Over 1,000 Boat Owners Register To Watch AC

October 16, 2015

The Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Bermuda will see an impressive number of spectators on the Great Sound to watch the first racing in the host venue of the America’s Cup, the organisers said today.

“Over 1000 local boat owners have registered their craft to be on the water for the races on Saturday and Sunday,” the ACBDA said.

“All boats who have registered will receive a code for free access to AC+, the premium service for the America’s Cup App that allows for live viewing of the racing in Bermuda.

“And spectator boat tickets are heading towards a sell-out, with over 80 per-cent of tickets having already been snapped up.

Training Day -2 of Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Bermuda

“In addition to the public spectator boat tickets, hundreds of others will be on the water through team and event hospitality craft.

“The America’s Cup is also taking over 500 local school children out on the water to see their America’s Cup heroes in action.

“The response from the public in Bermuda has been simply fantastic,” said Jimmy Spithill, the skipper of Oracle Team USA, the defending champion and the first team to set up its base here.

“We’re as excited as everyone else in Bermuda is. We can’t wait to get out there and start racing and showing the world what Bermuda has to offer as the America’s Cup venue.”

“We are heading towards having an incredible number of people on the water,” said Ken Dallas of Island Tour Centre, who is administrating registration and ticket sales for the weekend.

“The spectator boats mark the course boundaries – there really isn’t a better seat in the house.”

The six America’s Cup teams are allowed their first day of free sailing on Thursday, with official practice racing on Friday afternoon. Racing takes place on Saturday and Sunday afternoon beginning at 2:10pm local time.

Tickets and boat registration remain available at www.islandtourcentre.com through the weekend.

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  1. San George says:

    Not a recession for some people!

    • Smarter441 says:

      People did have boats before the recession… Just sayin

    • jt says:

      Do you own a boat? I don’t.

    • The word recession is a made up name when the 1% (Fortune 500 companies and Capitalist Businesses) don’t get the high percentage of profits they’re used to getting, the lower part of the 99% are the ones that REALLY feel it.

      • Strike fund says:

        All names are made up from somewhere.

        Just like Strike Fund, Onion Juice and Kunta.

      • jt says:

        Quit moaning Chip. I’m well down in the 99%. Suck it ip and get on with it. Ain’t so bad.

      • Real Onion says:

        Onion Juice, something tells me you are in the know, and can unlock the mystery of the $800M missing dollars. That would help us out a lot.

    • serengeti says:

      I guess you must be referring to the 500 schoolkids being taken out for free?

  2. Diablo says:

    Why don’t you anti-AC people just keep your constant negativity to yourselves.

    The pro-Bermuda people realise what an event will be for this island. I’m not into sailing but even I can see the benefits being derived for the whole island with this event and especially the massive exposure to over 100 territories worldwide.

    If you hate it so much just don’t participate, but stop bad mouthing it everyday as your selfishness is tedious and just downright boring now.

    • Yes says:

      Considering the rarity of this event the tickets are relatively cheap. Certainly low enough that the average person can afford to spring for two spectator boat tickets. Complaints like “Not a recession for some people!” sound all the more absurd in light of this. In fact I would not be surprised to find San George hanging out on one of them partying with the rest of us, just not under a pseudonym.

  3. Cow Polly says:

    San George is part of a group of people who can’t see the good in anything whether its the sun coming up in the morning or the AC performing in the harbor where the view is free. He/she is secure in their group of negative nellies until they reach the end of their life and they look back and wonder what it was all about.

  4. Sick n tired says:

    I can’t help but think if the PLP has put this AC on, all the PLP supporters would be praising them up & down. Stop complaining, and make the most of it. You can go out and enjoy this without spending a whole lot of money. I am sick of hearing everyday, “This is a bad thing.” This has at least given some jobs to people who were unemployed. It is here, so deal with it. AND STOP COMPLAINING.

    • Not really I have no interest in the BGA because um not into golf and um not into sailing.

