Photos: Demonstrators At House Of Assembly

March 21, 2016

[Updating: A group of demonstrators stationed themselves outside the House of Assembly this morning, with the small group of women – including Ms Enda Matthie  – stationed outside the House with tape over their mouths and displaying various signs.

They moved away from the doors at around 10.00am and the session of the House started on time and the MPs are now in session. Some of the demonstrators went and sat in the public gallery of the House and a couple went back to stand outside the House doorways.]


There are a group of demonstrators outside the House of Assembly again this morning [March 21], with a group of women – including Ms Enda Matthie  – stationed outside the House with tape over their mouths and displaying various signs.

The demonstrators are outside multiple doors of the building, holding signs including phrases such as “new principles not based on the OBA agenda,” “withdraw the bill completely, no amendments,” and “land tax…food prices…health insurance…stop the price hikes.”

Additional signs offer phrases including, “Do right by our children, fix the education system,” “dissolve Parliament now,” and “comprehensive bi-partisan reform should address the children of multi-generational Bermudians first.”

Another sign says, “Withdraw the OBA bill completely. Thereafter, comprehensive bi-partisan immigration reform should first address the children of multi-generational Bermudian families [who are being denied status]; be based upon new principles, not principles or stages that merely reintroduce the original OBA bill, but in stages; have no attached conditions/amendments from the OBA agenda. We don’t trust the OBA and have no confidences in the Premier, so we do not honour any agreement made with them and signed before the agreement of the people was sought.”

This follows after a gathering Ms Enda Matthie held yesterday where she had invited women to gather at Parliament during the afternoon and discuss various concerns. Bernews did try to stop by the gathering, however it was not open to the media.

The House is due to be in session today beginning at 10.00am, and we will update as able.

Update 9.26am: It is a small group there, and as the video below shows, someone just entered the building.


Update 9.49am: We have seen at least one MP enter the building, with the MP carefully stepping past the ladies to enter the door.

Update 9.59am: The demonstrators have now left the doorways and went back to the area that Ms Matthie’s tent is set up and the House of Assembly’s entrances now appear to be all clear, and we see multiple MPs walking in.

protest March 21 2016 (2)

protest March 21 2016 (1)

protest March 21 2016 (3)

Update 10.03am: The House session is now underway

Update 10.18am: Some of the demonstrators are now sitting in the public gallery of the House of Assembly. They removed the tape from the mouths and officials also asked them to remove the signs taped to their clothes as apparently signs are not allowed in the Chamber.

Update 10.21am: A few demonstrators appear to be going back in position now, two are pictured below back outside one door.


Update 10.27am: The House session continues, with all appearing to be going smoothly. A Government MP has officially withdrawn the Immigration Bill and right now Dr Gibbons is talking energy/gas etc.

Update 2.28pm: The House is back in session following the lunch break and a few demonstrators are back outside the doors this afternoon, as pictured below.

Protest March 21 2-16 (2) Protest March 21 2-16 (1)

The photos below are from our original story and were taken at around 8.30 – 9.00am:

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (6)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (7)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (5)
Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (8)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (9)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (10)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (14)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (13)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (12)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (35)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (34)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (33)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (27)

Silent Protest at HOA Bermuda March 21 2016 (24)

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  1. Ya ya, Ya ya says:

    Here we go again.

    • CBA says:

      It’s sad, because it shows a lack of understanding of the issues and how they became issues. For instance the signs say “withdraw the bill” and “stop the prices hike”.

      The protesters seem not to understand that hikes in government taxes come when there’s less people in Bermuda to pay for them.

      More people equals more money being paid to the government in taxes, which equals lower taxes on each individual. If you want lower taxes you need more people in Bermuda to pay for them!

    • Onion Juice says:

      This has to be the most embarassing Government in our History.
      Just Pathetic

      • Silent Majority says:

        Soon the silent majority will have enough of this…

        Governments can never satisfy everyone’s needs. In Bermuda more so than most because of the blind following of people to the PLP. However they were elected to do a job, so let them do it.

        I say privatize everything, whereas these same crowds would be up in arms.

        • Ash says:

          People need to stop staying silent, speak your mind (of course be respectful though). Why are people being silent if they have an opinion? The most anyone can do to you is name call you, threats hold little water. At least these people are saying something. At least they’re standing for what they think is right. I don’t completely agree with them but where I disagree I’m saying something, my opinion will not go unheard and neither should anyone else’s. With that being said too, you also to listen you can’t just talk, not relevant here but a reminder for those that need a reminder.
          My mother is for the OBA and against the PLP, but the older I get and the more I look into things myself without taking people at their word and forming my own opinion, looking into things, it is clear to me that the the OBA is doing a terrible job. You can’t just allow someone (or a group of people) to screw up the country.

          • Come Correct says:

            It’s said that opinion is the lowest form of intelligence.

