Music Video: ‘Different Universe’ By Spence

January 7, 2016

Local musician Richard Spencer – known by his stage name Spence – has released a new music video for his song ‘A Different Universe,’ lamenting the ills of the world even while imagining a more peaceful planet.

Mr. Spencer — who has been playing music for about 16 years, and writes, composes, and performs all of his own music — is responsible for the song, while the video was produced by Hot Fiyah Sounds.

“I wrote ‘Different Universe’ when I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and wondered why we couldn’t live in a perfect world, and then ‘Different Universe’ was written within about 20 minutes,” he said.

‘Different Universe’ by Spence:

“It sings of how the world could be a better place if we didn’t do all these terrible things, but alas that only exists in a different universe; I do actually somewhat believe in the multiverse theory.

“I played all the music heard in the track but Hot Fiyah Sounds produced the video. I think this is a nice video which truly shows off the beauty of our island and it represents the “paradise” I sing of in the song.”

For more information about Spence, visit his SoundCloud page and Facebook page.

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  1. Billy Boy says:

    Sorry Spence I’m not liking this video. Why is it one lil black boy is playing in the airport dump, which doesn’t happen and the other lil black boy looks like he’s suffering while the white folk are living well in their beautiful house lounging around the pool and on the yacht?

  2. Elizabeth Griffiths says:

    Seeing the light is the most important part – including the little black boy flying the kite and several black people sailing on The Spirit of Bermuda – and I think this is the message this beautiful song is trying to convey.