117 Berkeley Students Attend Honours Luncheon

December 11, 2015

On December 8, the Berkeley Institute hosted the Principal’s luncheon for students who attained Principal’s Honours during the first term, with the event including 117 honours students, compared to 69 last year.

A spokesperson said, “This is a moment to celebrate and lift up the accomplishments of our students.

“Grade points averages to attain Principal’s Honours begin at 90%. This term’s highest scores were achieved by Dejanee Hill-Edwards [S4] at 96. 42% and Lauren Genevieve [S3] at 97.62%. This achievement is noteworthy because both students are in the dual enrollment programme and therefore take a combination of courses at The Berkeley Institute and Bermuda College.”

Berkeley Institute principals honors partial group shot Bermuda Dec 11 2015

“Dejanee is in the process of completing her Associates’ degree and is taking an AP course at The Berkeley while Lauren is in her first term of an Associate’s degree at Bermuda College and is taking four AP courses at The Berkeley Institute.

“In fact, the first term’s entire Honour roll attainment is noteworthy. Honour Roll status was attained by 430 out of 689 students with an encouraging number of young men included. We are particularly pleased that 81.3% of Seniors, including 49 male and 56 female students, were on Honour roll.”

Berkeley Institute principals honors partial group shot Bermuda Dec 11 2015 2

“Given that there are 338 males and 351 females in our general population, this proportion of males and females on Honour Roll is very encouraging.

“Attendees at our recent Honour roll assemblies have commented favorably about our students’ excitement over academic achievement and the spirit of support that they express for each other.

“In a few cases, the assemblies practically stopped to celebrate due to the applause and excitement expressed by the students, especially when students had attained Honour roll or Principal’s Honours for the first time.

“Students feel good about themselves when they succeed academically; they feel empowered and are more likely to encourage themselves and each other to do even better. This is a good space to be in – after all , this is the Year of Motivation at The Berkeley Institute.”

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  1. Darryl says:

    Awesome students….Keep it up…you are our future leaders.

  2. Cmbbda says:

    Sorry but if 81.3% of seniors are achieving honours that just tells me standards for honours should be higher… I notice they don’t mention the criteria!

  3. hmmm says:

    Congratulations Students. Keep up the hard work. Never quit !

  4. watching says:

    I applaud the success of our students. My question though is what are the criteria for Honour Roll?

    • Well then says:

      Not much apparently

    • Green House says:

      @ Watching –
      There are about 4 different categories for honor roll.
      Academic Merit is grades from 70-79%
      Honor Roll is 80-84%
      High Honors is 85-89%
      Principal’s Honors is 90%+

      Mind you, I’ve been out of Berkeley for a while, so the exact ranges might have changed slightly.

  5. swing voter says:

    nice….117 future professionals to replace me when I retire. good to know our public school system continues to prepare quality academic minds for college, Uni and trade school. Its not smart to compete with work permit holders for those low level blue color jobs paying $5/hr

  6. mixitup says:

    Good stuff! Our future leaders for sure.

  7. Yes I says:

    Future leaders! Respice Finem.

  8. Class of 93' says:

    Respice Finem!

  9. Dennis says:


  10. Carolyn Dallas says:

    It really did my heart good to hear about the Berkerly students. Well done, well done continue the good work.

  11. Catherine Dalziel says:

    Wow – 81% of students achieving a grade of 90% and above is utterly remarkable!!! Congratulations!

    • Strike fund says:

      So why are the GCSE results so dismal?

      Some of those papers only require around 65% for an A grade.

    • well done says:

      it is slightly impressive, but if that many people are receiving 90% or higher then maybe the standards are too low/ easy? still, congratulations guys.

    • well done says:

      before you say im raining on their parade: during my time at high school, if an individual was receiving over 90% they would most likely be going to a top class university such as durham, bristol, edinburgh and even oxford… just saying.

  12. Xaxa says:

    Bar too low, people. Are these the same students, of which only roughly a third can attain an A*-C on an international exam?