            “You can’t just allow someone (or a group of people) to screw up the country.”…so what happened from 2007-2012? That’s like me building a fire, your turn to watch the fire and I go to sleep. I wake up, you’re asleep, there’s smoldering ashes left and you complain when I’m having a hard time getting the fire going again.

      • Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

        Short memory you have. remember the PLP? EB?

        drink some tea. it helps the memory

      • Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

        Short memory. do you remember….what were they called….the PLP? ya. we remember. EB.

        Drink tea. it helps with the memory.

      • Rhonnda Oliver says:

        Really, the government has issues, but the embarrassing comes from different quarters.

    • @ Ya Ya Ya and all those who think like you, say what you will, those who came out in droves against the immigration reform bill, done one of the best demonstrations, without violence that I have witness in my life time.

      So to all those who continue to press on the fight this morning up on the hill, I say press on. These women and a few men that have gathered is making sure that we don’t become short sighted.

      There are far to many pressing issues on the table, and Bermudians are well known to fight a issue to the core,but become to relaxed after the victory.

      The fight has just begun and I believe we need to deal with it, how many people to note of the new land tax bill increase, every single house hold has almost been taxed double, in the middle class to the lower class, but the rich and wealthy are the only ones who saw a reduction in their land lad tax, how do we get to pay more and they are now paying less then they were.

      commercial goods into this island and prices on the shelves, a airport deal that needs to be scrapped, same sex unions/so called marriages, needs to be scrapped. I say if Bermudians can only shut down the Island for one bill, while others are pressing, we should continue to plan further.

      Since this strike was considered illegal,I say rally the troops together and give the 21 day notice that their will be another Island wide Strike, and this time come together as a people connected on many issues, put our demands in writing to this Government, and demand that we be heard and resolutions to our request be granted.

      If they choose not to listen, they will be forced to bargain, that is my motto, do not let them get away with every and anything they bring to the order paper.


      • Caitlyn says:

        Perhaps we would not be so broke if the money wasn’t spent like a drunken sailor.
        Free preschool,land tax for seniors,bus rides etc,NOTHING IS FREE some has to pay for it,we are all paying now.
        Here is a fact when the PLP took over there was A HEALTHY BANK ACCOUNT.
        Here is another fact,if the PLP were in Govt there would never be a labour strike…just saying
        Here is my motto “you can’t get blood out o stone …we are broke….

      • Come Correct says:

        There were threats Duane, all over Facebook. Believe me it wasn’t these people that diffused the situation. Actually for the first time in my life I respect Chris Furbert because he opposed the hateful crap that went on (name calling, spitting (just nasty in general) gun fingers ect.) knowing full well it would detract from the cause. I didn’t actually get very far into what ypu said. You’re that friend that never shuts up aren’t you?

      • Whatever says:

        You lost me at non violent! Seriously!? Spitting on people. Calling people racist names. Barking at people like dogs. That’s not what I call non violent. That’s threatening behavior. What was done was disgusting and NON BERMUDIAN behavior. If you think what happened was for the betterment of this community you better think again as you scare off what little tourists we have, give Bermuda a bad name and drive away international business. What living are we supposed to make when EVERYTHING is gone?

    • It's about time! says:

      People seriously, it is WAY past time that we have to ask ourselves WHY? Why is the PLP so HELLBENT, at ANY COST, since the day after the election, chomping at the bit, like a heroin addict, on winning back the Government???? What is it that they ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE???? Before the next election??? What is SO IMPORTANT that in such a short time they have attempted to totally vilify virtually EVERY OBA member?? To openly accuse them of being DEMONIC??…and the list goes on.

      This is not about the OBA here…and surely we have to start coming to grips with that fact…the OBA are NOT the BOOGEYMAN here…sure, they’re not perfect by ANY stretch of the imagination…but they are NO WAY as outright DEMONIC, ANTI BERMUDIAN, and quite simply as INCOMPETENT as the constant PLP propaganda and rhetoric would like us to believe.

      There is MOST DEFINITELY a reason for for their, almost addiction type of behaviour, with the ABSOLUTE URGENCY, obsession with gaining back the Governance….and we HAVE to ask ourselves WHY???

    • Heseltine says:

      Seriously, someone move these people on. You got what you wanted, now let the rest of get on with our lives.

      I wonder what on earth you do with yours.

      • ruby says:

        Who are you to say move them on. This is their beliefs. If this was somthing thst effected you and your family you would want support. This is their right. Back off and leave them alone.

        • Caitlyn says:

          move on,get a camping permit,or protest in silence,rain blow or shine,and di it with resect.
          No spitting at politicians when they enter the house.

    • It's about time! says:

      People seriously, it is WAY past time that we have to ask ourselves WHY? Why is the PLP so HELLBENT, at ANY COST, since the day after the election, chomping at the bit, like a heroin addict, on winning back the Government???? What is it that they ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE???? Before the next election??? What is SO IMPORTANT that in such a short time they have attempted to totally vilify virtually EVERY OBA member?? To openly accuse them of being DEMONIC??…and the list goes on.

