Resolution To June 4th Sports Centre Scheduling

May 27, 2016

Representatives from various sporting organisations held a meeting today to find a solution to the scheduling issue on June 4th, when the National Sports Centre is set to host the Bermuda vs Dominican Republic football match, the Hiscox Celebrity Cricket Festival, the Men’s National Rugby World Cup Qualifying match and the Atlantic Rugby Cup.

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A spokesperson from the NSC said, “In respect of the events scheduled at the National Sports Centre on 4 June 2016, representatives from the following organizations attended a meeting at NSC today.

  • National Sports Centre [NSC]
  • Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB]
  • Bermuda Football Association [BFA]
  • Hiscox Bermuda
  • Bermuda Rugby Football Union

“After a productive and useful discussion it was agreed as follows:

  • The BFA will host the international football match at the Main Stadium with a kickoff at 9:00pm
  • The Hiscox Celebrity Cricket Festival will remain at North Field starting at 8:30am and finishing early to allow sufficient time for the rugby to set up
  • Rugby will move their matches to the North Field starting at 3:30pm with an under 19s match, following the conclusion of the Hiscox Cricket Festival.
  • The Men National Rugby World Cup Qualifying match will now kick off at 4.30pm on the North Field with the Atlantic Rugby Cup kicking off at 7.30pm.

“All representatives were keen to work together and were equally enthusiastic that Bermuda would be hosting such exciting sporting events together at the NSC.

“Further, the representatives were agreed on:

  • The importance of international qualifier matches for Bermuda
  • Supporting our young people and corporate partnerships
  • Providing first-class facilities and staff to support the events
  • The importance of the World Cup Qualifier for the Bermuda National Men’s Rugby team

“The Associations will each release information on their specific events to assist the public in attending the sport of their choice on 4 June at the National Sports Centre.”


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  1. I heart 441 says:

    Despite it all, Sports will win!
    It’s appalling though that the Bermuda national Rugby teams game will be the curtain raiser and not the highlight game out of the two rugby games that weekend.
    If rugby would like to become a national sport in Bermuda, they must get their priorities right.

    • Bobby boy says:

      A comment from somebody who doesn’t know the sport. Firstly the kick off time for the World Cup qualifying match is dictated by World Rugby. Secondly if Liverpool, Man Utd or Chelsea brought their team to Bermuda to play against a Premiership all stars team, are you suggesting this would not be the headline act? A ridiculous comment from an uninformed individual.

      • No one respect de Old Cedar Tree, everyone seems to comè before we.

      • I heart 441 says:

        If World Rugby suggested the start time for the national game, then why couldn’t the other game be before the suggested national team game. One doesn’t need to be knowledgeable in rugby to figure out a minor logistical time for both games.
        So if England where playing a qualifying game at Wembley and Madrid where playing a FRIENDLY against Liverpool at Wembly as well, which game you think would be the curtain raiser?

  2. Public says:

    Now they need to get together and offer a package ticket deal.