nations-designated celebration intended to raise awareness of issues facing girls around the world, with Bermuda to take part with an event from 2.00pm through 5.00pm at the National Sports Centre.

The free event will feature a number of activities for the island’s girls, including football, cricket, golf, coding, and rugby, along with a Bubbles and Builders area for younger girls, intended to encourage building and engineering with toys.

The event’s Facebook page says, “There are two goals for the day: to raise awareness of issues facing girls internationally and locally, and to inspire girls to make a difference; and to expose girls to activities that they may not have much exposure to already. Cricket, golf, football, rugby, archery, coding, Bubbles and Builders for toddlers, overall fitness, and robotics.”

Event organizer Carolyn Thomas Ray told Bernews, “The Bermuda Cricket Board and Brazilian Football School are both helping us with the cost of hiring the football field at National Sport Centre, and many others are donating their time and effort to run activities or to volunteer.

“All girls are welcome, from toddler to 17-years-old. The event is free and for girls only. Parents are encouraged to find childcare for their sons, as boys will not be permitted to participate in the activities.

“The idea is for girls to try the activities by dropping in and out of them once they arrive. Parents might bring them for 15 minutes or the whole time, so we want to be as flexible as possible. ‎Parents and girls are encouraged to chat to volunteers about challenges facing girls, around the world and in Bermuda.

“The Women’s Resource Centre will be there to discuss local issues facing girls, such as bullying, being safe online, and the early sexualisation of girls through pop culture. SCARS will also be there to give more information about their training programme for parents.”


“In addition to football and cricket, we will have rugby, golf, ‎robotics, archery, an obstacle course, and an area for preschool girls to build and create. The Women’s Resource Centre and SCARS will be available to chat to parents, and girls too in the case of the WRC, about issues facing girls in Bermuda today.

“We have garnered much support by friends sharing the Facbook event page, and the schools, both public and private, have also been very supportive.

“Overall, really positive feedback and people think an event like this is long overdue. Sixty people have said they are coming, so we expect at least 60 to 80 and hope for more.

“The football, rugby and cricket activities will include some girls who already play in order to show and encourage other girls to try.”

When asked about the personal motivation behind organising this event, Ms. Thomas Ray said, “I read an article in August about how every October 11th has been designated by the U.N. as the International Day of the Girl. The reason is because girls comprise the largest demographic subject to poverty globally.

“Around the world, girls are excluded from education, forced into childhood marriages, or earmarked for lesser paid careers simply because they are girls.

“I wanted to raise awareness here in Bermuda of challenges that girls face around the world, and to expose girls here to traditionally male sports, STEM activities and a comfortable and non-judgmental environment to try them out. We hope it to be an annual event.”

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  1. Lance says:

    Thankfully our girls are not subjected to the horrors many are in other parts of the world. Some may disagree, but unlike some countries where boys are preferred, Bermuda seems to be one of the rare countries where girls seem to be valued more over boys-for various reasons such as they’re easier to raise, less prone to get into trouble, stick closer to home and even that they have better clothes out there for girls (I’ve often heard that one!). This upcoming Tiara event (can’t remember what it’s called) for dads and daughters is one example-it’s phenomenal but where’s the equivalent event for boys?

    Ask any Bermudian if this country implemented a one child law and you could pick the sex, and the majority for numerous reasons would say they’d prefer a girl over a boy. I’ll ask right now and see what answers I get…

    • I agree, but speaking on clothes it would be wise for parents to teach the young girls how to dress appropriately.

  2. Kim Smith says:

    Is it not ironic that this article is immediately followed by a report of a 56 year old man exploiting a young girl?

  3. Legalgal says:

    We were going to attend this but I find the organizers request is outrageous: “All girls are welcome, from toddler to 17-years-old. The event is free and for girls only. Parents are encouraged to find childcare for their sons, as boys will not be permitted to participate in the activities.”

    Why shouldn’t the boys watch the girls playing the sports etc. You have lost 3 girl participants (and their brothers) right there. Stupid.

    • Irritated Genie warned about ALL female events.

    • Serious Though says:

      I agree boys should come out and support their sisters, nieces, …etc.. that’s the only way the girls world will become our world.. when we all support, celebrate, the future leaders, politicians, lawyers, doctors.. future mothers of boys and girls too..

  4. Sue says:

    So men, women and girls all invited….but boys are excluded? Sounds like discrimination. It would have been better for all children to participate in the spirit of girls day.

    • Keith Du Bois says:

      It’s always good to see young people get support, but the UN should be putting the focus where it’s needed, and not continue to ignore boys, since boys seem to be face with most challenge. Girls have been doing better then boys for some time, not just in Bermuda, but in most western countries. Sue, our leaders insist on following propaganda when it’s come to dealing with social issues, instead dealing with the issue at hand.

  5. Reggie says:

    Bermuda just joined my permanent boycott list. No vacations there. No products bought from there. No personnel hired from there.

  6. Matthew says:

    YOU CAN’T BE SEXIST AGAINST MEN! – hypocritically sexist feminists