      This is not about the OBA here…and surely we have to start coming to grips with that fact…the OBA are NOT the BOOGEYMAN here…sure, they’re not perfect by ANY stretch of the imagination…but they are NO WAY as outright DEMONIC, ANTI BERMUDIAN, and quite simply as INCOMPETENT as the constant PLP propaganda and rhetoric would like us to believe.

      There is MOST DEFINITELY a reason for for their, almost addiction type of behaviour, with the ABSOLUTE URGENCY, obsession with gaining back the Governance….and we HAVE to ask ourselves WHY???

  2. justkeepsgoing says:

    This is the most absurd s*** I’ve seen in Bermuda.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Whats absurb is how this Government is doing things, no Referandum on gaming, changing de GP licence plates so no one can identify them, Jet Gate, Waterfront Gate, allowing gay partners to flood here to work while unemployment is on the rise wages frozen and everything going up and all the other Bull S!@# they want to allow.

      • hmmm says:

        Go on onion juice…you shout the loudest… get your behind up there tomorrow and put tape on your mouth !

      • DTG says:

        WOW you talk about discriminating.. wow *letting gay partners to flood here** what century do you live in… this is 2017 not 1917..

        • Ash says:

          Um well it’s neither, it’s 2016, probably just a typo, but I feel like being an a$$ :P

    • cotty outerbridge says:

      Just check their bank accounts…..they might as well be wearing green shirts!

    • Party of De Problem says:

      Wicked, I’m going to send my girl there and convince her to put tape on her mouth.

      The sound of silence!

  3. Will says:

    Is this a joke? I do agree with protesting about price control in bermuda as the grocers are gettin away with theft on a massive scale by charging outrageous prices that only the rich can really afford. But dissolve parliament. ..This I is turning into another get the oba out and plp back in because they are the only party allowed to govern…Please this isn’t a one party state like China.

    • observer says:

      just let people voice their opinions, they not asking you to join…did you know the UBP governed for 30 years, are you old enough to know that.

      • Will says:

        Yes I am old enough to remember that. But that’s the past..we have moved on from that dire state of politics into a new dire state of politics. I don’t agree that this should be a one party shouldn’t have any parties. A council with people from all walks of life should govern this county. Party politics is a divisive system that does us no good.

      • Come Correct says:

        You do realise if the plp were allowed the govern for 20 years rather than 14 we’d probably have the IMF kicking down our door.

    • Don Burgess says:

      The majority of economists would agree that price controls are a bad thing and generally create shortages (as seen recently in Venezuela or historically in the U.S. from the gas shortage in 1973-74).

      “Nobel prize winner Milton Friedman said “We economists don’t know much, but we do know how to create a shortage. If you want to create a shortage of tomatoes, for example, just pass a law that retailers can’t sell tomatoes for more than two cents per pound. Instantly you’ll have a tomato shortage. It’s the same with oil or gas.”[17]

      You can read an article her on wikipedia about price controls:

      • Sean says:

        I’ve been in debates with this about price control. I believe there is a way to do this so it is also sustainable. For example The Supermart in St. Georges sells bread at a much reduced rate, for the first loaf, then normal price for the second loaf per paying shopper. This would help eliminate a run on cheaper items. I still believe that we must live in a society where all people can afford to feed themselves.

        Also supply and demand doesn’t really effect services, such as health care. I think an honest look at health care on this island needs to be done. The face that outside of the hospital, we have no fee schedules where doctors and dentists can hike up prices at will has a detrimental effect on the population that goes beyond the economics. We have people, even with insurance, who can’t afford the co-payment. The knock on effect is to avoid health care services, which means a less healthy population, which only serves to increase the cost of health care over time.

        The current status quo is not acceptable.

      • jt says:

        Many of those items are effectively addressed, in part, by increasing our population.

        I didn’t notice a sign saying “Save our children. Reduce our debt.” Maybe I missed it.

      • lou says:

        Don, not entirely true. without price controls in some form, small island economies would be priced out of existence. Rent control is a necessity in a place like Bermuda for example. I don’t agree with blanket statements for large nation economists.

    • DTG says:

      Let’s get the PLP back in so we can go from 2 billion in dept to 4 billion in dept

    • Ash says:

      Honestly I think we need a new party altogether, they’ve both proven to do a s#!tty job.

    • hmmm says:

      Will, if you think supermarkets are making abnormal profits, the why the hell aren’t more people opening up supermarkets?

  4. Shake my head says:

    Plp puppets.

  5. LOVES BDA says:

    You people really go get a life, this makes no sense now…

  6. Truth says:

    Seriously? Did you plan this all weekend?

    • hmmm says:

      Is one person school age (the one hidden up in the hoodie)…Why ain’t that person at school?

  7. campervan. says:

    Land taxes up
    Food Prices Up
    Education needs fixing
    Health Insurance premiums up.


    and you think chasing away PRC/LTR will help solve this???
    Quite the opposite people.

    Turkeys voting for Christmas.

