HSBC: Planning For Children’s Education Costs

November 15, 2015

[Advice column by HSBC Bermuda]

I plan to enroll my daughter into private school in six years. Money will be extremely tight when I do, but her education is worth the sacrifice. What can I do to prepare myself financially and what are my other financing options besides a loan?

Planning ahead

The costs may seem overwhelming, but if you’re realistic about your financial situation and plan in advance there’s a better chance of giving your child the education you want.

Our checklist can help you plan how to fund your child’s education:

  • Calculate the total cost of your child’s education. If applicable, ask the school for a copy of average school fees for the past five years.
  • Work out what you’ll have to spend on other extras. Calculate the cost of school uniforms, lunches, school supplies, trips and spending money.
  • Keep a budget. Write down all your money coming in [salary, property and inheritance] and going out [mortgage payments, bills, pension payments].
  • Subtract the school fees from your income. Work out if the remainder is enough to live on comfortably.
    Funding your child’s education

There are a number of options for financing your child’s education. Some options might include:

  • Investing. Since you have more than 3 years, investing could bring a much greater potential for growth, but carries with it the risk that you could get back less than you invested.
  • Shorter-term savings such as a Fixed Term Deposit account
  • Scholarship. Many private schools offer scholarships. The value will vary, and rarely covers the whole fees.
  • Bursary. A grant from a private school to help you pay the fees.

Free Financial Planning with HSBC

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