Column: “Government That Works For Everyone”

December 28, 2015

[Opinion column written by Senator Diallo Rabain]

The past several weeks I’ve spent on the doorsteps of Constituency 13 residents has not only been insightful, but rewarding and enlightening. This is a community of hard working people, who, like myself, want to see our island thrive.

Residents have spoken to me about playgrounds needing repair, crosswalks needing to be placed, and trash disposal concerns. A message that has come through loud and clear, is that the people of Constituency 13 truly desire to see our island reach it’s full potential, and to depart from the path the country is currently heading down.

In the Reply to the Throne Speech, PLP Leader, Marc Bean, outlined not only the Progressive Labour Party’s strong stance on good governance, but additionally, our vision of where we need to go as a country in reforming education, fiscal prudence, healthcare reform and diversifying the economy to create more opportunities for Bermudians.

With so many Bermudians struggling to make ends meet, a government that works for everyone and that has a plan that includes everyone, is needed now, more than ever. With the support of the people of Constituency 13, I will be an advocate for you in Parliament and stand for the continued improvement of the conditions that have seen Bermudians struggle for too long.

My time in the Senate has given me the opportunity to understand the weaknesses that currently exist within Government and has given me a passion for breaking with the status quo so that we can take a new and better approach to handling the people’s business and the people’s purse.

As a parent I understand the importance of creating a Bermuda that will allow all our children to thrive, have a secure future, and reach their full potential. This desire is not unique to me as a parent, and as such I plan to be a voice for parents, ensuring that our education system provides a strong curriculum for students and greater opportunities for further education and training that is in line with the needs of our economy. To this end, I also plan to work to see that our financial position is scrutinized and analyzed for the protection of the shared assets we posses, and that our children will inherit.

Talking with our seniors while on the doorsteps, I have heard the concerns about healthcare costs and accessibility. With pensions barely covering expenses I plan to continue to advocate the PLP position of a more affordable, holistic and naturopathic healthcare system, creating a healthier society now, and into the future.

There is much work to do to get our island where it needs to be. However, I am committed to that undertaking, and look forward to continuing to reach out and connect with my fellow Bermudians in the time ahead.

- Diallo Rabain


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Comments (19)

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  1. Zevon says:

    So how would you magically make healthcare more affordable,, Diallo? Because every time there is discussion of measures to reduce healthcare costs, you’re against it. What would you do, exactly? Cut nurses pay? Stop turning on the a/c at the hospital? Cut speech therapy for kids? What?

    • Sooooo says:

      I absolutley agree with this comment. Many times politicians on both sides of the floor often give vague responses without details of how… we the people want details pls

      • Bermy Boy says:

        The PLP always were very good at rhetoric, but a little short on a plan.

        It is why they made such a mess of things, and why they won’t be elected for some while.

        Compared to the prior 10 years Senator Diallo, the OBA are doing a pretty decent job.

        • hmmm says:

          A govt that works for everyone. So Dilly Diallo, that eliminates the PLP.

          You are basically saying vote for the OBA, i.e. the actual government that is working for everyone !!!!!!!!

    • John Silvester says:

      Cut speech therapy? If it gets cut any more it will not exist. Have attempted to speak to someone in that department for three months. No one ever answers the phone. No one replies to messages. If you gave a child that is beyond primary school age, services become almost non-existent. Ask anyone who has a child with a need for these services.

  2. Kenik says:

    I’m not sold. If a vote for Senator Ranain is a vote for Bean, then no. I want to know what his genuine views are about advocating for women and female empowerment. Not saying one thing and doing another. I won’t vote for a politician who denegrates women in any way-verbally, written or online etc…..

  3. James says:

    I can’t stand the arrogance of these PLP folks who come around election-time talking “fiscal prudence” when their diabolical financial record precedes them.

    • Mr. Rabain, you continue to represent your constituency WELL! It is a pity that your confidence is thought to be ARROGANT. Continue on!!
      Nothing more horrible than Dunkley and arrogant Fehy!!