    • Ffs says:


    • SMH says:

      Actually my Land Tax bill dropped nearly 20%, as did my neighbors. I find it amusing the Hunger strike continues… there would be several dead bodies up there by now if they were really hunger striking! And now they have shifted their demonstration from Immigration Reform to Price Hikes?? Credibility has gone straight out the window! (If they ever had any!)

      • Rock watcher says:

        You are lucky cause my neighbours and most people I know the Land Tax bill doubled…

    • Gym Leader says:

      So why haven’t they impacted Our community as of yet?????
      Oh wait once the get what they want they will suddenly hire Bermudians and the miracle takes place!!! That narrative is senseless!!!!

  8. blind sheep says:

    Please get a job…….hunger strike lady….you from Philly.. Guess you got yours but no one else can get it.

  9. .am says:

    I guess duct tape is one way to go about a peaceful protest.

  10. question says:

    Is Enda Matthie still on the hunger strike?

    • Come Correct says:

      This has now turned into “Enda’s game”. See the movie Ender’s game if you don’t get it, the book will take too long.

  11. X says:

    Isn’t illegal if they are preventing MPs from entering the House? Enough of the Silent Majority

  12. St. D says:

    Apparently they are not a part of IRAG.

  13. Ffs says:

    Just stop it. This is ridiculous! You may not honor it but everyone else has honored it! You watch these foreigners leave then you all will be suffering. I already know many people who are considering of relocating. You’re going to make us all suffer with this bull.

    • Ash says:

      Right now it only seems to be a couple of them, less than a dozen, they’re not a threat. I don’t think foreigners are going to leave because a very very tiny minority of people are protesting and I don’t think the government will do anything either. So calm down.

      • Come Correct says:

        Then you clearly don’t work in IB. Me either but I know people and they are talking, trust me.

      • Whatever says:

        You do know many IB companies have offices in other countries right? They can move their entire operation overseas at the drop of a hat. I know people in IB who are talking about moving by next Christmas because of that stupidness last week. And it’s still carrying on. Just another nail in the coffin of BDA. These people protesting, if you can call it that, do not love Bermuda in any way shape or form. If they did they would stop.

      • Sickofantz says:

        Actually Ash I think(know) that this protest will be the nail in the coffin of some companies here and certainly would stop new companies coming. Nobody wants to come and live in a country where they are hated just for the colour of their skin.

  14. Bermie babe says:

    Enough is enough. This needs to stop somewhere. It’s getting pretty old and is completely unnecessary and disruptive.
    Little do they know, if they continue this immature behaviour, there will be NO money coming in to Bermuda. We’ll be the laughing stock of the world!

    • Getting Tired says:

      Too late for that – we are already the laughing stock! People have the right to disagree with things but do it with respect. Those supporting the reform and even the same sex marriage debate didn’t throw hissy fits or shout from microphones, they demonstrated peacefully and with dignity. Last week looked as if we were having a session on the hill instead of standing to show the bill wasn’t 100% right. If a small group of us did this with the PLP we would have been kicked off the grounds. At least this Government listens! They may be too transparent at times but have our interests at heart!

  15. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Has this Enda person not had her fifteen minutes of fame yet? Loves the attention, apparently. Please someone let her know what a footnote is. Doing everything possible to ensure that the Commission of Inquiry doesn’t get underway.

  16. drogo says:

    arrest them
    and please tell me that woman is not still on a hunger strike… she should have no energy to stand at this point.
    what a joke.

  17. Enough says:

    I guess Ms. Matthie didn’t save any money on her ‘hunger strike’ last week if she’s out protesting about food prices this week.

    Those shake mixes are costly…..

  18. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    So essentially you are all liars since what you marched for is completely different now. That’s like winning the lottery and asking for another couple hundred million after just because you feel like you can or “it’s right.” LAUGHABLE!

  19. Izzypop says:

    Ms Mathie. You have earned your Oscar. So give it a rest now.

  20. Squinty says:

    Why is Enda worried about food prices? She’s not supposed to be eating anyway!

    • Come Correct says:

      Hair dye isn’t a necessity but for someone who is unemployed that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

  21. ;) says:


  22. Verly says:

    Ok, enough is enough.

    I’m all for the cause, but this is getting a bit ridiculous now.

  23. Joey-Bag-O'Doughnuts says:

    The majority of the population, which is in support of the bill cannot be at the protest because they have to work for a living and pay the taxes for these layabouts to be able to protest.

  24. ConfidentlyBeautifulWithAHeart says:

    my goodness, get a life people!

    • Payattention says:

      That’s exactly what they are trying to do! IRAG was successful in getting what they set out to accomplish; getting government to agree to comprehensive bi-partisan immigration reform. However, Government is not bound to accept anything. The proposal from government states “it is expected that the working group will submit its ‘RECOMMENDATIONS’ and the bill be AMENDED IF APPLICABLE’”. Come on people!!!!! Governments agenda has not changed! After receiving pressure and criticism to get ‘those people’ back to work, they simple agreed to ‘let them have their say’ before they have the ‘FINAL SAY’. Regardless of what side you support, you can not deny what’s in ‘BLACK and WHITE’.

