Grimes Retires From Executive After 30 Years

November 26, 2015

BFA Second Vice-President Gregory Grimes retired from the BFA Executive last Wednesday evening at the monthly BFA Executive Meeting, after having served for thirty years.

Mr. Grimes stated that he had immense pleasure serving on the Executive since 1985 and that he had enjoyed the friendships that he had made along the way. He also spoke about the development of football and the BFA over the years.

The Executive members then commended Mr. Grimes for his commitment to football, the BFA and to his working relationships both domestically and internationally.

The BFA staff also thanked Mr. Grimes for his dedication to the BFA Office where he was in regular attendance dealing with all matters, in particular referee and match commissioner reports.

BFA Second Vice-President Gregory Grimes Retires Bermudas Nov 26 2015

Mr. Grimes served as a referee, a FIFA trained Referee Instructor, a Match Commissioner, chaired various standing committees, served as a member of committees, Head of Delegation on various international trips and represented Bermuda at CFU, CONCACAF and FIFA Congresses around the world.

BFA President Larry Mussenden thanked Mr. Grimes for encouraging him to do volunteer work for the BFA back in 1996 and for all the hard work and effort that Mr. Grimes had given to football.

Mr. Grimes was presented with a silver tray on behalf of the BFA Executive, Staff and Affiliates to mark the occasion inscribed as follows: “Bermuda Football Association, Executive and Affiliates congratulate Gregory Grimes, Executive Council Member and 2nd Vice –President on his many years of excellent service to the Executive Council and to football in Bermuda.”

Mr. Grimes will remain serving as a Referee Instructor, member of committees and as a Match Commissioner.

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