      • James says:

        PLP destroyed this Island’s finances for at least a generation, and for that I’ll never forgive them. It’s simply smacks of arrogance for the PLP to knock on my door nay three years later and talk about “fiscal prudence.” Forget them.

    • NCM says:

      Precisely. They can’t run from their record of mismanaging the public purse and won’t own up to their mistakes. Take a look at the recent Auditor’s reports! As far as relying on a holistic and naturopathic healthcare system,’ you’ve got to be kidding. We don’t all rely on tea to solve our ailments.

  4. Vixen Star of CCCC says:

    I definitely welcome his “approach to handling the people’s business and the people’s purse.” Had too many of those going missing.

  5. wondering says:

    The Senator is a community man but it appears to me that he is a YES man also.

    Stop with the eloquence and come with the plan…

    PLP suffers from an aura of perceived (and real) arrogance – whereby the people don’t want talk.

    The people have always wanted action; the PLP failed to deliver; the PLP want back in; the people have learned that despite their hopes, ALL politicians are essentially the same – their belief/value systems are the same – their agendas just don’t agree.

    the time thta you have put in public service doesn’t equate to having a better understanding – being able to overturn the thought processes that equal “Government and its processes/policies” in their current form is the key to success and then to have a team that will stay the course despite infighting, egos, power struggles, greed, dishonesty, etc.

    take a look at all parties of the past 30 years and you will find that they are all the same.

    the challenge for Bermuda is to now figure out who will be the best neo-Socialist party that will be able to do the best for the Country-at-large.

    Social programs need to be in place whilst big Business and Tourism must be cajoled for the long run in order to sustain the Country and not just a fat few.

    the people need leadership and they say birds of a feather flock together and if you fly with the crows you get shot down with the crows(even if you are a parrot).

    there is no real leadership in the PLP despite the bright sparks of hope such as the Senator but the country wants a lightning bolt not a spark.

    the voters spoke and the OBA are in – the majority know what is best for them even with the silliness that has happened with the OBA.

    the lesser of two evils………………

  6. San George says:

    Bob’s raising your taxes whether you like it or not. Bob’s going to build a new airport arrival terminal whether you like it or not. St. George just got a one lane bridge. I am sure the developer of the new hotel is more motivated now. Two very bad party choices to choose from.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

    • hmmm says:

      So the PLP hand over a broken bridge, huge debts and not enough cash at hand to pay salaries and you now try and blame the OBA for it.


  7. Dark Star says:

    OBA isn’t building the airport-somebody else is and they will make their money back by managing it—not to distant from the hospital situation the PLP allowed to happen

    As for the bridges—PLP killed the long bird bridge, and they maintained the Swing bridge (if you want to call it maintenance) since taking it over from the US in 97′ the bridge has been falling apart for years and requires money to maintain

  8. aceboy says:

    I see a Commission of Inquiry has now been called in relation to the auditor’s report which the PLP and the PAC seem incapable of commenting on.

    This should give a good idea of just how fiscally prudent the PLP have historically been while in government.

  9. Betty Boop says:

    Ok, so how are all these things going to happen when your Government left us BROKE???oh yeah, I know, raise taxes, right? That’s exactly what the PLP will do, so look out people.

  10. steve says:

    I have done business with Mr Robain (and I will continue to do so)and know him…at least a little I guess.The man has plenty of admirable qualities and i very much like him. When he entered politics i thought “good on him” and any party would be fortunate to have him. However I have been disappointed to see him endorse/defend/soft pedal and excuse actions and statements by his party that were disgraceful I refuse to believe he himself had conviction of his statements and was merely playing politics and towing the party line. Well i do not give him or any other politician(vast majority) a pass for this boorish party cheer-leading. To me that just made him the same as everyone else and I have lost interest in him as a politician. Being a good man is a start for a politician, but its only a start.Bermuda needs elected leaders not elected followers.

    Of course i will not hold this against him on a business level and will continue our smalling work relationship