  25. State of Shock says:

    Be she can still get her smoothie straws under that tape. Go home and let the government do what they we democratically elected to do by the majority of us.

  26. Meredith says:

    People are hurting Bermuda please come together.
    And have been for years. These people have not and will not gain any advancement by foreigners getting status only receive more harm as they are displaced.

    Think about all Bermudians as your family and we will come together.

    If you have a family with 3 children and one needed extra care would you just leave them out. No you would make extra effort to assist that child.
    please come together Bermuda

    • Onion says:

      The foreigners who will get status over-all create far more jobs than they “take”.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Everyone is ok with what happened and support you but when you just change your movement to get the OBA OUT people can see right past your original movement and aint a good look! Now it’s just turned into an OBA OUT event smh!

      • Ash says:

        I mean they might be out very soon anyway so I don’t know why they just don’t wait it out.

        • Come Correct says:

          Because they still have almost 2 years to bring the island off its knees, that’s why. A quote I’ll never forget as long as he breaths.

  27. Concerned Neighbour says:

    Unbelievable. Never happy! Find something productive to do with your time.

  28. smh says:

    oh please….give up Edna, will you! Rick Olsen offered you a Lobster Dinner, please go get it!

  29. wondering says:

    you can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time….

    • Harry Buttle says:

      Obviously they think they can. But selective “hunger strikes” and tape over the mouth just for a photo shoot does not a movement make. I’m sure when that tape gets plenty irritating it will come right off.

  30. Old timer says:

    And on it goes. So obvious the opposition will use any means possible to disrupt sensible governing and cause dissent. Why is it such problem for some to compromise. No, the opposition wants it all ther own way. Keep it up and Bermuda will be in a real mess, you think you have nothing now, WAIT, you have no idea. Get a job ladies!

  31. MB: $2 a lick says:

    Matthie seems to have bounced back well from her hunger strike. A lot of people would still be hospitalized at this point

    • inna says:

      Protein shakes do wonders!!

    • jt says:

      Maybe still fasting…tape?

    • Heseltine says:

      I agree, she looks well on it. I’m gonna market the BIU diet.

    • hmmm says:

      She still on it (honestly) SMDH

    • Betty Boop says:

      It was not a hunger strike. It was more of a fast, because she did drink fluids. If you’re trying to be like Ghandi, lady, you’ll need to stop drinking as well. That’s a real hunger strike. I don’t believe she’s standing after all this time and no food, so guess that’s a lie as well.

      • Come Correct says:

        Science is nothing when you have god….wait…maybe it’s the other way around.

  32. Jolly says:

    Heyyyy it’s the “mental illness” sign lady again. And again. And again.

  33. Double S says:

    Bermuda’s education system has been in shambles for years.

    And yet never heard from these guys up until the OBA gained power.

    Therefore, it is quite evident that these protestors didn’t care then about education and definitely do not care now.

    If they did they would have pulled the same attention seeking stunts when the PLP reduced the education budget by $13mn in their 2011 budget.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly. These guys should take the short walk over to Court Street and ask the folks where the money has gone. The nerve.

    • Matt says:

      The Bermuda Public Education system doesn’t need any additional spending. It already spends $3000 more a year per pupil per pupil than private schools with far less to show for it. Generally, the infrastructure at Berkeley and Cedarbridge is excellent.

      Despite the best intentions of teachers and administrators, though, the public schools are letting their students down in the long run by not preparing them for university properly, or even for how to think critically about how degrees are viewed in the job market (in terms of subject, reputation of the institution etc.) For instance, I wonder how many are told that having an MBA from a small, unknown school on your CV is worth little if you don’t have years of industry specific experience beforehand to back it up.

      What’s needed is a reassessment of the culture at these schools from top to bottom with the help of outside consultation. A good start would be the introduction of a curriculum that mirrors that of the private schools. Students will rise to the occasion if we give them the chance, but if we expect little they’ll match those expectations.

      • hmmm says:

        agreed mirror the private schools is the answer and introduce a tech school as an option post GCSEs !

        • Ash says:

          To add on to what you’ve said the College also needs more higher level physics classes. It would be great if the College could also add on bachelor degree programmes instead of the highest being an associate.

      • Ash says:

        Berkeley has adopted the UK system which is a step in the right direction because the American system is a s#!tty one, one that we should have never gotten in the first place. I think all public schools need to go the UK system or a similar system. That will fix things in quite a fast fashion, like 13 years down the line.

    • Double S says:

      Come on PLP.

      In less than two minutes the dislikes went from 3 to 65 on my post with the rest following the same suit.

      We are not all dumb and see what you are doing by manipulating the likes/dislikes.

      Either way anyone who dislikes actual facts as I have presented above just makes you sheep.

      In 2011 the PLP reduced the education budget by nearly $14mn or 10% while other areas received increases.

