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July 13, 2015

[Advice column by HSBC Bermuda]

We have finally saved enough money for a down payment and ready to purchase our first home. It is an exciting time for us so I want to prepare and make the mortgage application process as smooth as possible. What documents will I need to give the bank?

Congratulations on reaching such an amazing milestone! It’s a great idea to collect all the required documentation before applying for a mortgage, it can potentially speedup the process for you. You will need to present the following documents:

  • Letter or contract from current employer and pay stubs/statements to verify income
  • If self-employed/ business owner – Payroll Tax Returns from within the last 12 months or 2 years financial statements
  • Valid photo identification [passport, Bermuda driver’s license]
  • Copy of rental agreement if rental income is being received and statements to verify income is being received
  • Also, please consult your lawyer to ensure that you are compliant with the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1954 [as amended]

Before disbursement of a Mortgage the following documents will be needed:

  • Signed Sales and Purchase agreement
  • Copy of Home Insurance policy

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