      • Anbu says:

        And they arent into u either lol. There will be zero complaints when you and people like u dont show up. No biggie. Just more positive vibes for us

      • Betty Boop says:

        SOOOOO….. not everyone is into sailing but this is a very prestigious thing for US ALL. You are probably one of the ones who cannot see what may be to our advantage in the future are you? Such a shame that we have so many negative people around here.

      • Dr. Who says:

        @ Onion Koolaid. only into yourself centered mini universe, you are boring, dull and I could go on.

      • Real Onion says:

        Onion Juice, if complaining was a sport you would be a gold medalist. Boy it must be hard for the people that live and work with you.

    • Rock Paper Scissors says:



      • kangoocar says:

        @rock paper, it’s OUR money, but thanks for supporting it!!! Two things though, firstly being you have stated you are a plp supporter, what difference will it make if it is a success to you?? Will you vote OBA?? If so, wise choice and welcome aboard!! Secondly, I too this day could never support your plp giving away OUR what amounted to in the end, $15 million of OUR money to the BIU to forgive them for the performance bond on the Berkley school, that whole fiasco ended up costing US the tax payers over $70 MILLION in COST OVER RUNS!!!!! Now that you can compare the two, along with the hundreds $millions in cost over runs and then to put the ICING on the cake, the $800 MILLION that is UNACCOUNTED for that just vanished???? Now that I pointed out a few obvious things and you can now compare this government making a $25 million investment that will surely have huge returns, to the plp who threw away over a $BILLION of OUR money, can we as OBA supporters count on you joining us????

        • kangoocar says:

          Truth is stinging the sad bunch at Alaska hall tonight!!! Enjoy your special plp tea!!!! Hahahahaahahaahaha,

    • Moses says:

      Sick n tired… I hear you, but you made one mistake… you got that paint brush out and marked everyone with it. You have two types of complainers when it comes to events like the AC, you’ll always one group who’ll start griping because the other political party was in the driver’s seat when the event occurred (don’t worry, the OBA has them too) and the other group who’ll complain just for something to do. Believe it or not some folks are happiest when they have something to complain about and when they can’t find something, they make something up. There is a distinct difference between the two groups, but the results are the same… they irk the rest of us too!!!

    • drunken ursula says:

      Oh please you always bit^ching whatever the PLP did…get over it!

  5. how you doin says:

    Can Gov’t please collect my trash I live in the East end.

  6. Terry says:

    Nothing but trolls who get off on such negativity.

    I think San George has lost sight of the Magnet.
    A positive and a negative.

    Is that you Valerie?

  7. OKIE DOKIE says:

    emirates crew are staying at Mazarine quest house on north shore.
    Who would have thought that?

  8. Sailing Away says:

    All those boats. Will be like the non-mariners event.

  9. Coffee says:

    1000 boats ! Where are those boats when Bermuda needs them for our Christmas boat parade ? Talk about us all getting together !

    • Spit Bouy says:


      Well then, you can now take your boat to the boat parade as it will be plenty of space for you.

    • Tolerate says:

      @Coffee; as I am NOT surprised at your comments, because I know this weekend is going to be difficult for you (maybe call up Onion Juice for company). But your comment “Where are those boats when Bermuda needs them for our Christmas boat parade”, just shows the flaws in your logic. Again you are comparing apples with oranges. This has no comparison with the boat parade; why don’t you take it a step further and fault all the home owners who don’t decorate their homes and enter the BELCO competition?
      But carry on, your on the clock…..

  10. Think About It says:

    I have been watching American’s Cup programming and have learned a few facts. One speaker explained he moved here with wife & 4 children. They thought it was a great holiday until school started in Sept. So what is he spending here? Accommodation: must be a substantial rental for a family of 6. School fees x 4 as children are 5 – 10 yrs. Car purchase & most probably bike needed too. Decent grocery expenditure each week for a family of 6. Most likely a Bermudian cleaner for the family home & possibly childcare as well. This creates income for the following Bermudians: real estate agents who help find accommodation, Landlords who rents their property, schools who employ Bermudian teachers, vehicle vendors, grocery stores, domestic help, gas station attendants who fill said vehicles with gas & the list goes on ad infinitum. Appreciate now as they will not be here forever.