      So again, where were the protests, the calls of anti-Bermudian and how the PLP hate our children?

      Dislike it all you want but the truth is the truth.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      One of the many PLP promises, repeated over & over from 1998 all the way through Throne Speech after Throne Speech, Minister after Minister. Nothing done & not a single protester about it.

      What do we have now? PLP rent a protest?

    • In my opinion says:

      Have you seen how drastic the education budget was cut? Do you have a child that attends public school if you did you would understand how it has gone from bad to worst.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I’m not doubting they cared before, just not enough to speak out against the wrongs their PLP were committing… but oh now, it’s the OBA and they are evil and all that is wrong with Bermuda… thus the reason party memberships are wrong for democracy. I vote for the OBA now because the isn’t really a viable alternative, we’ve seen what the PLP want to do, we know what it is costing us to fix it, I will not be a supporter of selling our children’s financial future to foreign creditors, just so the government can look like it is putting ‘Bermudians first’, when in truth, they put Bermudians behind.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly! These folks should take a stroll over to Court Street and ask the folks at Alaska Hall where the money has gone. The nerve.

    • Betty Boop says:

      agreed. It’s all about getting the white OBA out. Another PLP strategy. I’m sure.

      • hmmm says:

        the OBA are not white…many people who are part of the OBA or supporters are not white and would find your post misinformed.

  34. Hair says:

    Good now I don’t have to hear their mouths from across the harbour!!!

  35. Not Impressed says:

    Someone please go tape over their noses as well

  36. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Harkens back to “We are not anti-foreigner, we are pro-Bermudian”

    How would, “We are not anti-black, we are pro-white” sound, or vice versa.

    Bermuda, please pull together and let the majority be heard. The damage being inflicted by all of this hate-mongering is creating wounds that will be slow to heal among the most challenged among us.


  37. Unbelievable says:

    Sorry but you folks protesting today really haven’t thought this all the way through. And I’m not necessarily talking about your actions today.

  38. Sally says:

    A meanwhile on the Cartoon Network…

  39. Truly Understand says:

    I applaud the stance of these persons. The Pathways to Status protest was merely the tip of the iceberg in highlighting the very sad state of affairs in Bermuda. The govt continues to penalize Bermudians in the lower income brackets while making concessions for others. If they are going to debate the budget, let’s start with the PAYROLL CAP. Lift it now!!!

    • inna says:

      Wow, it sounds like you want everything that Bermuda has become over the past 50 years, without those who have substantially contributed to the prosperity of the country WE live in !

    • Snowballs says:

      I also applaud these people too for at least taking some kind of action.

      This is an EXCELLENT POINT: The govt continues to penalize Bermudians in the lower income brackets while making concessions for others. If they are going to debate the budget, let’s start with the PAYROLL CAP. Lift it now!!!

      If we raised the payroll on the high earners and taxes on companies like Dunkley Dairies and B & V the govt would instantly have more revenue. We need to save the Bda economy not just the investments of the wealthy.

  40. TravelingTreeFrog says:

    I am all for protesting to get a point accross. I support the need for comprehensive immigration reform and education reform and thinking outside the box to figure out a sustainable way forward with food prices.

    But one thing I cannot stand is when people lump real issues in with political demands and fluffery. Stand for what is right no matter who is in government (we didn’t get to this point over night). It distracts from the point and makes people question your motives for your actions. Are you doing this just because you hate the OBA or are you genuinely concerned about the welfare of Bermuda?

    And one other thing- comprehensive, bipartisan reform means that ALL of your demands will not be met. It means that you meet somewhere in the middle, you compromise. You wanted the bill removed and looked at comprehensively, instead the bill was not debated and a comprehensive review will take place. That is compromise.

  41. Old timer says:

    And on it goes.. So obvious this is yet another ploy to cause the elected government more problems. Why is compromise such a problem. No, some have to have it all their own way. Keep it up and you may get more than you wish for, no jobs, no money. Get real ladies.

  42. justkeepsgoing says:

    Get a life people. Police should remove them from those grounds immediatly before other roofless peope join in and cause another strike

    • Ash says:

      Highly doubt another strike well happen, I think most of the people that supported them last week disagree with what they’re doing now.

  43. True Lies says:

    What I would really love to see is a Daily Show type segment where someone goes to interview all these protestors and ask them what they think ‘comprehensive’ means. You wouldn’t even need to edit the footage, it would be comedy gold.

  44. Mr. Meoff says:

    What next, oh, I have an idea, draw up a scribbled sign in very poor hand writing that reads ” Tired of all this planned bad weather, OBA needs to bring out the sun and blue skies or else”
    You all need to get a life. Go clean your houses and cut your dam grass. Idiots.

  45. ocg says:

    She looks quite healthy for being on a hunger strike for 2 weeks. Standing on her on too.

  46. aceboy says:

    Somebody likes the limelight.

  47. cant deal says:

    I’m glad that some people are still standing for what they believe in. Bermudians stopped marching for what because they withdrew the bill what about everything else that is going on in this island. They should still be up there demonstrating until everything gets fixed. Bermudians give up to easily.

