“Bermuda Proves The Power Of Preparation”

October 6, 2015

“Bermuda has proven the power of preparation  again in the face of a hurricane. A successful recovery is underway,” BTA CEO Bill Hanbury said in a message for tourism industry stakeholders.

“Our Bermuda Tourism Authority offices in Hamilton and New York City reopened on time this morning and we are mobilised. We’re getting the word out: the L.F. Wade International Airport is open, the Causeway is handling traffic once again and public buses and ferries have restarted operations on the main routes.

“We have checked in with most hotel properties and while some are operating temporarily on generator power, we have no reports of major damage. Our team is working with the Bermuda Hotel Association to get a handle on whether there is any notable volume of cancelations as a result of Hurricane Joaquin. Meantime, there were two cruise ship cancellations due to the storm.

“Today, we refocus our attention on a very busy October for the local tourism industry. The Argo Gold Cup begins later this week, then the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series next week and the Bermuda Tattoo and Nike Golf PGA of Canada Team Championship closely follow.

“If you need the assistance of the BTA in helping to get your tourism business up and running again please reach out to us by e-mail or phone. We’ll do everything we can to help because, as we both know, there are a lot of visitors to welcome and impress over the next few weeks. We look forward to accomplishing that goal together,” concluded Mr Hanbury.

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  1. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    This guy Hanbury really needs to go!

    anyone would think Bermuda needed him to recover from this last huricane.

    • BINGO says:


      • For $1000,00 a day you would think he has something important to say, we’ve successfully recovered from hurricanes for DECADES.
        No money for seniors, no money for scholarships, no money substitute teachers, but this Government is spending like drunken sailors on the BTA gift club.
        And you would think that these FOOLS would take down the U.B.P. function tent on Front Street before the hurricane.
        Oh I forgot we gave them $80,000 for insurance.
        WHAT A F!@#ING JOKE.

      • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

        “WE ARE ALL SICK etc……??? Who are you representing?

        • serengeti says:

          Me for one. When $25m was spent returfing a golf course after a quote of $3m you said nothing. When $25m was spent building a swimming pool, after a quote of $8m, you said nothing.

  2. New York New York says:

    Why would the New York office not be open is my question?

    They didn’t have a hurricane. Come on now, get to it…

  3. Devonshire Bermudian says:

    A third of the Island without power at some point and ‘we are prepared’. I think not.

  4. Acegurl says:

    Have to agree, rather bold of Mr Hanbury to comment on Bermuda’ preparedness, there have been many hurricanes prior to the BTA and will be many post BTA. It would appear that Mr Hanbury is grasping at straws to justify his Bermuda existence and inflated salary. Please show us the results. Is there a time frame attached to this financial outlay or are we just going to accept declines in visitors year on year? As for ‘Bingo’ what gives him/her the right to chastise a commentator who doesn’t happen to agree with his/her viewpoint. After all, this is all contributing taxpayers money and that alone permits all locals the right to an opinion. Finally all we hear about is what happened under the PLP’s watch, which was a financial disaster for the country, so all the more reason for all taxpayers to be vigilant in the allocation of government funds.

  5. hotcrossbuns says:

    So who should comment on Bermuda? Zane, Wayne, Chris? BTA was messaging this to the World not to the island….daaaa. Should Hanbury say, we were unprepared, we are closed for business? That might please some folks above.