    • Come Correct says:

      Where did it break? Where were the marches? Just shhhh.

  48. San George says:


  49. Frank says:

    Freedom of speech is one thing but i think its time to clear people from the government grounds ao the Government can do there dame job!

  50. peek a boo says:

    Very childish.
    At least show your face..

  51. Old timer says:

    And on it goes. Many of we Bermudians are sick of this nonsense. Please let the elected government get on with their job. Be willing to work together and compromise. There is neither a perfect world nor government. Our economy needs IB and tourism. Let us try to make things better to encourage both to come and stay here. Enough ladies!

    • Come Correct says:

      NO! Eff all that. We’ll farm our own lands and die of starvation because we cant sustain the polulation with the land we have to grow food or raise livestock. Standing strong we will eat limestone like the endemic parot fish they’re killing off in Jamaica.

  52. Missy says:

    Well Done to these ladies… for third bravery and determination for the greater good of our country!!!

  53. NEW ONION says:


    DANIEL 2:44 -God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms,and it alone will stand forever

    How can we expect imperfect men to produce anything perfectly?
    Only Gods Kingdom will bring about the needed changes for mankind.

    Remember the our father prayer “let your kingdom come” …

  54. inna says:

    PLP Likeforce is in session too !

  55. Sally Girl says:

    Who is ‘Faye’?

  56. Wake up Bermuda says:

    if i was in vegas, i would be rich.


    your move Police/Governor/Government

    BIU will join on Thursday.

    • Come Correct says:

      Then call in their debt and crush them, then call in the UK because we will need them. By Sunday, business as usual.

  57. Ann says:

    Why not look for a job? Stop waiting for the hand out, there are no funds left!

    • Come Correct says:

      She doesn’t want a job. If she did she would realize that no job will hire her after this stunt. Every action has an equal and opposing reaction. Employers want stability in employees they hire, she changed her stance on the eve of night 1.

  58. Oh ok says:

    Is Ms. Matthie still on a hunger strike? As in no food or water? No shower?? It’s been almost two weeks and she’s looking pretty healthy and clean…

  59. LostinFlatts says:

    This was always the risk by giving into the PLP/People’s Campaigns actions. Not that the immigration bill was necessarily well done – it’s good that it will move forwards with (maybe?) support from all parties.

    Basically, the PLP have proved that it is able to control the governmental agenda without being elected as the government. Impressive, but concerning for anyone who believes in our constitution and political system.

    Marc Bean has basically had little success as a leader up til this protest. What do you think his next action will be? Debate and compromise? Or threats of civil unrest?

    Bean is like all Western politicians today – focused purely on winning, not governing. And the PLP’s best chance of winning is to create as much division, as much discord and inhibit progress as much as possible during the OBA’s tenure. And after last week…one assumes he sees the best way to do it.

    It is, of course, not Bean’s fault, but a fault of all of us. We take sides as quickly as the politicians, and refuse to listen to our fellow Bermudians. Tis a sad state of affairs.

    • Ash says:

      They couldn’t have done it without all those people who believed strongly enough to participate in the protest. So really it’s the people not the PLP and the people don’t want the OBA. Love your last point though, people really need to listen to one another, what you say means nothing unless we all listen to eachother.

  60. Sunshine says:

    And on it goes. . Many of we Bermudians are sick of this nonsense. Please let the elected government get on with their job. Be willing to work together and compromise. There is neither a perfect world nor government. Our economy needs IB and tourism. Keep this up and the result might be more than is wished for, no jobs, no money.

  61. irony says:

    The irony of this all is that they are putting tape on their mouth to say they aren’t being heard but just last week the government listened and threw out the bill.

    There was so much hatred and hurt during last week’s protest. Let’s heal and move on.

  62. Bermyman says:

    Anyone up for protesting against parking tickets? I mean we all hate them so we might as well blockade the house and get our way?

  63. Curious says:

    Your government bankrupted the island! Please display signs with suggestions as to how we can get out of debt. This would be much more appropriate.

  64. Really? says:

    Please OBA, stand your ground. This non sense can’t keep happening. You are a government trying to fix what was created by this kind of mentality. People who only want to be in power to feed their arrogance and hate. I feel for what has been done and said to our governor, someone who has done so much for Bermuda not to mention his own employees. He is a good man. He is a person just like you. These people are driven by hate and greed and need to be educated on the reality of Bermuda as a whole. Yes, some points are very valid and should be addressed and revised, but there are ways to go about it. These social and political issues will be solved, but the “bruise” on out community that has derived from so much hate, xenophobia and racism will not be solved as quickly and will leave remarkable marks on our children who need to be educated, not taught racism and to be driven by it. Democracy- YES. Ignorance, arrogance, hate, greed and racism- NO.

  65. karen says:


  66. Gio says:

    UNBELIEVEABLE. We need to get our priorities straight. And put our efforts into the things we may still be able to get ahold of.

    We are being taken at the grocery stores,

    Implementing a GST tax-WOW!!!!!! That is an issue to protest. Was everyone asleep when that doozy was dropped

    they are closing (or attempting to close) schools)

    Belco (enough said there) the cost of fuel, but yet the fuel adjustment tax remains on the Belco bill

    While I do commend these people for their willingness to fight, and steadfastness. The truth of the matter is NO governing authority will treat you any better. NONE. until you set clear intentions on what you want and what you will allow.

  67. LOVES BDA says:

    The lady that on hunger strike for about 2 weeks now, really ain’t getting any skinnier !! I guess when she go’s home for bath, etc she gets a meal!!

  68. seriously? says:

    Shouldn’t you be protesting the supermarkets if you’re upset about the cost of groceries? I suggest these protesters spend their time taking some basic economics coursea rather than doing this. As other commentors have said – Bermuda did not get here overnight. You can’t blame the OBA for everything. And where were these ladies when the previous government never allowed for bipartisan reform. Unfortunately, it’s pretty obvious they just don’t like the OBA. I can’t see how they will ever be taken seriously.

  69. Good Lawd says:

    Seriously? I would love to hear the bad airport deal explained by the woman with the sign.

  70. Observation says:

    I do think they make a good point especially for education system, prices etc.

    7th picture down.

    Just curious is that the woman who protested once with a sign that stated “white mental illness is killing African Bermudians?

  71. Rada Gast says:

    Well I guess that taping up one’s mouth will ensure one manages to stay on “hunger strike”.

  72. Get F%ck3d says:

    Tape your noses too while you’re at it. I’d support your oxygen strike.

    • Ash says:

      This rudeness is the exact crap I’m tired of, can you state you disapprove without asking for them to die? Can we be mature?

  73. bermyyout says:

    They’re doing a pack now.

  74. acegirl says:

    Why don’t they cut the amount of governement positions that are currently being held by unqualified workers. Getting rid of the large amount of extra workers in governement jobs there would be more money for education. But the government can’t control price rises becuase that it due to the suppliers, basic economics people. The protesting needs to stop! Go home, or go to worm and stop waiting peoples time! Its driving me crazy!

  75. anydeeng says:

    Lol o boy… much less dramatic ways to convey their political opinions. Go home you lot.

  76. Vendetta's Son says:

    Do Ms. Matthie really on a continuous Hunger Strike? Like almost 3 weeks? I bet she’s not. Don’t fool us woman. I suggest you go home and take care of your family, that’s the best thing you can do for yourself, family and Bermuda community. Get some rest, plan your flatforms, and prepare to run as Premier on the next election!

    If you want CHANGE, start it with YOURSELVES.

  77. Barely says:


  78. Feminine Power says:

    I support these women as they are taking a stance for what they truly believe in. It is not pathetic to exercise your democratic right to protest. For those who are venomously opposing them, calling them names… why don’t you go and counter protest, or even better have a conversation with them about the reasons they are there. Seek to understand. Instead you hide behind a keyboard to tear them down. This takes courage and they are doing more then any of you here on this blog are doing for their country.

  79. Natalia says:

    So sick and tired of this crap!!

  80. Desy says:

    The Bill has been withdrawn.. Congrats..your voices have been heard..

  81. Yummy says:

    I guess these are Matthie’s girls that were away last week…

  82. Had Enough says:

    If we ever want Bermuda to get out of the great debt she is in we ALL have to sacrifice. The money has to come from somwehere and we have to make some sacrifices along the way. I know it’s not easy but what do we really want a better Bermuda or a third world country.

  83. Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

    Worst gov in history eh onion? you must have a short memory. remember the PLP? EB? ya.

    drink tea. it helps the memory.


  84. Terry says:

    These and others have been shouting for a month and bringing Bermuda to it’s knees.
    Now they tape their mouths shut?

    Evil hands working behind the scenes.

  85. Michael says:

    Bit late for guy fakes

  86. Expat renegade says:

    A protest every week. LMAO

  87. Albie says:

    It’s so very comforting to see that Ms Mathhie is looking so well nourished.

    Hate for her to be wasting away like we see with real hunger strikers.

    Truly Bermuda is another world!

  88. Coffee says:

    You go girls !! …… Soon come ! It’s not over till…… And she’s singing the blues !

  89. Tom Cooke says:

    How is it.. some coments have 200 plus like an dislikes an others have none. … just asking….
    As far as iam concert. . They can stay as long as they want… they just look more foolish by the day…. the protest was last week… but hey I guess the sign writer needs a job to…

  90. Bermerican says:

    Who taught these people to spell? I know our education needs help but… come on.

  91. Bermy greens says:

    I’m hoping the ganja liberation party runs again ! They might just stand a better chance than Oba and the plp .weve had them both already and the both suck .time for total change.

  92. Oracle says:

    It is the most successful acting gig the failed actress Edna has ever had. She doesnt have any lines, just drama.